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  1. Since we are talking about Kyo working with PD's here I would like to add ANG LEE! I hope one day she can work with him. Also I still hope she will collaborate again with PD Kim Kyu-tae and Writer Noh Hee-Kyung 'cause TWTWB is so short!! And although she just collaborated with PD Park Shin-Woo and Yoo Young-ah for Encounter I hope years from now they'll still be able to have a project together. I know she's reviewing 2 scripts I hope she'll do one soon!!
  2. Don't worry about bashers. She's like this whenever she reads inappropriate and illogical comments on rare times she's out from her hideout or checking the net.
  3. Squirrel being told to go out from her hideout. Please don't quote.
  4. Maybe we should all take a vacation, too. Like 3 months or more. It took us months to decode her movements and link it to BinKyo! Maybe after vacation we'll have more to decode or hear from them. Dear Baby R, please tell your mom we're willing to dogsit.
  5. Out of topic. At the bottom of the page you'll see the Theme options. I chose the evolution. It is better than the other. Though I still prefer the white bg. Deborah's Theme is in Once Upon A Time in America film. My hearts breaks too for his passing. Though Maestro Morricone's music will live forever.
  6. Kyo’s been absent lately. Guess she's busy smelling the daisies?
  7. I hope she plays a Sandra Bullock kind of character. Something light. Since they are both smart and sooo talkative. Missed watching her on screen!
  8. Kyo posted this on Dec 6th 2019 LIKE A STAR by HONG ISAAC It's not easy to live like this It seems like things can't go according to what I want Today I sit in my room again I try to recite to myself As I look back on the painful periods of my life The scenery of my past traces suddenly appear Hides deeply Indifferently passes by Yesterday that gets forgotten Shines brightly like a star As the night deepens it gets brighter I shake off the dust piled up in my faded memory The memories that I've forgotten suddenly appear Once again, I sit in my place Facing myself Yesterday that gets forgotten Shines brightly like a star As the night deepens it gets brighter Looking back at the time that has passed It was meant for you The many stars that wander As though I'm finding my own place Yesterday that gets forgotten shines brightly like a star As the night deepens it gets As the night deepens it gets As the night deepens it gets brighter
  9. @zashibear the concept was so much alike to Kyo's Elle SG video!!!
  10. Translation: Thank you for the wedding anniversary gift. Actor Hyun
  11. Psychology is one field I love studying although it wasn't related to my work. And even though it's tiresome to read bullying and bashing to Kyo, it gave me materials to observe how other people think and what causes them to do things they do over the net. So, please let me put this here just in case someone is interested in learning about themselves. (Hello, visitor-haters!) First, because they are bullies. I would like to cite this: Psychology Of Bullying There are many reasons why a person may feel the need to bully. Some of these include: The need to feel superior to others Childhood trauma Low Self-Esteem A poor home life They have been bullied themselves Insecurity Poor Education Lack of Empathy Underlying mental health issues And lastly, bashing is a form of belittling. What is belittling? Belittling is the intentional act of making another feel worthless, empty, and dismissed. It is one of many forms of psychological and emotional abuse. There are more reasons for bashing. But those 2 would be enough for now. P. S. I am very sure the Squirrel Army can add more. But perhaps the bashers are most afraid of is this: the confirmation of the exhibits we prepared for the International Court of Shippers (ICS) thus the need to bully and bash.
  12. Hahahahaha! Somebody thought Baby R is smaller than she is.
  13. Sometime in June I stopped having the urge to investigate even though I rated my BinKyo meter then as 55% sure. I just watched the stories and posts from the squirrel squad with a smile on my face and kept silent on the things I discovered. The Squirrel Army was still good at it and they kept on having classified coincidences so I amused myself with their skills! (They are so good at it!!) For us who have been long time fans, I don't think we need more convincing. And it is just a matter of time before they'll openly tell us about what we knew all along. Note: If Kyo (and her squad) is reading this, please be happy in whatever stage you are in your life. Don't worry too much of the future especially those comments that will arise when announcement come. Worry steals the happiness of the present. Please be comforted that all your BinKyo family will always be here to support and defend you and your panda. Please do not quote image.
  14. Since I don't have twitter I was saved from reading all the negativities from the basher and cyberbullies of Kyo in the twitter world. If only they understood that no amount of bashing, cyber bullying and harassment to Kyo will increase the probability of what they're lobbying for (yes that's the right phrase because it was already denied several times) then they would have done something else. But then, of course, that would mean they were wrong in the first place and we all know admitting mistakes is one of the most hardest things to do in life, ego-wise. So we may not see it anywhere. I have never been this invested in a shipping thread as I know in real life people fall in love who they fall far. And attraction, love, relationship and commitment will only be decided by the people involved. But it was fun hanging out and exchanging notes with the Squirrel Army and to find out that we share common traits and we are as deep as the ninjas we follow. And so with that, let's just wait for the days to unfold without having to belittle and bully somebody. Respect is one common trait we must share all. For sure whoever is destined for will surely be the ones who will face each other at the altar one day. (Will still it be in June? ) And since I am still in a dazed catching all this love bugs, here are some images: Please don't quote pics.
  15. You should have added this: Please take care of your mental health. We may be on different boats but we care for your well-being. Please stay safe and healthy.
  16. Watched the ep 16 last night of WW. Can't help but take this: Do not quote photo. I've never been a super fan of hb and yet my heart is taking a roller coaster ride these days.
  17. Thank you @caileysmileyyy I saw the Panda photo I wanted to paint for Kyo!! To all, keep the photos coming!! This lazy shipper is appreciating all of your postings! (blue heart)
  18. @sunflower91_ I agree, she did well as Cha Soo Hyun! I did not see SHK there and, also, pbg did well in portraying Kim Jin Hyuk. I did not see traces of them while watching. Kudos to their director for choosing them. I'll keep my fingers crossed. I hope that in the scripts she's reading now, there is one that is hard to pass up and she deemed worthy of portraying even at this time of her life.
  19. One of my fave scenes in WW is this embrace before sleeping. Soooooooooooooo natural and you couldn't even see hb's heart palpitating here as if it's the most natural thing for him.
  20. Dear Squirrel Army, are you thinking what I am thinking? There's more to BinKyo's Animal Kingdom!
  21. That is so true. And we don't want fan wars here. It's just a waste of time. Love is in the air. Probably with other members of the squad too.
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