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  1. We all can see that in Goblin, LDW's attitude is different from TYH. Yeah, in Goblin he like YIN but he closed with her like almost film he did it with his leading ladies. But in TYH, haha really see that he care for her like a man love a woman. ^^ I feel he is more mature than ever and it's real LDW is. but with out YIN, he show the cuties like a kid but it's not real him ^^ he just acting. ^^
  2. Today I ask a sister who is an old fan of LDW, she said LDW teased all co-star. So YIN ssi is not special I think that is his personality. ^^ I'm sorry to say that but I have to say that Pichi is not real just reel... just in Goblin. They just made loveline for drama. We can see it in LDW's drama which is coming this year.... He will make the other loveline like all he did in his previous drama.
  3. I think they just simply friends. Because if you love somebody and he or her is ill, we will be with them by anyway. But LDW still works hard, so... I think he doesn't care In Na much than we thought.
  4. I heard that Yoo In Na ssi got acute enteritis.... So sad... Hope she'll get well soon. Beside, Lee Dong Wook ssi still work hard with his new drama... I was wished he could be with her but now I'm not sure about our ship. Maybe we're wrong? So disapointed...
  5. I saw it. Yeah I surprised too. Fate is fate.... No one can hide the destity....
  6. Sorry I don't know how to up picture in here. I saw one pic of LDW in the last eps of his talk show. He practiced to sing with BoA. That pic will remind you how YIN smile :v Use both hands to cover the face. kkkk Anyone saw he smile like that before? And he also talked about his idea type GF. I miss uri Pichi a lots.
  7. I know it. But very hard to accept that one of them is in relationship with another. I might selfish but I love Inna more so I respect her decision.
  8. she said she can't get married because of IU ^^ but she isn't young so we will know her wedding soon. her thoughts about wedding is the same with Bi Rain and Kim Tae Hee wedding, small and private... I agree with her, that's true love. ^^
  9. Although she deny a lots, I wonder why Shin Dong Yup and Kim Hee Chul kidding her like that :v So, you know, we still hope hahaha
  10. Today I watched “7.7 bilions of love” show and I noticed one point that raise our ship up. At 54:28 https://youtu.be/7Y_SKCmx5UA when Shin Dong Yup asked YIN unnie how to against parents oppinions and protect boy friend…. After she answer, Shin Dong Yup kidding YIN: “ They may say that: You’re in the same drama. You can become closer” and Kim Hee Chul also kidding she: “You even had a kissing scene.” ….. I’m happy to see that…. A lot of hope for our PICHI…
  11. Today I find a Cbiz actress couple (they have the same destiny with OUR PICHI) They got married late. Both are over 40ys. The same things are: 1. They met each others and was be best friends for over 10 years. 2. The man named "Huo Jian Hua" is fall in love with the girl first ON the first film that they worked with each others. But he was too shy and not had enough brave to confess with her so they was be good friends. 3. They both co-op 2 film like PICHI CP. They said that they were think they are just best friend but the destiny make them decided to love and get married. I'm really hope that our Pichi CP will be like them. anyone noticed that Pichi have the same action in real life? In BTS or Livechat We can see many same actions at the same times OR EVEN Their Own show We all can see that they act like they are the one. Especially when they laugh, this is the most important reason make me Love Pichi. In fact, 2 people who have the same actions must be really really close then they can act like another one did. Although Uri Inna said that she doesn't date anyone now, I still have hope a lots Because their destiny are real and it still to be continued...
  12. It's a long time when ended TYH but still now she said she's not seeing anyone now.... Or LDW-ssi really did not keep contact with her.... how could she say that My heart is broken by them.... I have so much love for our cp because I can see the destiny between them, harmony between these 2.... Can someone bring some wood to patch up the ship about to be cracked by the waves? I feel very dangerous and worried right now...
  13. Does anyone know where we can watch the engsub of this show.??... really miss her, really want to see her, really want to hear her voice....
  14. Yeah... maybe we are wrong I feel really really bad now..... I just remembered that LDW said in his Talk Show (ep with Gong Yoo) that He does not have enough brave to confess first. So..... Shall we still sail the PICHI's ship?
  15. I'm a new fan of YIN and really love PICHI CP. I watched TYH first then Goblin. I also read a lot of comment in this topic. Luckily someone still miss they now. I feel happy about that. But I feel a bit bad because in the 7.7B (new show of YIN) she said she don't know who's going to date with. I think our ship.... (you know) I don't want to give up then I try to look at the destiny between them to improve my love for PICHI.