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  1. The last two eps were not too bad but choosing between the two, I liked ep 15 a lot better. The finale was a bit underwhelming for me. Once again the scenes between Seo Dan-ah and Lee Young-hwa were beautifully executed especially when Seo Dan-ah cried. The scenes between Ki Seon-gyeom and Oh Mi-joo are shallow and cheesy at times. I expected more when Ki Seon-gyeom said I Love You to Oh Mi-joo but what did we get, a comedic scene after the declaration of love. They have already done the deed but they are too playful like teenagers. No denying they did a good job of closing out all the loose ends in the finale but that is the problem, too many side issues instead of concentrating on the leads. KSG's parents reuniting after a divorce? Not impossible in real life but come on after all the things he did to the family!!! Also what happened to Seo Dan-ah's arrogant half brother? 

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  2. Watched eps 13 and 14 and they were a mixed bag. They kept teasing us with Ki Seon-gyeom and Oh Mi-joo's paths crossing in ep 13 but there was too many side events that are just distractions for me. Don't get me wrong but is Lee Young-hwa's bestfriend gay? His love story with Seo Dan-ah with all the drama is fine with me but having a third wheel (of the same sex) is a bit of a stretch. The back hug scene was nice but would have been better if both of them cried instead of just Ki Seon-gyeom. I'm sure both of them missed each other equally. Finally a passionate kiss between the two leads. Funny that it was Oh Mi-joo would suggested they kiss first and  Ki Seon-gyeom was teasing her about eating ramyeon first. No doubt something happened between the two behind the closed door. But despite this IMO the scenes between Seo Dan-ah and Lee Young-hwa were better and cuter. I didn't quite get the last scene at the finish line. Did a young Mi-joo meet a young Ki Seon-gyeom?

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  3. I was expecting a more drawn out fight scene in the finale but it ending up being just the opening act as the finale was all about tying up loose ends. Finally So Mun meets his long lost parents, Ha-na has found peace and Mo-tak has found justice. Happy that they reached their highest rating ever and am looking forward to season 2. Going to be interesting who their nemesis is going to be considering they already fought a level 4.

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  4. Just watched ep 15 and I'm surprised the rating went below 9%. I guess people want more action and admittedly there were a few hiccups. It was a very bad decision for the counters to separate, knowing that the evil spirit can transfer between the mayor and his son. Considering it is unlikely something will happen between So Mun and Ha-na, the writers should not have included the scene when Mo-tak was teasing the two. The moment when So Mun's eyes glowed blue after absorbing the second Yung spirit was cool. I hope the final episode is really good because I'm hoping they can beat their highest rating.

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  5. I'm not really a fan of the Seo Dan-ah and Lee Young-hwa loveteam but there's no denying their kissing scene was a lot better than the bench kissing scene of Ki Seon-gyeom and Oh Mi-joo. The tension was building up so I knew something would happen and the way that the girl took the lead was nicely executed. It somehow reminded me of the Man-wol - Chan-sung kiss in the forbidden room. 

    Finally something different in ep 12, Oh Mi-joo crying. Honestly I was a bit disappointed that Oh Mi-joo wanted to break-up with Ki Seon-gyeom after being confronted by his father. Weren't they talking about not leaving each other after watching the movie? I understand she has to value herself above everything but on the same token if you love someone then you must be prepared to fight for him or her. The trailer looks promising though and back hugs are always nice. I just hope it doesn't turn out to be another dramatic scene!!!

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  6. This drama is really a very slow burn romance. In most of the kdramas I've watched usually the lead couples start dating or become more sweet to each other around eps 8 to 9. I really like the sweet kiss in the bench between Ki Seon-gyeom and Mi-joo but it wasn't enough. I wanted to bump their heads together when they obviously want to hold each others hands but didn't do so. Anyway there are 6 eps left and hopefully they have a more passionate moment.

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  7. Binged watched the drama in 2 days during the weekend and while not the best drama it was definitely still worth watching. I'm not Korean so I wasn't aware of the "13 years age difference". Honestly it did not bother me at all as the two leads had very good chemistry.  It was also my first time seeing Moon Ga-young and I found her acting good. It also didn't hurt that she looks like another actress that I like. 

    I liked the overall story but after the director stalker arc the story went a bit downhill for me. It was one villain too many. They could have ended the drama after the director was caught but instead we had to have the original bad guy, Moon Sung-ho and the reporter who took the pictures for the director. The Moon Sung-ho arc was still okay but the scandal exposed by the reporter was a bit far-fetched. We don't even know what happened to him after the two years time lapse. 

    The final episode was a bit tame compared to the final episodes of other dramas I've watched but that last kissing scene was the best and very sweet. 

    I immediately looked up Moon Ga-young and found out she has another drama, True Beauty. I hope they make this available in Netflix soon. 

  8. Finished watching episodes 7 and 8 and it was an emotional roller coaster. Among the many kdramas I've watched the turning point usually occurs around ep 8 wherein the leads either kiss or do something sweet. Dal Mi kissing Nam Do on ep 7 came as a surprise and sorry for saying this but I was personally disappointed. I understand the actor playing Nam Do is the lead male but I find the character he is playing a bit childish for Nam Do. Dal Mi telling her grandmother that she still likes the Nam Do from 15 years ago IMHO is just the writer's way of giving us viewers false hope that maybe just maybe Dal Mi would still end up with HJP. But don't get me wrong I'm still crossing my fingers that it will be the case. Looking forward to the next half of the drama.

