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  1. my heart skipped a beat just now looking at the post above... so we are still save. Happy shipping!! #InGroceryWeTrust
  2. It's early in the morning, and I started to get delulu.... Happy shipping guys... I should get ready to work. #ingrocerieswetrust
  3. https://www.soompi.com/article/1091123wpp/hyun-bin-kang-sora-reportedly-break They broke up in Dec 2017 Wow, the thread goes so fast! Keep going all shoppers! It's fun reading all your thoughts and analysis! #ingrocerieswetrust Just wondering if the LA groceries shopping was a surprise meet up planned by our Bin-shii. I remember he said he will plan out things to spend with the woman he loves for her birthday. My delulu mind is going wild!
  4. Actually I think they were getting along well in the making of negotiation, but their vibes look different from the negotiation promo and CLOY. The sparks aren't there yet in my opinion... HB should be still dating Kang So Ra when they film negotiation.
  5. She got embarrassed? Awwwwww, she's shy... how cute. She's usually so professional towards her acting. Not sure if it's normal she feels shy when revisiting her performance.
  6. Hi all, first time posting here. I am a silent reader of this thread for a while, but decided to write my thoughts after CLOY finale is out. First, to the CLOY team, thanks for the ride. It was such an adventurous and exciting 16 episodes... Though the story has some flaws, I can live with it as the leads give us so much compelling chemistry and visual @Helena Thanks for your post above. Shippers tend to look into details so much that we may overlook the big picture. With so many hints that suggested they are dating, we should just pray that our ship will sail one day. I hope we can hear some good news this year. BTW, I think SYJ is a big troller... It seems she doesn't care about their rumors by posting their BTS photo for Xmas Greetings, yet she's like the one who acts more reserved in the public. And she never initiate "check your DM" (J/K) I wonder if they are having fun trolling us...
  7. @Momo_07 Let's just hope many things can happen in a bit less than 2 hours... If they are in super fast pace... Please spare the last 15-30mins for the happy ending and the twins...
  8. That's so true! JH seems to be out of his character at the beginning of this episode. He seems so gullible and turns to an idiot... Despite my love for the riri couple, I am so confused with what had happened in this episode. Also, why the brother and his wife are still here?? Aren't they suppose to be under investigations or something? Also, where did SJ got the shot gun? Just curious....
  9. He probably needs to take off all his accessories and put on the uniform during the interrogations. He put back on the ring once he gets out of NIS for the hospital. Am still recuperating from tonight’s emotion roller coaster. My fragile heart is also playing tricks on me that I will not get a happy ending that I (we) want. An open ending may be the best we can get... Did you guys see SR is still wearing the ring when she faint?!?! I don’t know, but MY HEART!!! I really don’t care if writer nim writes some lame reasons/ excuses to give us a happy ending. Please just GIVE US A HAPPY ENDING WITH TWIN GIRLS.
  10. I agree. The show and this forum is sort of a haven, and shelter for us comrades to spend some time away from the reality. Given to the current global situation, this is much needed to keep people sane. I read a lot of books about North Korea and memoir from NK defectors, I think all of us know what NK is really like... (at least we get an idea) This is a drama, not a documentary... so just stay cool and ship for JH and SR! Peace
  11. JH cross the border the for SR!! I think that's pretty loud and clear where his heart goes. He can be that "extreme" for SR, I don't think he cares about his own reputation (even his family's), that's why I think SD cried when she learned about the news... she knows that her first love has to come to an end. This is probably the only explanation that she will accept this "new friend" in such a short period. Her feelings for JH is more of an obsession rather than real love.
  12. @LA seems you are not alone. CLOY is so much better... I personally think the chemistry between HB + SYJ tops SongSong by a mile (this is my humble opinion, not trying to compare.) HB+ SYJ just look so good together. @Dana T Agree! SHK's dress code has a lot to improve... probably cos of her character in the drama.
  13. @Ahpheng LOL, I donno why... this line from Stairways to Heaven always makes me laugh. I mean, ever since it showed up in CLOY. It's such a sad sad story, but with the cameo and JM's imitating the scene... I will never see this drama the same. I am so looking forward to their happy ending. Hope it will be as good as SG, if not... at least it will be like Descendants of the Sun.
  14. This is the only resolution for a sad ending that can avoid any ranting/ protests/ angst at TvN on Sunday night For TvN's own security and safety, it's better to give the whole CLOY comrades something they have been wishing for since the first episode.
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