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  1. 3 hours ago, ElectricHearts said:

    @Nenski I agree it must be July 21 or 28. We know she was at least filming for 3 days and it looks like it took a week for Binnie to do his audio recording. So it is more likely it is July 28 :lol: I am basing this on when the director posted pics last time for Binnie lol. It is probably time stamp similar as it is probably the best time to zoom call them. It is not July 22 as she is shooting her other CF then. 



    Look at the first picture in the tweet, with Binnie on it. See on top left, it says May 19.


    Aah sorry you mean for Jinnie one, yes sorry, no spesific date. So the same day is only assumption. 

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  2. 25 minutes ago, Chewy said:

    Ok this is very funny. I don’t have the answers to the questions about other possible pairings so please do not DM me about those.
    I respect each and every ship however I just don’t know about them to answer you. Thank you. 

    and regarding the receipts/candies I shared here. I wouldn’t shared if I don’t have the legit juice on it and it’s ok if you don’t buy it. You don’t have to doubt/question/throw shade at me or tell me about it if you cannot even trust journalists because then you probably have no one else to trust. Because receipts/candies are meant for people who enjoyed and believed in them anyway. 

    If you don’t like to see content from me, please use the ignore button on me. 
    thank you. 


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    I'll take whatever receipts and candies available chingu :wub:, then I'll decide what to believe, because yes it's only for those who enjoy and believe :2540_meh:

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  3. 3 hours ago, Intuition1 said:



    Also, another thing I learned about Korean culture is the connection between showers and intimacy in their movies and dramas. If a male and a female are together and talk about shower it is usually alluding to sex. When I learned about this, I understood the scene in CLOY when RJH went to YSR's apartment for the first time after he went to the South, she told him to make himself comfortable and asked him if he wanted to take a shower. Both became awkward. It seemed he understood it as intimacy and she just meant shower, but understood his misunderstanding.  When I initially saw this scene,  I thought the awkwardness was due to him smelling bad, after all he had been going through a tunnel for almost a day. If smelling bad was the reason, he would have been more self-conscious and tried to smell himself, but he did not do that.

    Hahhaha yes, the moment I saw that scene, with YSR took off her coat and asking whether he'd like to have a shower first, my initial reaction was uh oh somebody is getting hot. It was none other than sex of course, no wonder RJH was flustered, he was an adult man after all. To my world, you don't ask any man whether they want to have shower, ever, unless you want to have sex or anything alluding around that :ph34r:. That scene was very funny in a subtle way, oh well yeah thanks to the PG +13

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  4. 52 minutes ago, ElectricHearts said:

    That photo from the last page of HB doing photoshoot isn't on his stylist instagram story anymore though.. :lol: I had been following since her first instagram story of her in the car. So she deleted it? lol 


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    v/ast working at all hours? LOL


    I see fans tagged them LOL! Making their job very easy with check your dm please delete :joy: Wonder if they will sleep tonight lol.. 


    My guess it might be for bench?

    It was also on Facebook, now it's gone. Thank God I did not lose the candy this time :D

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  5. 3 hours ago, ElectricHearts said:

    @jamy47 i think that was why we were very lucky he did back to back projects with SYJ especially playing the villain role in The Negotiation. The fact he even wanted to be in a rom com/melodrama again since he did all those before military. However, I wonder if the main reason he wanted to do it was to work with her again. As he mentioned that scene where he kills the captain and instead of screaming at him after the swear word, she goes into great emotion and keeps it in (honestly, I remember when I first watched that scene and I was also surprised that she didn't yell at him either/also not surprised as that is how she is as an actress. She brings something new to the table). So he really wanted to work with her again and clearly from CLOY he learned a lot from her as an actress :wub:Maybe he is also use to having his role be the more prominent in his movies which is why other potential projects he may have turned down to work with her earlier. Like after military, it wasn't till Hyde Jekyll Me where he had a "love interest" again lol - his role is very prominent, playing multiple characters/bi polar. Then I guess he had a year break between both Fatal Encounter and Hyde Jeykll Me didn't seem to be well received.  Even that show didn't have as much kissing scenes, so we were very lucky with CLOY with the amount of kissing, staring and other stuff :wub: 

    he was with HJM in the Fatal Encounter and then after that together again in Hyde Jekyll Me. So it's not his first time to do film and then drama with the same female lead. I wonder, was there every any news why were they casted together again? I mean with SYJ it was clear as day that they want to act together again. I probably should look for this info on HB thread. Kindly let me know if I need to delete this. Thank you.

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  6. 5 minutes ago, ElectricHearts said:


    Yea his character goes to different looks. So that is why his facial hair for the movie is not real for filming in SK. However, wonder if he will grow it out now lol. Not sure a month is enough time to grow facial hair though :lol: if that is their plan still to film in mid July. 


    lol I mentioned he does the thumb action in his other dramas.. You will be fine with Come Rain Come Sunshine if you are looking out for those moments. I had to put a pause on Friend Our League. That is why I went back to The Negotiation

    I lost count on how many times I have watched TN, there's even raunchy fanfic of it where Tae Gu is alive and I love it so much. I would say personally my favorite so far is still MoTA as that was my first knowledge of him, and gotta say that it was his best look so far. I love CLoY for sure, but there is overflowing sexiness radiates with the way he portrayed Yoo Jin Woo, and he solely bears the weight of the show himself.  Ok ok enough of it, looking forward to read for more 'coincidence candies' from TN month as you elaborated. :love:

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  7. 2 hours ago, ElectricHearts said:


    Saw a third pic now on twitter @Siti Masithah Is it this? Maybe it's the lighting lol. I don't know :lol:


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    Yes, the third picture it is @ElectricHearts, thank you so much. After the first two pics released, I have seen so many fanfic with Bin drunk scenes hahahah. I am personally actually okay with a bit drunken Binnie as he also mentioned in one of oldies interview on his drunk days at school/college. Well, but maybe The Lady of the house wouldn't like it so much hahaha. 

