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  1. I was planning to share it too. Ao adorable. Almost 15 minutes of RiRi couple's cuteness overload.
  2. Thank you very much for this link. It was very well-written, actually brought me to tears (perhaps because I'm in post-drama trauma). I'm posting the good parts from the article here: " The flower signifies deep love and devotion. One of the popular stories surrounding the flower is the difficulty of its acquisition. The flowers grow mostly on rocky places at about 1,800 to 3,000 meters altitude. Men have fallen to their deaths in their efforts to pick these flowers in the Alps. Bringing them home to their beloved is proof that they would die for them. That’s exactly what Captain Ri did for Se-ri. He risked his life numerous times for her. So the Edelweiss is not just a clue on where they should meet." " The last message that Captain Ri Jeong-hyeok (Hyun Bin) sent to Yoon Se-ri (Son Ye-jin) was an invitation to “meet in the country where those flowers bloom.” It was a shriek-worthy scene in the drama “Crash Landing on You”. Captain Ri could not say the exact date. “He’s so vague,” Se-ri complained. Yet, it was she who found a way so he could keep his promise. " Seri said that RJH always finds her. But I think that they both find each other, and really make efforts to do so over the course of 3 years. Keeping up the good efforts and the faith over such a long time and long distance, without seeing or receiving any news from the other are truly impressive and evidence of how much in love they are.
  3. Agreed. I think there is no cheating here. RJH was honest with himself about his feelings for SR, and honest with SD about his feelings for SR and how much SR meant to him. I was uncomfortable with him letting himself falling further in love with SR. But circumstances swept them away, and they were swept away by their feelings. I think when RJH and SR escaped from CCK by paragliding into the valley ( in Episode 4 if I remember correctly), they started really falling in love and falling heads over heals for each other. I was wondering if at that time, was RJH cheating i.e. he had a fiancee of 10 years and now letting himself fall in love and initiating moves on SR? Probably yes. But if he acted otherwise, he and SR would not be honest with their own feelings, be responsible for their own happiness and future and RJH and SD would not be happy in their eventual loveless and cold marriage. If he let go of his feelings for SR, that would be considered cheating on (i.e. not being honest with) himself and SR. So I think as long as RJH has always honored the engagement, respected SD, and his intention has never been to cheat, and he came clean with SD as soon as he was sure of his love for SR and was not sneaky about SR, I think that it would not considered cheating and RJH is still a man who has respect.
  4. Agreed with all of these. I have been thinking about this point the whole week. The show is very much about self-forgiving, healing and self-redemption. Its about life-changing love, but also about personal development to reach for hopes and dreams. One thing I love about RJH and SR's encounter is that they love each other no matter how damaged and broken the other person is. Just by being themselves with full vulnerabilities, they help each other heal, forgive themselves, move forward with life and dream again ( see 2 scenes: soju confession scene and the scene where RJH confessed while waiting for SR to be operated after getting shot by CCK). That they can be loved by the other despite of being broken and damaged and finding themselves unworthy of love due to past events is very heart-touching. And that they can be protective, save the other's life, bring happiness and love to the other despite of their past pains make them find their own meaning and values once again, and feel worthy of love once again. RJH and SR just have incredible and natural chemistry and their strengths and weaknesses are so complementary. In contrast, between RJH and SD, the chemistry has never been there. SD is too proud in front of RJH and RJH doesn't open up and they don't help each other heal or find happiness despite the 10 years they were together. I think its better for SD for not ending up with RJH because he is just not right for her. She deserves a man who knows to appreciate her like SJ. After re-watching the show several more times, I see new layers and meanings. Very impressive writing, Park Ji-eun.
  5. I've been re-watching the series on and off this whole week. Glad we are on the same boat. Lets see when we can get over this drama. Miss RJH and YSR very much!
  6. Come come! I have been thinking about visiting this forum in my 6 month condolence period and i was wondering if anyone will still be around here.
  7. Congrats to HB, SYJ, writer-nim, the cast and the crew. Well-done and your work will be remembered for a very very long time. "CLOY will forever be etched in my heart and my mind". My heart is full after watching Episode 16, especially the ending. I'm very grateful and thankful!!! I'll continue to support HB and SYJ! Fight fight fight and hope to see more of your wonderful work.
  8. Likewise I'm crying over here just reading the recap. Poor them. They always say goodbyes but its still heart-breaking when it comes to the final goodbye, the real goodbye.
  9. Seems like Switzerland idea (even in case of meeting every once in a while) is the best case I can wish for now (unless the writer-nim surprises another way). To be honest, whenever I see the scene of RJH & SR in Switzerland (in the opening of each episode) in what seems like several years (10 years?) later, I couldn't help but feel bittersweet. I have been wondering what RJH & SR would feel in such an encounter. Even if RJH and SR move on with their life, someday, they can get over their heartbreak, find fun and happiness, even have their own family, when they meet again, would they still regret the happiest and most fulfilling life they could have had if they could end up together? Any scenario of them not being together is less than optimal. Supposedly that when they meet again, they could actually move on and be very happy with life, and they are fine with not having the other in their life, would that not be bittersweet as well? A love once so beautiful is now just a faded memory. I still think that RJH and YSR are the best for each other. Star-crossed lovers like them are rare (rare for even a rom-com and even more rare in real life). If they could love and be that happy together with the other, they should hold on to the other as best as they can. After all, love and happiness are most important in life and are what we all are after.
  10. Same here. They put our OTP through a lot this episode. I cried quite a lot. Hope for some happiness for our OTP this evening. They deserve happiness. And the writer-nim must make up for our tears from Episode 16 by a lot of smile from Episode 16.
  11. Whatever they try to tell us, I'm thankful for the time and efforts invested in the last episode. Agreed. Sad ending is better than open ending.
  12. Haha, I thought that it's only me who does all those things. Love that we are on the same boat. CLOY gives me so much joy. Whatever the ending, I'm thankful to the writers, the production team, and the cast for such a memorable experience. CLOY will be in my heart and on my mind for a very very long time.
  13. Agreed. RJH is my most favorite character by HB so far. I love HB and SJY's chemistry as well. HB and SJY are bubbly together and they make each other laugh. However, to be honest, I don't feel their chemistry is not as strong as that of HB and Song Hye Kyo's. I don't think they're dating.
  14. Thanks for your recommendation. I am considering whether I should invest time watching Hyde Jekyll. The ratings and review are not positve so i was wondering what is wrong with it. Huyn Bin's work is of high quality so I don't mind watching any of them. CLOY is my most favorite as the acting, chemistry, balance in their relationship, charisma of leads, heart-warming moments, depth of the show are all top-notched. MoA: the plot and the ending are not my favorite. Secret Garden: Huyn Bin's character is also very charismatic but the balance in a relationship is inclined towards HB. My lovely Kim Samsoon: HB's character is not mature a lot of times (though I like Kim Sun-ah's character a lot).
  15. "When RJH starting falling for SR"? Good question indeed. When they met in Switzerland, Since she crash-landed on him, he's always been fond of her (and indulged her every wish), more than he realized or admitted. However, RJH always marked a line with SR when he born in mind that he has a fiancee ( he brough SD up when SR showed sign of adoring him with the fingers heart). However, I think a big turning point where they started being curious about, and opening their heart to, and started the process of falling heads over heals for each other is the bike ride and clam bake scene (in Episode 5 if my memory serves me right). That scene is when things got really flirty and heart-warming, and RJH initiated a lot and started making bigger heroic acts for SR.
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