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  1. 1 hour ago, hello210 said:

    @PPB :lol: I take screen shots and use the google translate app. It’s not perfect but helps me get the gist of everything and is faster than looking up characters. 

    Just getting through ep37 raw and worried about what Tao Mama would do to Shiyi-niang if she gets pregnant. I don’t trust her cause she’s loyal to Luo Tai-tai and I know Luo Tai-tai didn’t want Shiyi-niang to get pregnant because of Zhun-ge. These old servants back then were very loyal to their original masters. Hopefully she’s scared enough of Hou-ye to not do anything.


    Love the size difference of LingYi and Shiyi-niang...they’re too cute when they’re walking together holding hands in the court robes.


    thanks @hello210that's a great idea, it might save me a bit of time :)

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  2. there are some juicy trailers on weibo today (thanks to whoever put a link a few pages ago). I don't really understand what they are saying completely (unless I freeze frame every second and look up many characters, which takes ages obviously, though I do it from time to time), but looks interesting, soooo looking forward to the next eps. 


    Thanks @jacquelinetan for the explanation, I really wasn't sure of Madam Qin's motivation to carry out such betrayal (other than, you know, it's pretty common in all the dramas..). It's always the quiet ones you have to watch!  

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  3. Completely agree with @hello210, her 'mistake' makes her very human; she's been so good at everything, but obviously she gest a bit flustered and uncertain when it is to do with something so personal and emotional as her beloved mother and the murder. This gives her room to grow as a character for sure, as well as giving the drama the great push and pull of love. First, LingYi falls in love with her and woos her, then it's the other way round. Nice! I did think when watching, come on, tell him about your mother... but I can see her hesitation as she is starting to love him, but is so afraid of trusting him completely as she had to always just rely on herself and the small circle of her family. 


    And from that wonderful little clip of ep 35, and beyond, my goodness it was worth it. It's just amazingly refreshing to see a period drama where the main couple have such a lovely, loving relationship. I think this is definitely its strength, so unusual, and so appreciated, lol. I hope there will be more. (also watching Xiao Chuo atm, where she's torn away from the man she loves, my goodness what heartache!) I will have to watch Minglan, as I hear it's a bit similar. 

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  4. 2 hours ago, jacquelinetan said:

    Important thing is that "concubine" admitted he did not sleep with her so he was still faithful to Danyang. Danyang told him to release the concubine from her slave contract with some money and send her away.


    With Madame Luo's death, at least Hupo is no longer getting blackmail and I am sure Shi Yiniang will be able to find her sister as she already set out word to search for Hupo's sister. I would prefer it to be Master Jian than Madame Qin. Master Jian once showed a similar flower embroidery to Madame Ou which look like what Hupo is holding onto.

     You have very sharp eyes @jacquelinetan!  Have not got that far, but have seen too many spoilers/trailers (completely my fault, could not wait!) now I forgot which ep I finished...:lol: might have to start again, at least from ep 19...

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  5. the more recent, un-subbed episodes appeared yesterday on youtube. Of course, though I'm on ep 26, I couldn't wait to see ep 35 (no discipline, I know! ) A really lovely scene... this must be the most romantic story I've ever seen, I love it!


    I just now went to have another look, google translate subtitles have appeared, oh my goodness, they are really laughable! :lol:


    (and they have deleted that lovely scene... so glad I saw it a few times)

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  6. @Super_Dede thank you for that clip, soooooo nice! I've also watched it a number of times...:) can't wait to get there! 


    I'm on ep 23, but I'm still unclear about who is the slightly older lady in the Xu household. There are the three concubines (Qiao, the grieving lady, and the merchant lady), but who is the other who always sits by the Grand Lady Xu? Thanks 

  7. 5 hours ago, Chele said:


    You can watch the episodes with a paid VIP subscription with Viki or Tencent (WeTv)!  I do subscribe to both because they offer different dramas that I like to watch. Viki is 9.99 and  I think Tencent is $5.99, but not sure. And you can subscribe just for the month to watch the show if you like and then cancel. If you need the actual links let me know! You can choose which one is the best platform for you! 

    it is also my first time seeing the male lead and the female lead in a role. And I absolutely love them both they are amazing!! 