    Btw I have just finished Snow Queen last night, and I couldn't help to see that HB had the thumb movement there as well even tho it was not too apparent like in cloy. I felt a bit pang in my heart :bawling:. Also I noticed the backhug, it's the same with SeGa, so I was very relieved hahahaah. Will do Come Rain Come Shine and Friend Our Legend today.

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  8. 2 hours ago, ncly said:

    I think you meant this one. I thought it would be new too but here he doesn’t have the facial hair compared to his recently looking-drunk and speculated wrap up Bargaining photo


    Thank youuuu @ncly yes I meant this one, he's so fresh and light here. I first thought hmmm was he drunk because he looked a bit beet red all over, but the eyes were so fresh, so I think not.

    The hair looks like Bargaining, but I think the facial hair that we saw was artificial, as it comes and goes very quickly. But anyway, thank you so much for posting this photo. I must say I like how he looks in this one. Kamsahamnidaaa.

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  9. 41 minutes ago, ElectricHearts said:


    Remove what candies ;) But yes if they decide to do that, hopefully when I am sleeping lol


    they already got the publicityasia one taken down lol

    I know riteee :D, I already lost a candy before on the leaked Bargaining lunch photo because I was having an all day meetings and I couldn't check this forum. Lucky the photo was still around on other forum but I had to do small digging to get that #sigh. Apparently CEO cannot keep an eye on everything in the sns world :ph34r:.


    If they took down the publicityasia one, then I am not risking loosing more candies hahaha. Ohhh thank you so much for bringing us that video, it literally made my day #bow

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  10. This forum to me is my daily dosage of happy pills about BinJin, so I go here whenever I want to be happy and surrounded by love from 2 most of beautiful people in the world.

    I am sure we're all adults here with our respectful life and professions, so to see people judging others, call others names, asking people to leave just because voicing out concerns, even valid concerns, take things too seriously and vent out to others, is just exhausting. This forum has rules, so as long as we play by the rules, should be ok. I personally will just skip skip skip whenever I see war or negative comments. I prefer to never call anyone trolls, or shunning people out, etc etc as I just want to be happy here because it promises to be a shippers' paradise. Hope I will not be called out after this post :)

    My take from BAA 2020 is that HB and SYJ acknowledged our love, support, efforts, and existence to the world, and it's all that matters to me. We made things happened, we put them on the stage together again, WE matter, and thanks to BinJin now everyone knows that! To have them both saying thank you to us, it's the closest I can get to them in real life, and it's already good enough for me. As a fan, nothing matters to me more than to know that our OTP is happy, whoever they're with (please God, let them be together).  

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  11. 1 hour ago, Felizak@t said:

    Repeat of PIFAN we said. :blush: Sigh.

    They never aged. 2014 vs 2020. :wub::wub::wub:


    Even a non-shipper is wishing that they be together. What does that tell you? You faint hearted BINJIN shipper?


    Get your acts together! ;)



    To my personal experience with my spouse (we have been together for 19 years now), to have someone looking at you the same after 6 years, is precious, not every couple can do that! :heart:

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  12. 1 hour ago, RiRiGaGa said:


    I really wonder if "The Fatal Encounter" was his last shirtless scene because of the negative commentary he got so I wonder if it's HB's personal preference/choice to not do another shirtless scene just because he doesn't want to be criticized again for focusing more on his looks than his acting which is such a shame and so far from the truth! He really does do the best he can for his character so these ppl saying that his visuals are more impressive are seriously so mistaken! I think he also feels a little shy to show off his body now that he feels he should be more "mature" that he might find it embarrassing for him to do a random shower/shirtless scene like the glorious, old days. Lol He's just trying to ease into his classy, mature fine-wine stage. 

    There is some bare chest scenes of him in Hyde Jekyll Me because Gu Seo Jin needs to puts the heart rate detection device or something. And the latest must be from Confidential Assignment in 2017 where Im Cheol Ryeong was captured by State Security Dept (I guess), ohhhh I was drooling to see him shirtless with all of the muscles and blood :P.  I think that's the latest scene where we can admire his sculpture bod.


    I agree that he is more mature now and might seem silly to just do random inessential shirtless scene (poor me :bawling:), so hospital skinship scene was as good as it gets for me. 

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  13. 5 hours ago, TotoroSY said:


    Good catch!! I actually thot he was going to select Green Forest but he ended up picking Pacific Ocean, SYJ's favorite vacation place.:D Good boyfriend vibes hahaha!! :D Also, for a shower head ad, how come he's dressed in sweatshirts?? Not even a hint of skin lol!! I think Binnie must have built-in a clause in all his work agreements that he won't show any skin (unless crucial to the plot or character) lol! Notice there's no obligatory upper body reveal in CLOY (that was taken up by 2nd ML). He has the clout to choose not to do that now. :D


    Yeah, while we got SeRi's bath tub scene, we can't get the same with Capt Ri huhuhu. 
    Guess we just need to watch all other his previous movies and dramas to see shirtless scenes.....

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  14. 6 hours ago, TotoroSY said:

    HB is really raining a LOT of goodies on us today! Here's the latest BodyLuv video - he looks really good here, and I want to buy that filtered-scented shower head too! Now when YJ going to give us goodies too?? Really haven't seen her for a LOONG time except for the challenge she posted on her Insta....


    He picks the Pacific Ocean scent....aahhh we know who loves ocean and beach so much, no wonder he says it's his type, very subtle candy ahjussi :D

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