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  1. Episode 9 for me is all about women power. Dan started it by convincing Ri’s father to kidnap Seri on the obvious pretence that Seri pose a danger to their family and naturally because she and Ri are engaged. The senior colonel and Ri’s father are powerful men but they bowed down to their wives. After Ri’s successful gamble of spreading rumours about his parentage, the senior colonel wife’s berated his husband which subsequently led to Ri being released. Ri’s mother on the other hand after seeing the sincerity of Seri’s love towards his son, she transferred Seri to a proper room, fed her and talked to her like a person. She also basically overruled her husband by showing Seri to Ri. Their genuine feeling for each other and Seri telling Ri he should apologize to his father definitely earned Seri brownie points. 
    The conniving colonel and director thought they could one up Ri’s father but they ended up empty handed. Problem is the colonel will never stop bringing down Ri due to his humiliation. 
    Seri’s mother outwardly disapproves of Seri but inside she loves her daughter. Proof is her stopping both daughter’s in law from taking anything in the house. The picture of her taken by Seri will definitely melt away her heart.

    So I was wrong in my prediction that Ri will find the watch dropped by Seri. It ended up with the Rat after being found by his son. Something is nagging me about that watch. Why is the colonel actively looking for it? Was Ri’s brother killed in a different place from the official report and the presence of the watch will prove it? 
    Not shipping Gu and Dan but they look good together.
    No work for me today so I will binge watch the remaining 3 episodes. Lastly that was a nice epilogue, Seri arranging the books to read i love you. 

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  2. Finally finished episode 8 after almost 12 hours. I was busy in the office, it was standing room in the train and at home my daughter was saying daddy I want this, daddy I want that lol. I found Captain Ri going to the villa quite predictable but in the process of finding it he did show he also had contacts who can assist him. Seri was trying hard to convince Ri that Gu is the only one who can help her return to South Korea and that nothing can come between the two of them but her actions spoke louder than words. I was wondering how Seri was able to get out of the villa using the car because I clearly recall it had a gate that was guarded. Don’t tell me the gate was open at night?!?!?! Anyway back to the story. I made a bet with myself that they will kiss in the school but I was wrong. Seri really wants to protect Ri and trying her best not to show affection. The corrupt colonel is really increasing the stakes now. He is not just targeting Ri but his father as well. I’m glad he showed his true colors to Gu. Serves Gu right. He thought he was cunning but he’s nothing compared to the colonel. Not sure if he will discover that Seri has pawned the ring he gave. Probably not because Seri was kidnapped in the end. I predict Seri dropped the box containing the watch and Ri will found it and wonder where it came from. I’m sure this watch will play a part in proving the colonel was responsible for the death of Ri’s brother. The most emotional part of the episode was definitely the gunshot after Seri said i love you. She’s obviously alive but Ri doesn’t know it yet. I’m interested in how the conversation between Ri and his father will play out. Will the father understand Ri’s love or still value his political position over his son’s happiness?

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  3. 19 minutes ago, GuppyFish said:


    If I recall correctly, IU was going forward in time in You and I. 
    @JosephLim and others, please correct me if I remembered it wrong. 


    All, I am really happy to say that IU is #49 on the 100 Most Beautiful Woman of 2019!!



    I somehow missed seeing IU was in the list. Surely her starring in Hotel Del Luna and her various dresses there contributed. She was like a barbie in that drama. 

  4. Finished the second half of episode 7 in the train and it was even better than the first half. The corrupt colonel thought he can put Ri behind bars to cover up for his illegal truck unit but good thing Ri’s father made a timely arrival. I’m getting irritated with Dan’s mother because she is obviously a social climber. I expect some sort of retribution from Dan because the rabbit is out of the basket with Ri admitting he likes Seri. I especially liked the parallelism of Dan and Gu with both of them using the threat of Ri dying for their own benefit, Gu to get Seri back and keep the money of course and Dan to keep Ri. My favorite part of the episode was when Seri decided to give life another chance after hearing Ri play the piano. Ri inadvertently saved a life after playing a piece dedicated to his recently deceased brother.

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  5. My favorite IU song is You and I. I’ve listened to both the korean and japanese version. Personally I like the korean version but IU with curly hair is quite cute in the japanese version. I do have a question which hopefully someone can answer. I know time travel is involved in the MTV but was IU going backward or forward in time? Thanks in advance.

