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  1. 7 hours ago, bluehibiscus said:

    @PPB, wow, they’re efficient. Looking forward to seeing your photo.

    Yes, I couldn't believe it either! Really nice. As you mentioned, the two tubes are a bit squashed :smile:, but it's all good. They got something written on them that is quite funny, about crying! 


    Brilliant about Li Yitong, she was amazing in RN. I remember well the scene where she found the cricket, really touchingly sad. 

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  2. Thank you @CDVK, I know it's silly, but I'm very excited by this! Also they send a little RN memento to those whose questions have been selected. It has to be within China, and I have a friend there who can receive it, all arranged through @bluehibiscus to whom I'll be forever grateful. 


    Thank you @skibbiesfor the very interesting information about the levels etc. I imagine this system is the older style, what was in place many years ago? I think I read somewhere that, for ex, the father of the actress Miao Pu (Emperor's main concubine then later made Empress - also ex girlfriend of Luo Jin!) is an old actor too, and I bet he's in that system. I watched an interview with the both of them, though I didn't exactly understand everything... (i.e. didn't understand much lol)


    @CDVK No arguments from me about Luo Jin, I've now seen a number of things he's been in, and though they vary greatly in quality, he's always, consistently, really good. I agree with you on An Jia, he inhabits that role, yet he's very different from other roles, like the cool producer in Behind the Scenes (Mu hou zhi wang). He can be a really good comic actor too (like in Diamond Lover), he's very skilled, and has very subtle, but different, face expressions, which are very fun to watch. He's certainly as good as any internationally recognised actors. As indeed many Chinese actors are.


    I have watched a couple of episodes of Blossom in Heart with Li Yitong, and she's so different there, she's a great actress too! I heard that Legend of Xiao Chuo is not so good... I will watch and see, but sounds maybe like another Princess Weiyoung... though this has a special place in my heart as it was the very first Chinese drama I saw, and the acting was good overall, the story was a bit... not quite sure how to put it. Let's just say there was a lot of poisonings! Someone described Legend of Xiao Chuo as 'trope heavy'. I suppose these are very good examples of how the actors may be very good, but the story, the script, the director, and everything else needs to also be very good to make an outstanding drama, such as Royal Nirvana of course.

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  3. Yes!! :heart:


    A huge, massive thanks to @bluehibiscus for making it all possible, I am sooo thrilled!


    I was beyond pleased, as I so love RN, and I wanted to convey that to the director, whom I believe is a true artist. (and now my homework has begun... Translating what the director says! I should be done in about a year... Lol)


    Thanks @bluehibiscus also  for telling us about the level 2 achievement by Luo Jin. Do you know how many levels there are? Are these levels very prestigious? (I can assume they are)

    And if I may ask one more question, what is the China Coal Mine Troup? 


    Thank you as always!! 





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    @CDVK my view on the Emperor is not a positive one... I don't think we get to see if he does good for his people or not (he may do, I'm not sure, if so, I've missed it), and he's also not an extremely tyrannical Emperor either, as emperors go. However, I feel that the framing of his brother, the original CP, for the throne, and the way he's constantly balancing the ministers in order to make sure HE stays on top regardless of whom he hurts, is pretty telling. He may be benevolent in some aspects, and also love his sons to some degree, but only if it serves him and helps him to remain the Emperor. Indeed I think it has to be so, for the push and pull of the relationship between him and CP to work, as well as for the very ambivalent position he holds towards the Uncle, who has helped him get on the throne, but is also a threat to him. Perhaps at the very end, in ep 12 of the new season, he's finding his moral compass again, spurred by the loss of the son he loved (but not enough, and far too late!), and the new grandson. But throughout the first series, it seems to me that he's very adept at putting himself first, though of course one could argue that this is what he must do as an Emperor...

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  5. @alittlebityours so true, very difficult to stop at 10..!


    I have been thinking about the scenes, and yes, I kind of love all of them.. lol!


    In my view, the whole pace of the drama is set in the opening credits (as it often is). The shot of the Emperor turning and looking at the camera, CP looking sideways  at the sky from a window, so many... and in fact that's the thing, the camera panning slowly across screens and gates, or slowly zooming in on Wenxi's beautiful face (there are many examples of this, the latest is when she officially becomes CP's concubine - seeing CP clearly in love with her, but pretending not to quite notice her, a very good bit of acting there), or zooming in slowly on anything. It's all very effective, and in fact I wish others copied that a bit more, at least in terms of pace. Many historical dramas have amazing sets, truly beautiful to gaze at, but the story gets caught up in what happens next, that the details get lost, such a shame!  Together with beautiful music, the camerawork in RN is a very striking and effective tool. 


