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  1. I would love to see lmh working with original hallyu queen shk. Bcoz he said that she is his ideal type if i remember and really respect her as an actress. The drama will smash international charts with their combined power. I hope when netflix released year end ranking next year, king is in top 10 worldwide. Would love to slap it on haters faces.
  2. I am just laughing at hypocrisy of some people because few weeks back. Only local ratings did matter. Netflix didn't. When king was smashing it. And now same people have excuses for that mediaplay king's flop drama in ratings. ( dont ask the name) suddenly netflix matters to those people. Uff cant wait for year end rankings. I hope it ranks as top most k drama. Hypocrisy runs deep. Also read china has lifted ban on streaming and tv. Maybe king works there big time. The best career decision of his life. Such a classic. Maybe i have issues with the bullying now but he was really good as bad boy. That's why i want him to do full time thriller. Thing is older chinese and Japanese versions were very popular. He had very tough task ahead to make his own version different and popular. Not only he slayed, he completely made his version most popular of all time. Shows how good of an actor he is! Regarding hallyu ban , i am happy for lmh despite my country 's very tense relation with china at present . I just wish him all the best. Because he is most popular there and was face of 20 plus products at ome point.
  3. Is king getting released in china? Seventeen kpop group member releasing chinese version ost?? But i hope it is good for LMh. I m happy as his fan if hallyu ban gets removed
  4. I would love to see lmh in thriller where he acts like sweet man in real but a murderer psychopath at night. He will pull it off and win all awards. Please something like this!
  5. NB posted article of lmh gift room. Wow his room is huge. Having big room in seoul is big deal. Man i know he is private but i want to know his real estate lol. So i can use it in argument
  6. Happy birthday king. Stay blessed and successful. I hope you reach new professional heights and also get more happiness on personal level. You are the reason i got introduced to k drama land. And millions of us had no idea about kdramas and kpop. You brought new gen of fans like us with boys over flowers and now new gen of fans with king. You are hallyu king for a reason. You have earned the title. Stay happy king!
  7. Wow that house with a yard? I wonder if it is lee min ho's? Buying a house in Seoul is huge bcoz most celebs live in apartments. You have to be absolute rich even among A list celebs. I wish he was a show off like some other celebs but he is so private about his earnings( could've mediaplayed him being highest paid ), his real estate. I won't be surprised if he owns 50 to 60 million usd in real estate. Even newbies own buildings these days. And lmh earning potential surpass local stars bcoz of his pan asian success and money he has earned from deals. Look at real estate owned by hallyu queens like jjh or shk. Lmh even surpass their endrosement deals overall. As hallyu overall top celeb . He is so humble. But i wish he releases articles lol.
  8. And mind you, lmh is of facebook generation. Most people of his era peaked during facebook followers but lmh successfully transitioning to insta followers and new batch of drama fans. Bof brought new k drama fans. King has brought him now new gen of drama fans. We were teens then and now adults. And new gen of teens are his fans now. What a king! Most moveon to new actors with new gen but LMH is such an exception that no one can replace him as hallyu king from his gen or new gen.
  9. ^^^See we have agree to disagree.you are not getting my point. He is still newbie in korean movie land. That is what i am saying. I am sure if he goes full out, he will dominate there too. He barely focused on movie career. But now i think he will and most top korean movies are esemble with many leads. Thats it^^ i want him to succeed there. I will be more than happy if he gets big movie roles to play and lead movies. That is my wish as a fan. I just want the best for him. And shut some people up lol
  10. I know very well lmh is self made superstar, thing is he needs to build movie resume and i know he will. If he goes full out. He needs to sign many of them now. The actors i mentioned are top movie stars for decades selling tens of millions of tickets per movie. Working with them will only help his movie career in movie land. Key word is movie career here. Ofcourse he doesnt need anyone but working with thrm is going to benefit him as movie star. He has done just one korean movie so far which must be his own personal decision bcoz dramas brought him more money and brands. He is still a newbie in movie land with whole career ahead there. Movie career is more long compared to dramas. Mutual benefit like @Heretorant said. He will bring overseas success whereas it will boast his reputation as movie actor in korea. They can co lead.