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  6. Work is getting in the way of me watching. About a third of the through episode 7 and the first part is quite cliche. Boy saves girl, boy is hurt, girl saves boy, boy gets angry at girl, girl runs away, boy discovers the truth and they kiss and make-up afterwards. But mind you I'm not complaining because there is only so many ways to prevent Seri from making her flight and making her and Ri closer. My toilet breaks are becoming viewing session lol. I was laughing when the village elders were giving Dan and her mother a tour of the apartment. Those elders are devious because they accepted the gifts but doing their hardest in a naive way to discouraged them from the apartment. 

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  7. I felt episode 6 was a bit slow compared to the previous episodes but the last chase scene proved me wrong. I’m really hating the corrupt colonel and Seri’s 2nd brother even more. The colonel will do anything for money while the brother for power and ultimately also money. Looks like Seri’s lost the first battle of the ‘fiancees’. I reckon they will have another confrontation in the future and Seri will make it even. I thought Captain Ri will give Seri a goodbye hug but in a twist of faith it was Seri hugging Captain Ri after he was shot. I don’t think Seri will make it to the airport because she will insist on having Captain Ri’s injury looked into. A lot of factors are working against Captain Ri and Seri: the colonel, Dan and Seri’s ex fiancé. Who will be their saving grace? I’ll take a short break then watch an episode or three before sleeping. 

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  8. Up to episode 5 now and am confused with the family of Captain Ri’s fiancee. Why is the general called uncle? Is he not the father? I wonder what is the importance of the watch of Captain Ri’s brother? I’m sure Captain Ri will buy back the watch that Seri pawned. The person called Rat must be having his conscience ripped open because he was a factor in the death of Captain Ri’s older brother yet was saved by him and Seri saved his son from bullying but he is passing information to the bad guy. 
    Another sweet episode with their impromptu date outside the train and Seri asking if they can have a picture together. The best epilogue too with Seri saying she would never wait on someone and yet she’s doing exactly that. 

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  9. Episode 4 now and it just keeps getting better. A lot of sweet moments: the bicycle ride, the sideward glances during the clam party, the homemade coffee and the scented candle at the end. I expect a few drama in the next episode with the captain’s real fiancee making an appearance and the evil officer finding out the truth about department 11. 
    I believe the captain still remembers Seri from their Switzerland  encounter and I wonder if his fiancee also remembers Seri? I’m sure the captain deliberately asked for their picture to be taken because he knows Seri is planning to end her life. 

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  10. On 2/2/2020 at 3:53 AM, bluehibiscus said:


    I loved Ashes of Love when it was airing, waiting eagerly for each new episode but I still find the premise of why JM could kill XF a bit flawed. I also didn’t enjoy the episodes that focus mostly on RY. I’ve since moved on to other dramas so the details are not as fresh in my memory anymore. Did you watch the behind-the-scene clips? They are really good though I’m not sure if there are Eng subs.


    By the way, I’m not sure if you’ve realised it but clicking on the little heart in the corner of each post allows you to express your reaction to that particular post. This also helps to increase the points of the poster which can’t be redeemed for anything; they are purely for fun.

    Same here. I know Runyu has been scheming for a long time but hard to believe almost the whole court at the time of the wedding was behind him.

    JinMi stabbing Xufeng from behind and subsequently using her power to pull out the dagger from his heart was probably the most highlighted scene in the drama as it was shown no less than 5 or 6 times in subsequent episodes.

    I have seen a few behind the scenes but sadly almost no English so could not understand them.

    Yap i’ve noticed the heart thing and just gave you one. ❤️

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  11. 5 hours ago, kokodus said:

    Oh I love those last 10 eps or so after he becomes the demon king. Those were really paniful to watch. But it's a good kind of pain. Haha. It's difficult to turn around a situation like that. She literally killed him. By stabbing him in the back. Not even in the front. LOL. But still he couldn't let her go. He tries to hurt her in so many ways, but each time he is the one who gets hurt badly. Arghhh man, I want to rewatch this show now for the millionth time because of you. LOL. You revived all the beautiful memories of this show. 

    I could extend my must watch episodes from 58-63. 58 was when JinMi overheard Runyu and Suihe talking about the truth behind Xufeng’s resurrection. JinMi had a LOT of things to say and the word love was being thrown around in different context, all of them meaningful and some outright painful. It was among my favorite Yang Zi acting moments in the whole drama. 

