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  1. I'm still shaking from that last scene. It's so romantic! It's a torture to wait for next week. HR and IS looked so happy in the preview.
  2. IKR?! Hahaha. I underestimated him. But we don't know if he really has feelings for HaRi or he just want to help her??? I knew it! That's why even after 3 years IS did not forget HR. Hahaha. HR made an impression. But for HR to suddenly remember it now after 3 long years is really not believable. LOL. Is that even possible? Maybe I've never been so drunk in my entire life to experience temporary amnesia.
  3. @triplem the second picture of Go Joon, omg I think I'm in love! Haha. He's so manly and sexy! I'm melting just by looking at him smiling like that.
  4. I love the bed and breakfast scene too! I just kinda wish it was a little bit longer. I love whenever HR and IS converse because they get to know each other on a more personal level. I really love how the drama is showing the progress of their relationship. I'm a little bit confused by the conversation between HR and ED (after he got is PE result) about the sperm donation. Is it in HR's understanding that ED is willing to donate his sperm to her? When ED said "Should I share it with the boss?", I don't think he meant to offer his sperm to HR but he's just asking if he should disclose to his other boss his willingness to donate his sperm for the infertile couples that they were researching. HR mistook it as if ED is offering to donate his sperm to her.
  5. Yes, it's really one sided for now. You guys getting worried, now I'm worried too. Lol. The ship is sailing too fast it might crash and sink. I didn't think about it. I Sang falling too hard for Hari and if it's one sided, he's gonna be broken hearted again. Oh no. Hahaha. It's too fast they gonna have to change the title to Oh My Babies.
  6. I didn't expect that it will happen too fast! Lol. But, I'm not complaining coz I wanna see more sweet moments from them.
  7. The Isang-Hari ship has already sailed. @triplem thanks for the recap, it's really helpful. I can't wait to watch it tomorrow with english subs. And OMG, the preview for next week's episode! Are we gonna see some actions?
  8. In that scene the ajummas mistakenly thought Hari's water (placenta) broke and that the baby is coming.
  9. Whatt??! 황후마마 you've watched it live? Can't find any live streams so here I am spoiling myself too much. I can't help it!! Arrgh! I wanna watch it so bad.
  10. You should activate it! I only subscribe to premium if I'm watching a Jang Nara drama. There's a lot of available streaming sites to watch for free, but for a Jang Nara drama, I want to watch it in the best quality as much as possible.
  11. I'll be watching it on VIU too! I'm going premium on my app so I can watch it on Thursday morning.
  12. Jang Nara Shows Passion + Dedication Behind The Scenes Of New Rom-Com “Oh My Baby” May 10, 2020 by E. Cha The producers of tvN’s upcoming drama “Oh My Baby” can’t say enough good things about leading lady Jang Nara! “Oh My Baby” is a new romantic comedy starring Jang Nara as Jang Ha Ri, a successful career woman who wants to skip marriage and have a child on her own. Jang Ha Ri appears to have it all—looks, personality, talent—but there’s one thing she lacks that she refuses to give up on: having a baby of her own. Just when she finally gives up on love, three men (played by Go Joon, Jung Gun Joo, and Park Byung Eun) unexpectedly walk into her life. The producers of “Oh My Baby” remarked, “Jang Nara is an actress who prepares extremely meticulously before she arrives on set. Her ability to immerse herself in her acting and her careful analysis of her character are exceptional. As soon as the cameras start rolling on set, it takes just one second for her to lose herself in her role and fully immerse herself in her character’s emotions.” They added, “We even thought to ourselves, ‘If we didn’t have Jang Nara, who would be able to pull off this character of Jang Ha Ri, who wants to have a child without getting married?'” “Oh My Baby” premieres on May 13 at 10:50 p.m. KST and will be available with English subtitles on Viki.
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