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  1. Am I the only one who can't help but stare at DJ/Vengo juicy adam's apple? I find guys with prominent buldging adam's apple very sexy and manly
  2. Lol I was wondering the same about the Biyiniao Queen whether it's Junuo. And was comparing the 2 faces whether it's the same person LOL
  3. Wow you have really sharp eyes I have to zoom in to see it lol I think they forget to photoshop or crop properly *face palm*
  4. Aww, they must have shot all the promo videos in a day cos of the same clothes they are wearing and release bit by bit. I would love to see the reaction videos of them watching clips from the show I hope theres more of that.
  5. I was quite dissapointed with the scene where LS reveal to DJ that FJ is the fox he is been looking for. If they add abit of flashback here (like him remembering the part where she was drunk and said that he treat her like a pet, etc) it would have made alot of impact. Also, when he heard FJ scream, they should make him morphe to the site in a hurry instead of walking in.
  6. I think the show is trying to involve Miaoluo's character as much as possible so that the fight scene at the end of the series between ML, DJ and FJ will be more impactful. Which is good and makes more sense. I'm also liking how FJ knows that Xize is DJ in Aranya's dream so we get alot of DongFeng moments. I get the feeling that maybe they won't include the part where DJ alter her memory about Xize, maybe the part where he didn't turn up for the wedding reception to be with Jiheng is enough to cause FJ to get hurt and leave him. They might make that the main reason.
  7. And folks this is how the end scene of ep 30 happened. One moment she was sitting and the next thing you know she is magically lying next to DJ
  8. Yessss, finally *jumps up and down excitedly* I normally sleep at 2/3am but now after watching this series I go to bed super early just so that the day will pass faster lol then tomorrow the wait till 8pm...
  9. I think someone might have mentioned this article about Dylan Kuo talking about Dilraba's beauty. He's a hottie as well. Vengo probably be the same when working with Raba like who can resist that beauty and cuteness https://38jiejie.com/2020/02/16/dylan-kuo-mesmerized-by-dilrabas-beauty-while-filming-eternal-love-of-dream/
  10. Yeah...one can only hope. I see the kissing scenes between Yehua and Bai qian is quite passionate in eternal love. If we can get that kind of level of passion, I would be very happy already
  11. I read their kisses, in the book some of them involve tongue so I hope they do it passionately instead of those normal long peck on the lips. I'll be disappointed.
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