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  12. 27 minutes ago, kokodus said:

    You are basically me. Although the hate comments for Runyu in the later eps were so hilarious. They called him all kinds of names. LOL. I disliked Runyu from the becoming. There were some people who blamed Xufeng for sleeping with the girl engaged to his brother. I see their point. But he manipulated his way to get engaged to her. He already knew Xufeng loved her, Jinmi doesn't understand what love is at that time, but Runyu very well knew it. Runyu was the one who broke the bro code first. I also think he never loved Jinmi. He only wanted to use her to get to Xufeng. But what I like about this drama is that eventhough RunYu did all this horrible things to everyone, he had a damn good reason. His entire family is destroyed by the heavenly emperor and empress. Xufeng is at fault too, he is a very good son, but he turned a blind eye to their parents wrongdoings. Runyu is not an evil person per se. He was blinded by the need to get revenge. I can even forgive him for doing all those things to everyone because they all deserved it, including Xufeng. But what he did to Jinmi is unforgivable. She was not related to any of this. She is a child. He should not have included her in his revenge plan. The actor who played RunYu had done an amazing job, I must say.

    I agree with everything you said especially the actor playing Runyu. But viewers should differentiate real from reel because hate the character but not the actor. Sadly many fans do not know how to differentiate. On a side note I never get tried rewatching episodes 60-63. 

  13. I have a lot of catching up to do as I’m just at episode 2. I guess part of the charm of this drama for me is the seemingly unlikeliness (that is bordering on impossibility) of the story happening in real life. This is also different from other k dramas I’ve watched that after the ending credits there is an epilogue of a previous or past event. The epilogue for episode 2 is quite interesting as they don’t know they where in the same place before.  I’m raring to watch episode 3 but wifey is watching another k drama which I don’t really like much. 

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  14. Finally had the time to watch episode 1 and I’m hooked already. I like the typical fast pace of k dramas and multiple storylines. The leading lady is quite elegant and also pretty and I always like how they keep the viewers hanging whenever an episodes ends, in this case the captain saving the heiress from being hit by the truck and in so doing seeing him more clearly for the first time. 

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  15. 6 hours ago, kokodus said:

    You can subscribe to Viki by paying a certain amount, you can also watch it for free, but the difference is that you will not have to sit through ads if you pay for the subscription. Certain dramas are restricted in certain regions. It's exactly like Netflix. Both the above dramas you mentioned are available in my region. Go Go squid is her most recent drama, I heard it's quite good. 

    Checked out Viki and I was laughing at some of the timed comments. The minimal monthly fee is worth it because those interspersed ads break the flow of watching.  

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  16. 3 hours ago, mouse007 said:




    I am fiercely loyal to those I love.


    Next person - has a round face 

    Not really sure if I have a round face so I'll classify it as FALSE.


    Next person loves to travel.

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  17. 15 hours ago, kokodus said:

    But there were shippers for Mo Yuan and Bai Qian too. But I can't see them as anything else beyond teacher-student. 


    I know it's hard to get over Xu Feng/Jin mi's amazing chemistry. Never gets bored even after rewatching a million times. Try rewatching in Viki with timed comments on, people there were hilarious. Viki also has better subs. 

    Hi @kokodus You mentioned rewatching in Viki. Is that a free site? I’ve been looking for a couple of Yang Zi dramas not in Netflix. Are Destiny of the White Snake and Noble Aspirations there?

  18. 5 hours ago, starry58 said:

    @Bojun Welcome to the club! I was late for the party as well, but earlier than you. LOL! I really thank Netflix for introducing me to this drama. It was such a gem to watch. And even if I have watched it multiple times too, not including my fave scenes only, I still can't over it until now. Hehe. If only they can have another drama in the future, who knows... 

    Same here we discovered Ashes of Love thru Netflix. I’ve been downloading my favorite episodes for future rewatching hehe. Funny I somehow missed their first ‘kiss’ in episode 6 when JinMi tricked Xufeng and gave him a kiss to feed him ganoderma. 

  19. My one and only favorite k pop artist. Saw her first in the very first k drama I’ve watched (Hotel del Luna). Not just a good actress but a fantastic singer. Looking forward to her next drama.

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