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  1. I've come very late to this drama, having finished watching it just a day ago. I really, really loved it, though I think I cried at every single episode when they are children. So moving, so emotional, so sad in parts, and happy in others. I found LX's mother really hard going, she was so damaged, and so very cruel, it was hard to watch the damage she was doing to her son. Loved Tan Songyun, always so nice to watch her myriad expressions, such a talent. Of course I loved the lovely main dad, loving his children so much, who needs blood relations?! It's love that binds people together, really beautiful drama. I would have loved more romance between JJ and LX, but then, that's my preference. I shall be re-watching, no doubt.


    Well done to all of the crew involved, a really touching, heart warming story. 

  2. Thank you for your welcome @hush puppy and @Schinza, it's really lovely! 


    Yeah... well, I seem to always notice great dramas when they have already aired..! I loved Sword and Brocade, so I was looking for more dramas with Tan Songyun. Someone on youtube recommended Go Ahead, so I watched that and loved it (I even lost a bit of sleep each night to watch a few eps at once). Then, that led to Song Wei Long, who was really lovely in go Ahead... He does have a pure face and demeanour, and his role there was really sweet and full of suffering, which he did really well, so... here I am. I've watched various trailers of Find Yourself (in my country it's on Netflix, which luckily I have) and it does look really good, so can't wait!! Tonight I will start :)

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  3. I have just finished watching Go Ahead (btw, is there a thread for this really lovely drama here on Soompi?) and really loved it, I cried a lot... hence I just discovered Song Wei Long, and needless to say, really like him. So, so sad to hear he had such a rough time lately, that's truly horrible. I wish him all the very best in his career and his life, and hope no more problems crop up. (I have a Chinese language teacher who is also from Dalian, and she's very proud of him!)


    I'm about to start watching 'Find yourself', which has very good reviews! 

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  4. @Psoraviorthis particular drama, as you'll see, is very against the 'concubine' problem, and very pro women, showing how unfair the system is/was, and stacked up against them. It's a slow unfolding love story, so not to everyone's taste, with the usual intrigues and complications. I really loved it, and have watched it a few times already, but it's not for everyone I guess. The acting, especially from Seven Tan, is really phenomenal, she's really amazing, loved every minute of her on screen, and sent me to look for more dramas with her in it. Zhong Han Liang is also really good, in my opinion at least. Happy watching. 

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  5. @ck1Oz you are right, when you have certain expectations, or lack thereof,  a tragic end is easier to bear! (though I did not mean Nirvana in Fire, but Royal Nirvana, -He li Hua Ting- with Luo Jin and Li Yi Tong - brilliant and highly artistic, but so depressing...) I was new to c-drama, so didn't know.. it was only the second drama I watched (first was Princess Wey Young, discovered on Netflix). I'm ashamedly very fond of a HE!



  6. Thanks @hello210, I agree with you on the characterisation of the young Ou.


    I'll see if I can find the name of the drama (in Chinese) that keeps appearing on YouTube, though you may be absolutely right, could be some sort of compilation. 


    @ck1Oz if you think this is pain.... You have not seen Royal Nirvana! 


    edited to add, I don't know if there is more than one translation of the subtitles, but watching ep 44 with subs I was very disappointed in the translation. The beautiful scene between the two of them in prison where she says she is just grateful to have been loved in this life time, and he's not wanting to let her go, and wants to have her in THIS life time, it's so beautiful... looking at the characters, at one point he actually says 'I cannot absolutely let you go'. However the subtitles seemed rushed and not so passionate. What a shame...:cold_sweat:

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  7. Thank you so much @hello210.


    I love this drama, but I'm not so keen on Ou Yanxing, especially at the end. Yes, having such a toxic family is pretty tough, but he seemed to have lost any decision making ability, just wondering around jn shock I suppose? Or am I reading this wrong? He kind of stumbles from revelation to revelation without knowing what he should do next re: his family, that he had been avoiding for a long time. I kinda of forgot why he came back.. I think they could have developed his character a bit more, other than being a help to Shi Yi, and making our ML jealous. I too hope he will be able to be with Hupo, though that does not seem likely, who knows... 


