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  1. Box Office Records: Son Ye Jin is Korea’s Box Office Queen. (2009-2019). Official Data can be seen in The Screen Korea Actress Ranking Power: (voted by the biggest movies producers) 1. SYJ 2. KHS senior 3. JHJ 5. JDY senior SYJ got 22 points only behind SKH of Parasite (24 points) if we consider both male and female ranking power in this list Awards Achievements: KHS senior might have won more awards than SYJ as she started her career in 1986 as a child actress, while a SYJ started her career in 2000 (around 14 years earlier than SYJ). JDY senior won Best Actress Award at Cannes KHA senior has won many Daeksang and Best Actress Awards from Baeksang, but she has never won Best Actress Awards (just got nominated) from the 2 other prestigious bodies (Blue Dragon and Grand Bells). KHA senior is more into TV than movies while SYJ is more into movies than dramas We need help from statistics expert @yejinatic1981 to get exact numbers SYJ has great respects for the 3 senior Actresses (KHS sent SYJ a food truck and SYJ sent back to her one too) KHS senior and SYJ are the only two female Actresses who were chosen among 30 Power Creators of Korea’s Holywood BinJin will become the most powerful couple in Korea if they get married together
  2. We have known that HB wore Christian Louboutin shoes at BAA. Son Ye Jin has been wearing Christian Louboutin at the latest since 2014.
  3. HB’s smirk and look at YJ is full of love His wide smile while looking at YJ on screen when YJ said “Thank you so much” to international fans HB’s body turned towards YJ at the backstage interview
  4. I believe the ship is sailing smoothly and still look forward to BinJin’s wedding announcement in the very near future. I’m not surprised with BinJin at BAA at all, they actually have given us more sweet moments than I expected. I tweeted below post 1 day before BAA.
  5. RE: YJ’s only wore a RL dress at Baeksang SYJ’s current networth is ~ US$ 20 Million I’m calculating SYJ’s networth with data that we have (She bought a luxury villa & a building for rent by the end of 2015) Villa: (4 Bil Won) US$ 3.3 Million Building: (9 Bil Won) US$ 7.3 Million Profit - The Last Princess: US$ 3 Million 3 Movies + 2 Dramas since 2015: US$ 2 Million CF for Marier Cosmetic: US$ 1 Million Other CFs from late 2015 until now Missha Lipstics, Hyundai, Manyo Cosmetic, Neuramis Cosmetic, Ganeshi Jewery, SkinInc, VanvaKorea, Younglim House Interior, Tory Burch, Besti Belli Clothes, Clash Of Kings Game Extra Range Rover + House Interior Money in her bank accounts... House value increase year by year, she can also collect rent from the US$ 7.3 Million building every month. So SYJ’s networth is approximately US$ 20 Million based on what we can see PS: Her house interior look simple but they are all designed brand names and really expensive. She has many Hermes handbags I stan a super rich but humble Queen
  6. Son Ye Jin’s Hermes and Watch Collections ~ US$ 100.000 (based on what we can see) She probably has more handbags and watches in her collection as she only showed us her living room and kitchen in Master In The House. She still hides her wardrobe, Awards display room, bedroom and bathroom from viewers.
  7. Happy 20th Annivesary to Son Ye Jin Hyun Bin has a new competitor, who is very popular in Korea. His show broke records on cable TV and his ideal type is Son Ye Jin.
  8. Thank you to Chinese fans on Weibo who has voted for BinJin on Tik Tok Son Ye Jin was voted by Chinese Netizens in Feb 2020 as Korean Goddesses together with Kpop Idols Irene, IU & Yoona. SYJ can play many different characters in her movies and dramas, she can pull of many different looks in real life HB is lucky to have SYJ whom is beautiful inside and out Innocent Look Sexy Look She won Best Jewelry Lady at 4th Korea International Jewelry & Watch Fair Gorgeous Look - Red Carpet Dispatch chose the Best and Worst dressers. The best was without a doubt, Son Ye-jin. https://www.hancinema.net/biff-best-dressed-son-ye-jin-vs-worst-dressed-ha-ji-won-87151.html She won Super Icon Award at 2nd Elle Style Awards She Won Best Actress Award (The Last Princess) at 53rd Baeksang Award She Won Outstanding Korean Actress (STIR) at 13th Seoul International Drama Awards She won both Best Actress Award & Popularity Award (Be With You) at 2nd The Seoul Awards Dispatch chose the best dresser. ★ Best:Son Ye-jin Son Ye-jin is an icon for innocence. She went against that and wore a shoxking dress and stood out. She focused on uniqueness and detail. This is the most exposure she's undergone since her debut. She wore a purple tube top and peeked some more skin under her breast. Her backline also revealed sexy appeal and the mermaid skirt showed elegance.
