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  1. Ok before is start i must clear up something i said previously. The only reason i dont like them together mostly is because from the show he clearly looks 10 holding an infant in season 1. He does not look 4 whatsoever. So they cant be 4 years apart. Go back and look at season 1. Im just not feeling the relationship love vibe. I keep feeling little sister big brother vibe. But that is just my take. Im gonna skip that part. Ok guys i have to admit this. It is killing me. I know alot of yall are going to be mad at me for saying this but i hate NQ and SS together. 1st of all he raised her from and infant to now 16. He had to been 10 at the time. So he is clearly to old for her. He should be 26 and her 16 which id clearly a no no. 2nd. I can not feel right about this relationship because i only see them as sister and brother thats the way their relationship makes me feel season 1 and 2. 3rd he raised her changed her diaper fed her porridge and medicine washed her cloth her and did her hair so basically that is his child and he mentioned that in season 2. Now with all of that said everyone on here is still looking at there relationship as if that is cute but its not. Its like he raised her to be with him. Its like he is marrying his own daughter and sleeping with his daughter. Thats incest. And i watch alot of dramas enough to know the stuff they do together is not appropriate during those days. Everything is proper and honorable during those times. You couldnt sleep with eachother til you got married. So moral of this is i believe everyone need to look at this as if this was real life. Would you be ok with raising and little girl from an infant to 16 then being ok to sleep with your child? Hell no not then and especially not now. Its not right so please people try to find it in your heart to not accept this behavior. Just saying. He should be with Mo Shanshan because they really do love eachother and they are meant for eachother. And SS should just be his little sister.
  2. I hope im not the only one who thinks this but i dont like the idea of NQ being with SS for a couple reasons. 1. The age difference. When he found her he had to be 10yrs and she was an infant. 2. He raised her as his child or little sister. 3. He had to been the one who changed her diaper and dressed her and feed her. 4. When she is around he cant concentrate and he has to risk his life protecting her and he almost dies quite a bit because of her. 5. Yes she does everything for him but she should do this anyway because she owes him her life. Had he not found her and raised her she would have died a long time ago. 6. They are family period. Can you imagine you found a infant child. You feed them. Clothe them. Wash them and protect them their whole life. And now its ok to have sex with them. Thats disgusting. Its like going with your own child its all sorts of fuckery and wrong. So SS needs to stop listening to everybody and understand NQ is her father/brother and though he loves her he can never be with her in that way and just be grateful that someone found her and gave her the best life he could and let him be in love with the one who loves him back. Thats just my take on it.
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