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  1. I'm a very late comer to this drama, as I've just finished watching it. If anyone still reads this, others have said that the ending is not a sad one, that Qi Yan fakes his own death and comes back to Yu'er when, at the very, very end, he asks for noodles at her restaurant, she turns around, is surprised, and then smiles at him happily. Has anyone here thought this could be the case? 

  2. 17 hours ago, Fangsi said:

    Another drama has stolen Royal Nirvana’s music! Legend of Anle. When I hear it, I wonder why I’m watching this and not RN :)

    I'm so glad you mentioned that, I was watching it too, and I thought...surely this cannot be from Royal Nirvana, can it..? It sounded very familiar.. is there copyright, do they ask permission? It's a beautiful, haunting piece of music...

  3. Apologies if this has been discussed before, as I'm a late comer to the drama (finished it a few weeks ago). I just wanted to mention that cinematographically, LLTG was amazing, so beautiful and attentive to details. The scene of the killing spree, as much as I'm not at all keen on violence, was simply stunning. It reminded  me of a Japanese film, where you see the action in silhouette only...truly magnificent. 

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  4. On 8/13/2022 at 3:16 PM, bluehibiscus said:

    Sharing some news related to Royal Nirvana:


    Several BGM used in Royal Nirvana have appeared in a number of other dramas, including the recent “A Dream of Splendor” and “Love Between Fairy and Devil”, to the dismay of Royal Nirvana’s diehard fans.


    It seems someone had got hold of the script and distributed it without permission and the novelist/scriptwriter is in the process of suing the person.


    I just finished watching A Dream of Splendour. I wonder which bit it was...


    I noticed, a while back, that in The Legend of Xiao Chuo, in ep 1, the first section of the music was absolutely identical to RN... (we may have discussed this I think?) Such a shame, especially since there are so, so many talented artists of every kind in China. 

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  5. On 6/3/2022 at 3:22 AM, bluehibiscus said:

    The original screenwriter of Royal Nirvana rewrote the plot e.g. the exam cheating incident because a former friend allegedly plagiarised her original script in another drama so I don’t think it’s that common.

    yes, I heard there are a lot of problems with plagiarism in Chinese dramas. My comment was perhaps far too general; what I meant was, now that I have watched many historical dramas, it seems to me that the themes are often very similar... I'm watching Nirvana in Fire 2 atm, and here, for ex, there is also the issue of a perceived 'balancing' of power as Prime Minister Xun sees it. The Changlin house and army are too close to the Emperor, and the Crown Prince side is under-represented (if I understood that correctly). Hence his attempt to rectify this, as inaccurate as his analysis may be. In Royal Nirvana, the Emperor is constantly balancing the two sides (Crown Prince Luo Jin, and first born Prince from former concubine, now Empress). This kind of thing seems to play out in a number of dramas, albeit each time with slightly different details. So unless the plot is really, really similar, then it's hard to say if it's plagiarism or not. However, I haven't watched Who Rules the World, so can't really say in this case. It was just a general point about what people call 'tropes' that appear constantly in these dramas. 

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  6. 10 hours ago, bluehibiscus said:

    @PPBHow's everything going? 

    Hi @bluehibiscus, nice to hear from you! I'm well, and hope you are too! Currently learning "The Romance of the three Kingdoms' on the guqin. Though obviously a beginner, I can safely say it's just soooo difficult... but I'm getting there, slowly...wanted to learn Tian Wen, which I love, but my teacher wasn't so keen on it. I will have to learn it by myself at some point, when I'm better, as I found a website with the musical score of many pieces. Today we have a Yaji online, where everyone who wants to, can play a piece (I won't yet...one day...). 


    When is the new Luo Jin drama coming out, I wonder?



  7. I absolutely love this drama. I'm glued to it... really good pacing, at times fast and furious, other times slow and steady. Really love the main actors, as well as everyone else, top notch acting, their faces, their expressions, their struggles, so  convincing. Love the story, the way it is constructed, bit by bit, slowly revealing more details, it takes you along (and I'm usually not a great fan of this type of thing). I find myself thinking about it afterwards, what did they mean by that, is this detail important...etc. Great script too, just excellent. Thank you and well done to all involved, I'm so enjoying it.

