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  1. 4 hours ago, bluehibiscus said:


    To be honest, I don’t know what kind of metric they use to determine the winners. The award probably has less to do with artistic merit and more to do with the statistics of the activity the drama generated on Weibo.


    “Zai” is used to ask for something further (e.g. patience, leniency, help etc) or to talk about something that may be continued or repeated in future (e.g. “if you do it again”, “if you continue to do it”) or a continued behaviour (e.g. 一而再,再而三). So without  “zai”, it is usually because it is the first time the request is being made. As an aside, for emphasis, the original scriptwriter likes to insert pauses at places we normally wouldn’t, e.g. after “Qing ni” or “Er shi”. It’s become a kind of trademark of CP’s speech in this drama. Hahaha.

     ah ah thank you @bluehibiscus I'm always so keen to tell everyone what a great, superior, show it is, that I assume too much! Still, it is good that RN is recognised one way or another. 


    About the "Zai", a thousand thanks for indulging me. It makes me sense and it's a great explanation (you may know already why I asked, or not, but will soon if not). It was really bothering me, and I wanted to know the details of it. I had asked my teacher, and she gave me a similar answer, but not in such detail, so thanks again. 


    Re: the translation, I second what DramaLover said, wow, what a difference your translation makes. Really enjoyed reading it, and is much appreciated. Will go and watch ep 3 again with a much fuller understanding. 

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  2. Thank you @Cdramaand @bluehibiscus. Yes, you are both right of course. Reputation was so important then (do you remember the choice CP made about his teacher..) and especially for a Prince. Thinking about it some more, I thought the ending  the very ending was actually quite positive. 


    The Emperor gets a grandson he adores, another "treasure", he is going to teach him himself, and will prepare him for being the next emperor.  The problems that have constantly arisen between the emperor and the CP have now gone. No more divided loyalties, or fear of divided loyalties. It kind of is going to be smooth sailing... The CP sacrificed himself for this..... 

    I just feel so sad for CP... 

    Thank you for your replies btw, much appreciated. 

  3. So... YouTube has now released all 12 episodes. I have seen most but was waiting for better translation, as atm it really is a bit rough and hard to follow. Of course I know what happens thanks to this forum and the contributions here. Now... Someone earlier (sorry I can't remember the name) said that 


    CP had the option not to end his life, he could have done something else

    and I agree, even if I don't yet know the details. If anyone is still here  what are your thoughts about it? On the YouTube comments someone said 


    CP has suffered such psychological and physical torture, that he could not possibly live (or words to that effect). But he had a child on the way  and the love of his life by his side.... Not enough? You can see I don't like this ending  too upsetting!!! 

     What do you think? 

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  4. 7 hours ago, bluehibiscus said:


    I’ve mentioned before, I was initially taken aback by this depiction based on what I know of the novel and the author’s intentions but I like it. It shows he is a human after all and not just a person entirely consumed by power. He too can be blindsided by emotions into making decisions he would regret later on. In the ancestral hall scene, we see that he has an inferiority complex in front of his father which inevitably contributes to his own lack as a father. The refusal to admit regret at the end is also in keeping with his prideful character.

    Yes, I agree. Only I wasn't too surprised somehow as I remember the Emperor's soliloquy you translated and posted a while ago (which I think did not appear in the drama, it was cut? ). I remember thinking then, that the emperor does love CP, but his life as an Emperor is far too complicated for him to be able to show it, or even be lenient towards his son. 

    Bearing in mind that I have not read the novel. 

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  5. 8 hours ago, bluehibiscus said:

    @PPB What do you think of the Emperor’s show of regret in the script?

     I've been thinking about it.... He has a lot of regrets, his feelings towards the CP are complex. He loves him, but doesn't trust him, he has fatherly feelings towards , but rarely acts upon them. I'm not sure (also I have not seen how our poor CP falls in disgrace again) what to make of it. The writer wants us to see his love for CP, yet the result is always the same, mistrust, suspicion, jealousy, misunderstandings. I suppose that is the tragic tension between these opposing forces within him. What's your take on it @bluehibiscus

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  6. Wow, thank you so much @bluehibiscus, I'm going to take my time and read through your last three posts slowly and carefully. What a treat! I wish it was you doing those subtitles!! Thanks again, reading this, and all the other posts, have just made RN so much more enjoyable, it has uncovered layer after layer, all of it more beautiful. There is so much poetry in it,  we all are indebted to your great skill. 

