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  1. Watched ep 14 and 15 yesterday and that kissing scene on ep 14 was like WOW!!! It is really different when it is the lady who takes the lead and that was a long kiss (I timed it at just under 90 seconds). Seriously these "set-ups" are getting ridiculous!!! Vincenzo didn't even touch the guy who fell (or more correctly pushed) to his death and after a short time the corrupt police are already there. I'll watch ep 16 later after work.
  2. Watched the last episode and it was definitely a bittersweet and personally not a very satisfying ending. Han Tae-sul sacrificed himself thinking that would end the cycle but ultimately it was in vain. I knew the ending was going to be sort of open ended when Sigma died early on in the episode and what a serious logic defying sequence of events it was. So Han Tae-sul and Seo-hae were saved by another versions of them. You would think who came first? The present pair (trapped in the church) only decided to go to the uploader in the basement after that version of them travelled back in time to s
  3. Just finished ep 15 and IMHO it wasn't that bad to warrant the series' lowest rating so far. I did find some inconsistencies and annoying scenes. Really Sigma survived for 2 months in his studio because he covered all openings, thus avoiding the nuclear fallout. Everything around his studio was gone so where did he get the water to drink. Would have been more realistic had he been trapped somewhere underground with lots of stored food and water. The scene in the basement between Han Tae-sul and Sigma just dragged on and on and Han Tae-sul just keeps on shooting at nothing. The only
  4. I haven't watched episode 15 but that was a massive drop in ratings. I wonder what the audience didn't like. I will watch it in the train on the way home.
  5. Watched episodes 13 and 14 and the gunfight in episode 13 when Seo-hae and her father were going to the underground train station of Achasan was quite intense and definitely the best action sequence of the drama so far. Han Tae-sul's gamble of asking for help by writing in the wall of the school room was a hail mary gamble but it worked. Not much back story was shared on Han Tae-sul's bodyguard and did he die in the present time or just phased back to the future. Sigma's future stronghold is a prefect example of wanton excess. Most of the country has been left barren by the nuclear war and hav
  6. Finished ep 12 and so far it is my most disliked episode. I am not against characters saying they will kill everyone but if it is a child saying it then that is something else. Sigma is really a sick character and I reckon the young Sigma is even more sick. So he is actually a psychic of some sort, his drawings have a way of coming true. Granted his father was beating him frequently, why did he have to include his grandmother and dog in the fire caused by the explosion. He is a madman trying to kill Han Tae-sul because Han Tae-sul pushed him to the ground when they were kids. I wouldn't blame
  7. Episode 11 was a bit boring at times with those long winded dialogues but it had important events too. So Sigma had something to do with President Park's wife and daughter and he even called him 101(?). Is that President Park's number with the Control Bureau. I really can't wait to see Sigma's world to come crumbling around him. He is too arrogant and feels he will not make any mistake. He told the head of the Control Bureau that Han Tae-sul has been taken care of. I suspect he is someone from Tae-sul's past and he approved of the future Seo-jin sending Tae-sul into Seo-hae's timeline because
  8. Finished ep 10 and while the drama is getting clearer and clearer with new revelations, it also raises more questions. I suspect something happened between Hwang Hyun-seung's and one of these "illegal immigrants" that makes him want to catch them all and make them suffer. Maybe he blames his wife's cancer on Sigma or maybe even Sigma did not give him a promised cure? He probably knows that Kang Dong-ki is snooping around that he sends someone to try and capture or even kill (?) him. The fight between the Control Bureau and time travelers was quite brutal. It was literally kill or be killed!!!
  9. Just finished ep 9 and regardless of the actual ratings this is my favorite so far. Park Shin Hye is really a good actress. I mean look at Kang Seo-hae’s face when she was in the amusement park. Her face really looked happy and amazed. I like the phasing effect when her future self almost came in contact with her present self. Also Han Tae-sul finding out Kang Seo-hae’s favorite ice cream flavor from her younger self. We finally saw the initial missile attack from Seo-hae’s memory. The attack that led to the nuclear plant explosion that killed millions of people. I’m not a military expert b
  10. Just finished ep 8 and I was bored with the first half because it looked like a filler episode showing how Sigma got rich and how he got the Chairman involved in his evil plans. Admittedly the actor playing Sigma was good because I really hated him with his actions. From hitting the unsuspecting guy in the head when he just arrived in the future, to his no manners way of eating and finally to having his previous fund manager underling killed. They will probably show the argument between the two that made the fund manager want to contact Han Tae-sul. My most hated part of the episode is when Su
  11. Finished ep 7 and it was a mixed bag. I wasnt satisfied with ep 6 because there was a lot of unexplained things but I should have expected the korean style of explaining things on the next episode. The Good - I was wondering where that cup that fell to the floor of Han Tae-sul’s house came from and I thought Kang Seo-hae managed to enter undetected and left the EMP and the ‘wedding’ picture. Turns out they were teleported there by the brokers with Kang Seo-hae’s ‘persuasion’. One of the cooler use of the encoder if you ask me. We finally found out the contents of the safe and found out t
  12. Just finished eps 5 and 6 and the story is getting muddled a bit. There seem to be a couple of paradoxes here: the first is when Han Tae-sul gave the diary to Kang Seo-hae and the second bigger one is what looks like the future Han Tae-sul almost being seen by his present day (albeit 19 years ago) brother Han Tae-san. So the war they have been mentioning was a nuclear attack from North Korea!!! We saw a bit more of the future world when Kang Seo-hae and her father was attacked by another group in what looks like a supermarket. A thing of note is the appearance of Han Tae-sul in the cover of th
  13. Up to episode 4 now and the action has definitely tapered off compared to the first 2 episodes. So I was wrong in my earlier post that Han Tae-sul developed a power source. I guess the company name, Quantum & Time, is a big clue. Quantum teleportation!!! That explains why some of the time travelers are arriving with deformed body parts or missing parts that reforms after some real time delay. So these brokers are actually early time travelers that have managed to integrate themselves in Korean society and have so far escaped capture by the Control Bureau. In the book The World Without Us b
  14. I was planning to let the drama finish before watching it but my Netflix keeps on suggesting it to me so I gave in. Two episodes in and my curiosity is really piqued. Science fiction is my favorite genre and Park Shin Hye is my favorite kdrama actress after all. The first two episodes reminded me of elements of two Arnold Schwarzenegger movies, Terminator and Total Recall. Here is my idea of the story so far. Han Tae-sul developed an energy source that probably either made the future world barren (Kang Seo-hae's father did say there are real fruits there so eat whatever you like) or was used b
  15. The last two eps were not too bad but choosing between the two, I liked ep 15 a lot better. The finale was a bit underwhelming for me. Once again the scenes between Seo Dan-ah and Lee Young-hwa were beautifully executed especially when Seo Dan-ah cried. The scenes between Ki Seon-gyeom and Oh Mi-joo are shallow and cheesy at times. I expected more when Ki Seon-gyeom said I Love You to Oh Mi-joo but what did we get, a comedic scene after the declaration of love. They have already done the deed but they are too playful like teenagers. No denying they did a good job of closing out all the loose e
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