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  8. Hi, I'm on ep 19 of Word of Honor, and ep 9 of the Untamed. I'm going to be lynched, I'm sure, but they are not really my cup of tea... however, I really love the relationship between the two main leads in WOH, really captivating, really beautiful and pure in a way, but I'm not a fan of the genre in general (that's why I hadn't watched it as yet). And I really like Xiao Zhan, lovely character. Wang Yibo, not sure.... a bit wooden... but haven't watched enough yet maybe. 


    I'm also watching 'In the name of the people', really, really good, possibly too realistic, after all those beautiful faces in other dramas.. lol! Also watching Reset (Kai Duan), which I absolutely LOVE! Really good story, absolutely excellent acting, completely gripping! 


    As for the guqin, I may be learning the tune to Ashes of love soon.  I found the music score for Tian Wen, but it's a bit too difficult for me at the moment... if I can find a simplified version, I will try. My teacher is indulging me...though I can see she'd rather I studied a classical piece.


    Xin nian kuai le! Very happy new year of the Tiger! Hope this year will bring happiness and a bit of stability for all.

  9. Thank you @bluehibiscus! It's pretty difficult, but I can play "little cabbage"  (xiao bai cai) now lol... (very easy) when I get better, I will try and post something. My aim is to learn all the classics of course, but also Tian Wen from Word of Honour and The Untamed, they sound so lovely on the guqin. I've been super lucky to have found a teacher. 



    The 30th was Luo Jin's birthday, I hope we can see him in something as good as RN... I miss his acting. 

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  10. wow, brilliant. I've seen some bhs popping up on youtube, thanks @bluehibiscusfor the heads up. Hope the US is ready for watching this great drama (still my favourite!).  Look forward to seeing Luo Jin as Kangxi... he doesn't seem to have done much recently, or it could be me that's missed it. On a personal note, after watching so many Chinese dramas (watching Minglan atm),  I'm learning to play the guqin, what heavenly sound! 


    @liddiI so sympathise, I too keep on hoping the ending has changed.. alas it hasn't. On youtube there is an interesting interview with the director. It took me a long while to translate it, but it was really interesting, and it kind of put me at ease a little bit, listening to his own vision for the drama, a great and thoughtful artist. 

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  11. I've been watching and up to ep 27, enjoying it enormously, and really glad I started. Really lovely to see the brothers' relationship and everyone working together, quite unusual. Nice story, could do with a bit more romance, but that's just me! I have no willpower so I've seen the spoilers, and look forward to everything being tied up nicely!


    Poor Wang Yizi, he can date who he likes!

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  12. @hush puppymany thanks, I think you read my mind. I was looking for more dramas with Song Wei Long to watch.. I shall be looking for Love the way you are! (hopefully on youtube?) to tell you the truth, I can't wait, I do really, really like him. 


    Interesting what you say about his voice, he does have a lovely voice, and in any case, it's so much nicer when actors use their own, if they can. I really loved Luo Jin in Royal Nirvana but couldn't watch some of his earlier stuff as it was dubbed not using his voice and it really grated. I am really happy for Song Wei Long that he doesn't have to audition, he is a natural in front of the camera, and has some nice, subtle expressions. I wish him all the best in his career, one day he'll be as well known as Zhong Han Liang, another favourite of mine. I hope after he gets a new contract in October, he will be doing lots of new work, and we will get to see it!! I definitely look forward to that. 


    Again thanks, much appreciated! :thumbsup:

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  13. Hi, just finished watching Find Yourself. I stayed up really late a few nights to binge watch, couldn't resist, and I really, really liked it, especially Song Wei Long's role, lovely story. I'm going to look for something else to watch with him in it. I miss it already...


    Been reading a few old posts, thank you for all the info. It's much appreciated, as I don't really know much about all this. I also wanted to say that I have been to Hangzhou a few years ago, really lovely place, hopefully we'll all be able to travel to China again in the future. 





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  14. On 7/3/2021 at 4:14 PM, hush puppy said:


    @PPB  Since you have a teacher from Dalian to coach you, you must be very fluent in Mandarin. Right?  

    well... I wouldn't say very fluent...  (I wish!) I can speak a bit, with lots of mistakes, and understand a bit, but not all. I'm about HSK 3 in characters and HSK 4 in conversation. Work in progress, and watching Chinese dramas helps me a lot! 

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