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  1. There's this new drama called You are my glory. There's rumours that Reba is offered the role as the FL. Its based on a novel. I was reading on the ML character and I think it suits V. I hope they consider R and V for this drama.
  2. Does anyone know where I can find V and R cuts on the drama V Love? I found the whole show but it's so painful to forward and search for their parts only lol wonder whether a kind soul has compiled all their scenes into one video?
  3. @水蜜桃 I think the most adult way to handle this is to encourage GWG to report them like what R has done so they realized that they are a bully as well which doesn't make them look good infront of the YZ fans lol Yes they report us, but what can they do? To shut us down? For example if they report this forum, then what will happen? They don't own this forum. There's nothing they can do. They can go ahead and spread rumours about GWG but we know that its them and that won't stop us from shipping. We can just point the fingers at them said its made up and we still believe in this couple. They would be very frustrated to see that no matter what they do, Guangre fans still operating and not backing down, instead they are growing in numbers lol in the end, they will probably stop. If we exchange banter with the fans it will never stop. Best to ignore and carry on as usual.
  4. @Shedmhundy29 lol I'm not sure either whether it's recent or not or where they get the photos from. Waiting for further news from the guangre detectives
  5. For me as long as there's no official announcement or statement made, I'm still in this ship. I have faith in Guangre until one of them make an official announcement
  6. This is when they try not to be very obvious as they probably get a warning from their agency for being too obvious and keep sticking to each other during press cons so poor ZBB has to become a lamp post lol
  7. Yay you did it! I'm really curious about this finger rubbing action. It seems very natural to him. My husband and I, we do this alot when we are holding hands or when he put his arms around me. It's like a couple thing and it comes naturally. I wonder whether he does this on screen with his other female leads when they do like hug scenes etc
  8. @SC2019 I'm so excited to view the site but it says 404 error when I click on the link. https://elodsoompie.wixsite.com/home
  9. At least we know the fans intention and we know they create all those weird rumours to make us hate V or not ship them. The important thing is we know the truth and again nothing will stop this ship until an official announcement. They can be in their own world, we can be in ours. We just need to be vocal and stay true to let them know that whatever they are doing, sorry, it's not going to work on us. The more they see the ship is not broken and not going anywhere, there's nothing much they can do. After ELOD, the number of fans has grown and it scares them lol
  10. @jimmylyne I can't help but notice he said "everyday I need to mentally prepare" does that mean he get to see her everyday another word is "filming and everyday life". Something to think about... Lol
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