    My favourites include all of the ones people have mentioned, though my top one, perhaps predictably, is the scene where CP and Wenxi meet, when she's airing the books, behind the screen. Like most, I have watched many dramas with love stories in it, and this scene is truly original, really inspired. The scene is completely and utterly captivating, romantic in the best, purest way, and mysterious at the same time. I also love the scene in ep 60 with the snow and the screen, of course, but that is more of a often seen, romantic scene, though there the delicate touch of the camera is again seen to great, and better, effect. 


    My second favourite of all is the scene of the funeral of the Crown Princess, absolutely, hauntingly, beautiful. The music is the master here, telling the story almost by itself, with the majestic but utterly desolate funeral procession. And Wenxi, wounded from her various beatings, getting up with great effort, kneeling and bidding her farewell one last time.... oh my goodness, I could cry just thinking about it. 


    I feel very happy to have watched such a high calibre drama, with such artistic merit. :heart: 



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  6. had a quick look, gorgeous jewellery @bluehibiscus... thank you for that. I wish I could buy some, on the other hand, not really going anywhere at the moment for such nice pieces...lol! 


    Nice to have here another fan @CDVK


    a warm welcome to @alittlebityours 


    I'm so enjoying being able to indulge in talk about my favourite drama here with people who share my passion! (and not bore everyone else - they don't know a thing!- at home!)

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  7. that's so interesting, thank you @bluehibiscus! Yes, there's a 'behind the scenes' for RN somewhere where you see Luo Jin cry for what seems a really long time for that scene (my favourite scene indeed! what a touchingly beautiful, almost painterly way to show someone's deep grief), longer than what is actually shown. (I know you know what I mean). Then they cut, and he's still in character and cries for a little longer, then they all applaud him for his performance. So good to know that the composer also felt it was an important scene and took his time over it. I suppose the snow scene, as absolutely lovely as it is, is more of a 'stock' scene, easier to do...perhaps... :)



    btw, you are too modest! Your English is excellent, and by far superior to the people who do so many of the subtitles at the moment, though I do respect them and know they are not paid much!

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  8. Ah ah..... @CDVK My thoughts exactly! If only the subtitles were done this way  how amazing and enriching that would be! I watched the 60 eps of RN on Prime, and my goodness ... I had to rewind time and again to understand this complex and beautiful story, and still, the subtitles were really poor, I was very unimpressed. 


    Like you, I have not spent so much time on any other drama, this is pretty special. On  some other dramas though, they do sometimes tell you a little more. In Serenade of peaceful joy they tell you which poem a line is from, the time the poet was alive, the meaning of it if it's not clear, really lovely and informative. Though I think that's because the drama is supposed to be historically accurate, and characters are based on real poets or ministers that actually lived in that era, it was really interesting, even if the drama itself was sometimes a bit static. 


    Yes, I also hope that there is enough of an audience outside of China for whoever is in charge to realise how important good subtitles are. I think it was @bluehibiscusthat said here ages ago, that some programmes within China, have some interactive button which can be pressed for further explanation and elaboration on language, as well as literary and cultural references. I would definitely like that!

  9. oh wow, one year... time flies during an epidemic lol!! I started watching late, I think it was February, as I just got Netflix not long before, and watched Princess Weiyoung. I was fed up with western programmes and was looking for something different. Plus I'm studying Chinese, so was/is very interested. After P. Weiyoung I looked for other dramas with the same actors, as they were really good, though the story was not perfect. RN was the second Chinese drama I ever watched...I feel like I hit the jackpot, such beautiful, high quality drama. However, that has its less positive side, as nothing I've watched since has been as good as this. Which leads me to the questions for the director:


    (super thanks to @bluehibiscusif you manage to do this) 


    1. Does he plan to do another historical drama of this type? If not what is his next project? 

    2. (this is meant to be a serious question) As this is obviously a tragedy, does he feel that a happy ending would have spoiled the feel and mood of the drama? 