  9. Hi All, Do we all agree that we should stop discussing xxx in this thread NOW I like to repost my delulu prediction on BinJin’s marriage announcement after Baeksang so that we can bring back some positive vibes PS: I pray desperately everyday that my prediction will come truth, otherwise I will be acused of giving false hope to BinJin shippers Hope and Peace!
  10. I think I should have written “secretly registered marriage” instead of “secretly married” to avoid some misunderstandings. They may hold a private or a public wedding later (if any) I have a Master degree and consider myself a practical, analytical and logical person. There is a reason why I only make the “secretly registered marriage” post now, but not after the wrap up party I am a BinJin shipper, but not a pusher. Being originally a SYJ fan, I support whatever makes her happy. So what I wrote is based on my observations But we all have to wait and see, my observations may be wrong though. Only time will tell
  11. Thank you everyone for very insightful analysis! Binjin shippers are just like HB and YJ: witty, thoughtful, kind-hearted, smart, straightforward...That is why this thread is very interesting! For those who felt uneasy about my last post about BinJin's dramas and movies records. Here are reactions from shippers. I like data and numbers as they are the less bias. I am not a psychologist but I love reading psychology articles. My 90 posts on Soompi are for BinJin only. BinJin always support each other's success and that is one of the most important foundations for a long lasting marriage relationship, I believe Please do not get back to this topic, let's move forward! I do believe HB and SYJ have already secretly married in late Jan 2020. Here is my point of view on their timeline: + Jan 2019 - The iconic LA grocery: they were already in a relationship at that time. Who is going to fly halfway around the globe to celebrate a friend's birthday + Jul 2019 - They might have been together in Maldives: they both got tanned and YJ looked so glowing + Aug 2019 - The zoom out kiss scene in Switzerland: YJ was not so willingly to allow HB's tongue movements on screen due to a marriage plan has not yet been formed + Sep 2019 - The Mongolia trip: they both like the time they spent there together (not under public eyes), maybe something special (delulu - wink wink ) have happened there + Oct 2019 - Couch Talk: HB talked something about "happiness is so close yet so far, is not always easy to get" - he might have proposed to YJ at that time and waited for her acceptance + Dec 2019 - YJ's IG post: YJ might have finally accepted HB's marriage proposal and they got loose. They might plan to announce their marriage after CLOY but JDG's incident and "that table" incident have hindered their marriage announcement plan + Jan 2020 - 2 week delay of CLOY between ep 6 and 7: HB and YJ might have married as planned (Channel A said there was rumours about BinJin marriage after CLOY) + Feb 2020 - The reunion French Kiss close up on last day of filming: YJ allowed HB's tongue movements on screen because they are already secretly married + Feb 2020 - Wrap up Party: A Wedding Cake to celebrate BinJin's marriage I am looking forward to BinJin’s official wedding announcement after Baeksang and a cute baby tomato with HB’s dimples and YJ’s eye smile in the near future
  12. Ticket Ranking Power (voted by the biggest movies producers) @Felizak@t “He knows that SYJ is much bigger than him is SK. He doesn't seem to be bothered coz he knows his worth. That's a man for keeps” I agree with you! @Kristen Son Yes they are both A-list Actor/ Actress, but SYJ is way too big Numbers don’t lie, opinions can be bias. Above are SYJ and HB’s status in Korean dramas and movies industry And then, her awards achievements. She is currently the Queen of Chungmuro and the most Award Winning Actress of her generation. So, she has won both professtionsal’s and audience’s hearts HB himself admited in a The Negotiation interview that he can lean on SYJ’s star power. He was honest The most important thing is that they support each other’s success Latest information confirm SYJ is among the highest paid actresses for dramas https://www.koreaboo.com/stories/koreans-react-much-world-married-actress-kim-hee-ae-gets-paid-not-expect/ SYJ currently has at least 4 brand endorsments based on my knowledge
  13. Now, a sexy SYJ with such beautiful figures SYJ’s Love Scenes: 18+ only. It took them 9 hours to film 5 minute -love scenes. She won Best Actress Award
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