  11. Lol. Don't take me wrong. I just want him to get success in movie land. Playing strong character based role even it is second lead is nothing wrong. If it helps his brand as movie star. But i agree i doubt he will lol. Like go hyun jung in queen seondeok or something she walked away as the ultimate winner. Better if he leads a movie with senior actor in equal footing. That is better way to describe. Working with movie stars like song kang ho etc will be great opportunity in movie land imo.
  12. Guys you know , if lee min ho has to play second lead with senior actors like song kang ho or lee byung hun, i dont mind it at all. It will help his movie resume to build ,working with acclaimed movie stars, directors and built a reputation in movie land and his connections in movie industry. His overseas power will make sure producers make profit from overseas. He just needs some right movies under his built. . With k movies going global , though still less than drama, his popularity overseas can help korean movies expand even more. King was 32 billion won but made profit pre airing only because of lmh. And rumors inside say, he got paid 300 usd won over per episode or 4.8 million usd for whole season , but he will never mediaplay him being highest paid. We all know how private he is with his money and investments. I wont be surprised if some day his real estate gets revealed, bcoz i m sure he must have bought a lot of buildings already . But i love how humble he is with his money and never show off. And dont be surprised if netflix is already wooing him after king's success. Cant wait fir year end ranking. It is either king or cloy which will end as number one k drama on netflix this year which is huge. And netflix has more reach than bof or heirs, mega smashes overseas. I wonder if hallyu ban gets removed , he will be back in china bcoz he was once watched by billion chinese on tv and they r not going to forgot him lol.
  13. Hey guy hwz u all. I m recovered now. Will try to catch the last 5 or 6 episodes. Soon I am happy for lmh with international success of drama. But now i want him to focus on movie land and get some movie in his name. Even if he has to do second lead, i don't mind.. at age of 33 song kang ho, legendary movie actor actually started his career as top main lead. And lmh has aleady topped it for 12 years. At 33 he has already got a legendary career. When most people start having success. I want him to get a mega successful project in korea . His international fanbase showed their power making king such a smash overseas. But in the end, i want his work to get more recognition in his own country. If he has to invest his own money, he can afford to. He is with big company now. I hope they give him strong script. A thriller or full on action movie or drama which gets love by the korean gp. He deserves it. He gave it all for king but didn't get same recognition that he deserved in korea. I just want him to do serious damage with his work in korea next time. Lets support his choices and future work. Personally i don't want him to work with idols like yoona suzy iu types. I want him to work with good actresses like kim go eun or seniors. Kim dami Park bo young Han so hee. Well she match his visuals and got talent. Song hye kyo who is his ideal type and 2 hallyu stars need to work for lord sake. Son ye jin again. Love them Jun ji hyun. Well she is my bias lol Kim tae ri Park so dam. Moon chae won. It is best he works with actually acclaimed co stars.
  14. Boys over flowers ranked 22 worldwide on netflix. You know how huge it is? Only old drama which ranked higher i think is friends which is worldwide classic. Language barrier still bof barely missed top 20. 11 years since it aired. It is biggest hallyu hit of all time. I m glad king is loved worldwide. If not in korea. The first few weeks , the direction and story was slow which ruined the momentum in korea and people never gave it chance again. Poor actors not their fault. Drama picked up by end of third week, but there was so much negativity. There are many who are celebrating it. I am sure lmh will bounce back. I hope he picks a strong script, not just the writer and also start exploring movie land. He is rich enough to produce a movie on his own. There is an industry insider who gave me some info before about some celebs and it came right. She revealed that LMH is not into media play and he is highest paid drama actor without letting million articles getting out. She said he got paid 300k usd per episode. That is 4.8 million usd for season. He got paid so much because of high distribution he brought for king. Despite not working in korea, drama recovered the budget because of his name. I wish he mediaplayed too. Lmh will keep getting big salary bcoz he brings profit despite the ratings. But i hope he doesn't relax after king and sign some good script and get a blockbuster. Some low lives r running their mouths too much. Which makes me sad.
  15. Hi there, just want to wish you all the best. Please take a great of yourself. You can fight it off. It's King's order. 

    Lots of love sent virtually 

    1. Deepakmahajan


      Thanku so much. Pls stay safe as well. And we all will pass through 

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