    If one can add comments too, please let him know how much we have appreciated his work outside of China. The acting and the story were superb, but also the cinematography. Those shots from above, beautiful and enigmatic, the camera very slowly panning across a scene, or slowly zooming in (many could learn from that!). The music, everything was high quality and I really look forward to seeing some more of his work. My favourite shot is CP falling face down into the pool, fully dressed in his red robe, out of grief for the death of his teacher, visually magnificent and so poignant! 

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  10. 7 minutes ago, bluehibiscus said:

    @PPB I think Luo Jin’s next drama about helping villagers out of poverty (considered to be serious drama) will probably get him more recognition and awards. 

    Thanks @bluehibiscus, yes, I hope so. I have no idea whether he's considered a great, serious actor in China or not, but I think he's certainly of international standard level.


    Of course there are probably many more like him that I don't know about I'm sure, and some I do know, such as Wang Kai (Serenade of peaceful joy) and Chen Kun (Rise of the Phoenixes - watching that atm, and though the story is a bit.... Not quite there... the script is sometimes rather crazy and not very good, but he's a really good actor).


    BTW, do you know anything about this drama? Is it out in China already? I've seen the trailer for it, and it did look good. If not out yet, do you know when it might be? 


    Many thanks as always

  11. 1 hour ago, DramaLover said:

    @bluehibiscus, somehow after re-watching episode 12, I feel as though they left an “out” for CP and WX in that he could have survived his suicide as his tears were still streaming when the Emperor glanced into the room, and WX was never seen after her scene at the swing. They then ended the scene with both of them at the pavilion.


    (Just maybe they both got exiled after the birth of A’Chen?)


    Also, it sounds like A’Chen is the Crown Prince as 6th Prince was helping him plant a tree at the Crown Prince Forest. 

    That's a very interesting proposition... It is maily left unsaid, though don't they announce the CP is dead as a voice over at some point? I suppose one could take it to be for form's sake. I do wonder why Wenxi just disappears. And of course the two of them in the pavillion at the end... Just like the ending of ep 60, yes that would be such a nice ending.


    What of Wenxi's voice over? Qing ni, deng deng wo, again, like previously, the last words are 'wait for me'. I took it to be 'wait for me in the afterlife' , though I'm more than happy to think differently!! 


    (sorry, this is more of a thinking aloud sort of post) 

    13 minutes ago, bluehibiscus said:


    Yes, the drama left it open ended enough for viewers to choose the ending they like. The script released by the second scriptwriter implied Wenxi survived alone.


    Some viewers said they could tell they changed the dubbing in the tree planting scene (I have looked at the scene in question but can’t really say for sure) to make Ah Chen the heir to the throne to have a more positive message of reconciliation between father and son. 

    I'll watch that again, I just very quickly took it to mean that Achen would be the next CP, as that would tie in with CP being the sacrificial lamb to open the doors to a more harmonious state. No longer conflicted between the Gus and the Xiaos, finally there can be peace. And indeed the Emperor now has no need to be suspicious; he is going to teach the child himself (as well as Xu) as well as letting himself be the loving father (or grandfather) he perhaps longed to be with CP. 

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  12. 1 hour ago, bluehibiscus said:

    A piece of BGM used in Ep1 of the latest TV drama Legend of Yan Chuo (starring Luo Jin’s wife Tang Yan) bears great simiilarity to Royal Nirvana’s 《鹤》. You can fast forward to just after 10 mins or so to hear it. Ah Kun’s name does not appear in the credits so not sure what’s going on. It’s a big production though and the story seems to have a happy ending.


    Someone did a comparison clip here.


    Thank you @bluehibiscus I just watched it and it does sound very similar. The main motif is in a slightly different key, but yes...


    I've been waiting for this drama as I'm keen to watch it. I know it premiered yesterday, I wonder if we'll see it soon somewhere else. And a happy ending..? After RN, that would be just wonderful, what more could one want!

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  13. 14 hours ago, DramaLover said:

    Do you think 2nd season is lighter due to a different writer?  Those 12 episodes were a breeze!

    I do think these 12 episodes have a slightly different feel. I know what you mean about being 'lighter', no more deep intrigue, heart in mouth sort of feeling. Watching the first season it was hard to breathe, I thought I had a stone placed on my heart the whole time... It was beautiful, but heavy going. Some of my friends would not continue watching for that reason. This new episodes are immensely sad, but you can feel there is a drive towards resolution, one way or another. There is also much explanation, everything is cleared up, and many more love scenes one could possibly have expected, especially compared to before. Personally though, I would not call them a breeze... :bawling: but I know what you mean. 

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