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  9. 1 hour ago, I love dramas said:

    Guys I am enjoying reading your comments here. Thank you for answering my questions. Everyone has their own point of view and I like reading it.

    I noticed it from ep. 2 that xufeng keep avoiding suihe. Is there any reason for these? He doesn’t show affection to her when she bake him cookies .

    While Suihe is also beautiful, Xufeng only considers her like a cousin. 

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  10. Just finished the drama and the ending was not actually as bad as I thought it would be because of Seon-mi's death. I like the open-ended ending and even thought I doubt there will be a part 2, as least the drama ended on a positive note.

    One thing I liked was when Son Oh-gong and the Demon King were discussing a "hotel for spirits" while overlooking the river were the black dragon was killed. Is this just coincidence or they were actually alluding to Hotel del Luna which was also written by the Hong sisters?

  11. Up to episode 17 now and I hope this has a happy ending. I'm liking the drama very much and this is the first drama with Oh Yeon-seo that I've watched and she has captivating eyes and dimples and quite pretty as well. Lee Se-young is also quite versatile, from the sweet and shy Richie to the evil and calculating Ah Sanyeo. Lee Seung-gi is always good and I noticed he is usually paired with a gorgeous lady. 

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  12. On 5/2/2020 at 2:52 PM, GhostChilli said:

    You will know more why he lived there as you watch more episodes :lol: In terms of style though, I like her style more in WWWSK but then again PMY looks great on whatever she wears!

    Finished watching and you're right the explanation on why Eun-gi was living in the house was plausible. He was still pathetic though during his confession of love to Deok-mi. Over-all the drama was okay but it felt rushed during the last two episodes especially about the younger brother who died. Among the 3 dramas with Park Min-young that I have watched this had the weakest ending and the weakest chemistry with the leading man.

  13. Started watching the other day and up to episode 5 now. As usual I'm loving Park Min-young and her romance with the leading guy is still fake at this stage in the drama but there is definitely chemistry between them. I also love the different styles of dress she is wearing every episode. The only thing I don't really like is the third wheel. Come on I understand he is supposed to play a role but he should be more appealing to say the least and really he is actually living in Deok-mi's parent's house? That idea is a bit of a stretch for me. Anyway I will binge watch this weekend. 

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  14. After watching Healer and What Is Wrong With Secretary Kim, Park Min-young is now officially my new k-drama crush. I will not post who the previous one is but she does have Park in her name too. Lol!!! I started Her Private Life yesterday and find it quite funny. I wonder if her romance scenes here are like the ones in What Is Wrong With Secretary Kim?

  15. Finished watching this two days ago after a marathon run spanning three days. Honestly the lead male was quite irritating for most of the series with his over the top narcissist attitude. I know he is just acting his part but still I would have enjoyed the series more had it been toned down. Anyway I watched this because of my crush, Park Min-young. The role was made for her and I could not imagine any other actress doing the part. Her short hair in Healer was cute and her scenes with the red dress was very nice but nothing compared to her outfits in this one. Her long hair was also heavenly and I now understand why many people are saying she is the queen of romance scenes. I find many korean romance (i.e. kissing) scenes boring but there was nothing boring with the romance scenes here. This is my second drama with Park Min-young and I just checked Netflix and there is six shows starring her so I will watch them all.

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  16. Finished watching this k-drama the other week and this is now my favorite action k-drama. It used to be Vagabond but I like the overall story of Healer and the chemistry between Ji Chang-wook as Healer and Park Min-young as Ji-an was unbelievably strong. Park Min-young is now my k-drama crush and I will look for more shows starring her. She has an angelic face and her romance scenes are heads and shoulders better than most korean ladies I've seen so far.

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  17. Found this gem of a drama the other day and just watched the last episode earlier and what a cliffhanger it was. But I'm still wondering how Lee Hye-yeong was able to enter the venue when he did not have any invitation. I hope season 2 is released later this year and without saying too much I will really be disappointed if Kim Jojo does not end up with Sun-oh. 

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  18. I've watched the movie version and about 2/3 into the TV version. The movie version had a more appealing Weiwei for me but was meh overall. The TV version has a better and more rounded story but in my opinion the chemistry between the two leads is lacking.

    I skipped a lot of scenes in the last two episodes as they are getting too cheesy. I'm surprised why they changed the demo presentation arc in the movie. I prefer the way they found a way around the malicious problem in the TV version versus the way they were cheated in the movie version. 

    This is my personal opinion but I cringe a bit every time they say Weiwei is very beautiful as most of the time it is over the top. The actress playing her is not bad looking but I find the actress playing Zhao Erxi more appealing. Even the actresses playing Meng Yiran and Yu Yao are as least at par if not slightly more appealing than the lead actress. 

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  19. @frozentundra Yes the recording is basically useless because Han Cheol Ho committed suicide. I agree a sequel would be too much. On a side note I watched I Am Not a Robot before W Two Worlds. I'm not based in Korea and have only started watching kdramas late last year so I jump years, both backward and forward, when looking for dramas I like. By the way what was the W clip in I Am Not  a Robot about?

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