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  1. Been back reading. I think people forget that they're also communicating something else with their post and nonpost, which could go undetected by untrained eyes. Anyway, I'm here to just follow BinKyo's moves and glad that the Squirrel Army is one group I can discuss and be happy with. I can't help but get giddy with all those romance in the air! (delulu)
  2. Enjoy watching! I forgot to include how I love the film photography here. As a photographer and artist on the side, I live how they included those. My favourite frames are 1) csh and kjh, the book with lighthouse and sea background and 2) the beach and bench scene framed by window; and 3) Cuba's architecture! I could talk endlessly about each element in this drama but what I am really happy with are the subtle challenges on social norms and construct. And this is why I wait for a SHK project because she makes sure that there's meaning in her chosen production. I hope she's fine. I just started this year to be active again as I am missing the energy but couldn't remember my old account thus the 2 in my name. I don't care that much with awards but got curious with the snub. Although it is good to be acknowledged by peers and colleagues I don't think it's a lone barometer for fulfilment and success in production. I still believe that each work which changed the view and perspective of the viewer is the greatest gift the whole team can offer to its audience, to its society. And with this, I am more curious of the next production of Kyo. Anyway, have a good day where ever you are. And keep safe!
  3. It's been years!!!! I hope to see utkim, fresh spring, hclover and others too. Keep safe!
  4. I don't know what happened with Encounter. I am really curious. It's okay if they don't nominate Kyo but there are other people who made that drama who deserves even just nomination. I really love everything about there - OST, Direction, Cinematography, how they incorporate art (visual, animation, poetry and music) there. It's so rare these days to find these beauties in a drama. And I love how they subtly discussed the social norms there. So interesting details! I hope so too that, if ever she decides to do a production again, it will be another well-written and with a good production company. I am missing her presence on the screen. I can settle with a film if drama is too long for her. And I hope so too that it will be something she couldn't pass up.
  5. I reserved my 45% for him. Lol. But I am okay if I can just see them again on the same screen. She changed the caption. It was first Perhaps Love.. Then now it is just Love...
  6. Had a TK movie marathon because of that post. Won't tell the ending here. But damn, TK is soooo in there. Really thought they're just in a film mode as I know their squad likes TK! Didn't connect it. Haha.
  7. My most favorite look of her is #4. Closest to that is #2. And of course, #7 for photoshoot. Always love the team behind those. Anyway, hope she's in for a project soon. Drama or film.
  8. This made my day. Lol. As if hb is a baby who couldn't decide on his own. Happy with the new gifs. Is soompi trolling us also?
  9. I think there's more than 1 based on our findings.
  10. Can't say his name here.They've been long time friends. Kyo, basing on others stories and testimonies of her, is so easy to fall in love with and easy to be with. And her physical appearance is no match to her inner beauty said by her long time friend. Imagine that! So I can't blame Mr. HB for acting swiftly!
  11. Dear people from other fandoms who lurks here, There is no excuse for cyberbullying and online harassment. Please let it be known that SHKers (long time and loyal fans of Kyo) forward evidences to UAA just in case there is a need to file for cases. And, please, grow up. No amount of bashing and putting somebody down will ever increase somebody's chance for lovelife. In fact, you're just tarnishing the very person you're trying to idolize. Love and commitment will only be decided by the people involved. Even if we, Binkyonatics/Squirrel Army, unearth a lot of coincidences and present them to International Court of Shippers (ICS) for our case, it won't still matter to both parties. So, please, live kindly and happily and let love come in.
  12. Now listening to shallow. Lol. Even in rl there is coincidence.
  13. Let them be. At least we are still very rational here and will still be okay if both parties are happy with others even if we've accumulated enough exhibits (classified) already to be presented to the International Court of Shippers (ICS). If they aren't yet an item now, go kdw or mr. photographer! I'll tell you whom to contact if you're interested in giving a gift to Kyo. Swear, she won't divulge anything when you buy jewelry.
  14. I was actually rooting for him. Silently, of course. And I never imagined binkyo2.0 is possible as HB's name was so attached to another.
  15. Assuming our analysis is right i'm sure he can't leave anything anymore to chance. Kyo's list of suitors is existing and will surely find time to strike.
  16. Same here! I wish they will revert to the old one though they may want the people to notice the points and use it.
  17. After this I think the Squirrel Army is now qualified to a job post in Dispatch or any other Intelligence Office.
  18. And here I thought we gonna end the day without a crumb.
  19. Not much. Baby R's ideal type kept on posting but no crumbs at all.
  20. I can relate with you here! Twtwb was my favorite, next was Encounter (minus the gumkyo shipping) but I didn't watch it with the same frequency as World's Within. Nothing beats those narrations from Joo Joon Young and Jung Ji Oh. Really hope writer Noh Hee-Kyung will consider writing a film for BinKyo. Or the writers of My Brilliant Life.
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