    Thank you so much @Chele, much appreciated! :heart: I'm so enjoying this drama! 

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  8. I've started watching a few days ago, and then binged watched up to ep 14. I'm really, really enjoying it. A really lovely, sweet love story, and personally, I love the pace. Long, lingering looks, lots of close up shots, lovely acting. Had not watched anything with Wallace Cheung (incredible but true..lol) and he's really lovely, has a kind face.  I love the story too, as far as I can tell, it's nice to see love slowly developing between the two MLs. Hope the intrigue to follow is not too harsh!


    Could anyone tell me why is it only up to ep 14 on youtube? I can only find little snippets and trailers after that, where can I watch beyond 14 with English subs? Many thanks. 

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  9. On 1/18/2021 at 8:11 PM, CDVK said:

    Thank you @bluehibiscus!


    Each of Luo Jin's performance is great! - so it makes sense - but I think they only showed the images from "I will find you a better home" at the awards.


    I was so happy to find you in the discussion forum for "A Land So Rich in Beauty" :-) 


    Any guidance you can give to help us appreciate the drama better is our gain - but please don't feel like you have to. 

    I think the FL acted with him before in "Beauties of the Emperor" and "Cosmetology High". I liked her performance on those. 

    Well done! I am not sure hat HSK 3  exams are, but I presume it has something to do with learning Chinese. I think in any language, there are many ways to express something that makes it hard to know all these forms of expressions until you use that language a lot! It took me a good 4+ years of Communicating in English almost exclusively before I could understand and express most forms. My Chinese language vocabulary is primitive - and I understand a couple of sentences (e.g. "Who are you?" - thanks Royal Nirvana). I do wish I could understand and enjoy the dialog more - may be one day!


    I found the google translation of Baidu page helpful to get some idea of hat is going on.

    helpful (https://baike.baidu.com, search for 江山如此多娇)


    Thank you so much @CDVK! the HSK exams are recognised by the Chinese Govt if you want to go to university or work there. They are run by the Confucius Institute, many people outside of China, when they study the Chinese language, take these exams...there are 6 levels I think, though they are very heavy on the characters.... which is why I'm not sure I'll be able to get to level 4, I forget everything...!:) 


    I think a language needs to be heard a lot, and spoken a lot before one can really learn it... that's why Chinese dramas are so good!! What I always remember from RN is our CP answering the Emperor with "Chen.....mei you" ! I keep on saying that around the house...:lol: though the language in the historical dramas can be more archaic, people don't really say Chen anymore (your subject), or so my teacher tells me! Thanks for the link and the heads up about the thread for A land so rich in beauty, will be there shortly! I have not seen it yet as I've been busy, and I still don't understand everything in Chinese, so I get lazy and like the subtitles, but I'll get there eventually. It looks like an uplifting drama, I reckon Luo Jin got tired of dramas where he's in despair...:)



  10. Hi, I've been so busy lately, have not had the chance to watch much.. a very sorry state of affairs!


    @CDVK I'm watching Rise of the Phoenixes atm, have you seen that? I am not sure I can reccomend it, it's really well acted, the sets are beautiful, but the script is a bit strange, especially towards the end.. I believe there were a lot of cuts. However, @bluehibiscus suggested I watch an old drama (2011) which was, the first, or one of the first, to do the 'travel back in time' kind of thing. It is then set in the Qing dynasty era, in the reign of the Kanxi emperor. It's on youtube, I really, really loved it, really enjoyable, so I'd definitely reccomend that. It's called 'Startling by each step' or Scarlet Heart, it's on youtube. There is also a Season 2, set in modern times, I'm watching it, but it's not as good. 


    I'm sure you watched Story of Yanxi Palace? That was pretty entertaining too... I also watched Serenade of Peaceful Joy, which is not everyone's cup of tea because it's quite slow and ponderous, very little action, but I liked it a lot as I enjoy the debates between the courtiers and the Emperor, trying to pass laws etc.  It's also meant to be historically accurate. I'm not sure how accurate it actually is, but there are many mentions of famous poets and courtiers who have left a mark on Chinese culture, very interesting! Maybe over Xmas we'll have a chance to watch more! 

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