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  7. 9 hours ago, bluehibiscus said:

    I’ll throw out a question. What do you all think of the court scene at the end of page 71?

    mmm... I think the Emperor is extremely ruthless and harsh, and as others has said, he demands blind obedience. He is, as we have seen, very intelligent and shrewd. He knows what everyone is thinking and doing, really hard to out-manouvre him in his ceaseless efforts to keep a balance that sees him as top dog at all times. I don't think it is just a case of the law being broken, which is true, but more of a case of using that fact to get at someone who is a supporter of CP. After all, that's what he does, doesn't he, the law is there, if broken punishment ensues, but what kind of punishment always depends on what is useful and convenient for the Emperor. He is using the law to serve his own ends. 


    I also think that kind of upright and righteous (in the best possible sense) type of person, also like CP's teacher, really, really gets on his nerves... maybe because it highlights how unscrupulous, and not totally moral, HE is. It's kind of funny to compare him to the Emperor in Serenade of Peaceful Joy (for those who have seen it), who is practically the opposite of him... and sometimes we wanted to shout at him, come on, make those pesky ministers shut up, punish a few of them and threaten them a bit, to stop them being such a pain...you need to take a leaf out of the RN Emperor! LOL. I suppose a middle way might be the better path...


    I believe it has been previously discussed here that the author was not happy about the Emperor in the drama being portrayed less harshly than she had written him... 

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  8. For some reason I've just seen this amazing and brilliant translation. Many thanks @bluehibiscus it is a massive work and we really, really appreciate your taking time to do it. Now I can understand so much more (I think I got the main gist, but it was all a bit blurry...) of this intricate and beautiful story, which is my absolute favourite still.


    It seems that our CP finally has an ally/friend.... 

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  9. I have not seen Legend of Hao Lan, and wondered if people here can recommend it to this great fan of RN. I've just watched the first episode tonight, to get a sense of whether it is worth watching. It seems promising though maybe a bit uneven in pace. 


    I hate to say this, I watched the first two episodes of Bie Yun Jian, and it could be my memory, or the Google translation, or both, but I couldn't make much sense out it..... 

  10. @bluehibiscus, could I bother you with a couple of questions? TIA! 


    Would you point me in the direction of the page where you translated the "ke dai de yi si" speech? I want to write it down to keep for myself, but can't find it. And my search ability in the forum is not quite there... 


    The second question, it has always bothered me, when Wenxi's father and brother were about to be executed, they looked at each other and smiled (even thinking of that scene upsets me!) I read somewhere, most likely here, that it was a kind of acceptance of their fate....  What do you, or anyone else, think about that? It seems so poignant, so sad and unfair, why were they smiling? 


    Thanks again, your insights are much appreciated. 



  11. Thank you @bluehibiscus, on YouTube they put a message that captions are on for the first 4 eps, but, as you say they're translated from Google. I've started watching  but delaying it a bit, as that translation is pretty rough... (and also I'm not in a hurry for the ending :bawling:). As I've watched more Chinese dramas and getting slightly better at the language, I think I've realised that it is a very rich and beautiful language they use. It really is a super production on all aspects. I'm a great fan of Luo Jin, but Li Yitong, and everyone else, my goodness, they really are excellent actors. Everything is coming alive again, so impressive. 

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  12. Hi @bluehibiscus, I think you may know my answer (which is yes please) . I loved the earlier translation (could not post for some reason), thank you so much for that. It is indeed beautifully written. And I'd be super happy for more, if you can do it. Absolutely fine if not of course, as I can see it's a lot of work.


    What a shame not to have had the original writer and a happy ending... I love this drama so much, but it is a bit of a heartache to watch such misery. 


    On a side note, have you ever thought of writing something yourself? You may have the talent for it. 


    Many thanks as always. 

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