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  1. I still cant accept the fact that Crash Landing On You is finally over. I feel like there is something missing inside my heart and I dont know how to fill that void. I definetely need more than 6 months to move on. This drama is so beautiful in so many ways. Even with the lack of kiss and intimacy from the main leads in the last few episodes, this drama still managed to make my heart flutter in a good way. Crash Landing On You is now definetely one of my favourite drama. And about the ending, I love it. I really do. Even if I must admit it kind of missed something. I think the writer give spaces for our own imagination about what kind of life these two lovebirds will have. To be honest I still like to think that the children is playing hide and seek in the last scene, while their parents looking at them with that adoring look on their face. But then again it is up to our own imagination. So in the end I must say, it is a good way to end a good drama. I wont complain. I felt fine until I saw the pictures of Jeong Hyeok and Se Ri in their Switzerland home. They both look so happy and relaxed. Did the makeup artists purposely made Se Ri look pregnant? I dont know. All that I know is that she have that pregnancy glow. Or is it just me that think so? That picture left bigger void in my heart. Now the only way to fill the void is to read fanfiction. Up until this moment I cant find one yet. Fanfic writers please show yourself! I need you! I need a glimpse of their life as husband and wife. Or when the first time Se Ri tell Jeong Hyeok that she is pregnant and his reaction, Se Ri's pregnancy journey, Jeong Hyeok as a protective father to be, when their first child is born, Se Ri and Jeong Hyeok taking care of their newborn, the baby's first step, the baby's first birthday, and so on. I desperately need visualization. I think fanfiction will complete my life. Fanfic writers, please show yourself and help this woman to cope with the hardest separation she have ever encounter with. Thank you.
  2. Okay. Episode 14 is indeed draggy and the plot became a bit messy. I mean it was so good at the first 10 episodes and then what? I am not saying its really bad but to be honest arent we all expecting more? It kind of lost something. I miss the kind of drama that I watched on first 10 episode. I will not surprised if the rating go down again. The writer and the whole team can do much better. They should have ended Cheol Gang and other bad guys by the end of episode 14. But instead they make us wait another week to know what happen next to those guys. C'mon! Its so bloody annoying. And whats with that all gunshot tho? Do they need a reminder that this drama is supossed to be a romcom? All we got today was just a peck. Thats it. I expect them to go into full make out session before those boys arrived. And yet we got another unnecessary scenes that made me want to skip forward until I realized I was watching live streaming I dont even know what to say anymore. I am in agony. Cant they just give Se Ri and Jeong Hyeok their own time and their own world for a second? Let them finish their own issues first. I am kind of desperate here. I want more. I expect more. This drama will be such a waste if the production keep doing this. A part of me want to stop watch this but there is also a part of me who wants to believe that they will fix everything on the last two episodes. Right another long week before we get final episodes, loves. I wish them the best.
  3. Okay.. Its my first time here. Tonight episode is no joke. I love every single scene except the last one I mean who doesn't, right? This drama is supposed to be a romcom but I feel emotionally drained right now. Now that we know Cheol Gang is probably dead and in the next episode SK intel probably hunt Jeong Hyeok, I really hope it will all be over by the end of episode 14. So that the last two episodes is about Se Ri and Jeong Hyeok fight for their love and nothing else because I just cant take it anymore. They both deserved to be happy and yet we didnt even get a kiss scene tonight (not that I am desperate lol). And those ducklings are just AMAZING. Probably my favourite scene from tonights episode. Chi Su, my darling boy! I love him. Still, it was such an rollercoaster.
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