    So looking forward to watching the last 3 eps with subtitles, yeah!! 


    One more question if I may? On YouTube there's another costume drama that keeps on popping up with Wallace and Seven Tan (am now a complete fan of both, and am now watching My sunshine and All out of love) does anyone know the title of this? 

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  8. Yes, I'm going to watch General and I after this, as I really like the newly discovered (for me) Wallace Cheung, though from the trailers I didn't warm to his drama partner Angelababy, maybe it'll be fine in the end (on youtube there's a whole 5 min trailer compilation of them kissing...rather interesting, lol) Have not heard of My Sunshine, will check it out. 


    I have loved this drama, so nice to see, for a change, not only a happy ending, but also a really lovely relationship, almost as equals given the historical settings, developing. I think they did that really well. I also really loved the settings, though I find they are often pretty spectacular even if the stories aren't (am thinking of Rise of the Phoenixes for ex). Don't know if they shot it at Hengdian, but my goodness, I can't wait to visit that place! (if things ever return to being able to travel again). That background to Shiyi's chamber, with the round window opening, resulting in a crescent moon, yes, that was inspired, so lovely to look at. Also, the house being that of a Minister instead of a Royal Palace, was not as rich and over the top as, say, Yanxi Palace, though I loved that too. Nice balance. Music really good, so overall a very good drama on many levels. 

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  9. so interesting, thank you @ck1Oz, much appreciated

    Brilliant explanation, thank you @jacquelinetan 


    In the first 20 ep or so, I really liked Master Lin, and I myself wondered if he had been a better match for Shiyi. He also seemed gentle, caring, upright, outside of, and uninterested in, intrigues, with an interest in embroidery like Shiyi etc. A better alternative to those families and their shenanigans, which Shiyi wanted to escape from anyway. However....later on, though he does help her, he seemed a bit inconsequential, indecisive, and not that astute either, so I went off him a bit. He kind of took a while to understand what was going on within his own family, and his temperament seemed too gentle, and even unfocused to protect Shiyi in any way. Our hero, on the contrary, is a truly loving husband, and once he fell for her, and was committed to her, wow, there was no going, he believed in her and backed her up all the way. The two together are a perfect match, nice!  

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  10. @kyar7jizhenll I'm adding my thanks for the explanations, brilliant, and didn't really get any of it, so many thanks. 


    I'm on ep37 with the translations, though I have watched ahead as I have no discipline, and I just wanted to see how the story unfolded. I can quite believe @ck1Ozthat it must have been so difficult to navigate all the family relationships... monogamy is worth it for that alone! 


    I too have absolutely loved Wallace Cheung and Seven Tan, and on youtube lots of stuff with him in it pops up too, maybe I'll give it a go, though I think this drama really, really suits him. He seems a natural at being gentle and kind, at least he does it really well. She is amazing too, didn't know the both of them, and now I'm definitely a fan. I love the positivity of it all, as I watched a few c-dramas now, and they so often end quite sadly, or even tragically (for those who may know, I adore Royal Nirvana, but it's been a tough road to watch it).  So, so nice and uplifting to see this drama ending on a happy note for most.

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  11. @minglanfan2 and @Hvnlyangel I so agree... I love these dramas, but wow, it was so tough for women. There can't be many who willingly share their partners, and in fact it really is a recipe for disaster all around (except, possibly, for the man of the house, and even then... No harmony! ). It's really hard to even concieve what horrendous life they must have had.


    That's why I'm so enjoying this drama, unrealistic I suppose, but more towards a modern point of view, the great love and respect of two people.


    @SC2019 many thanks for the translation, much appreciated.


    I'll be very sorry to see the demise of the second Ou son... IF that is what's happening... I suppose there has to be a sacrificial lamb, and I'd rather have our lovely couple heading toward happiness than not Still.... He is/was such a nice character.. :bawling:

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