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  1. Depending on how the last 4 episodes turn out, this drama might just become my all time favorite. Probably nothing will happen between So Mun and Do Ha-na but seriously they look cute together.
  2. Watched The Call and liked Park Shin Hye's performance. Didn't liked the ending though.
  3. Binged watched the drama in 2 days during the weekend and while not the best drama it was definitely still worth watching. I'm not Korean so I wasn't aware of the "13 years age difference". Honestly it did not bother me at all as the two leads had very good chemistry. It was also my first time seeing Moon Ga-young and I found her acting good. It also didn't hurt that she looks like another actress that I like. I liked the overall story but after the director stalker arc the story went a bit downhill for me. It was one villain too many. They could have ended the drama after the director
  4. Finished watching episodes 7 and 8 and it was an emotional roller coaster. Among the many kdramas I've watched the turning point usually occurs around ep 8 wherein the leads either kiss or do something sweet. Dal Mi kissing Nam Do on ep 7 came as a surprise and sorry for saying this but I was personally disappointed. I understand the actor playing Nam Do is the lead male but I find the character he is playing a bit childish for Nam Do. Dal Mi telling her grandmother that she still likes the Nam Do from 15 years ago IMHO is just the writer's way of giving us viewers false hope that maybe just m
  5. I have missed Bae Suzy since Vagabond and am very happy she has a new kdrama. I'm currently at episode 2 and looks like there is going to be a love triangle. Just a quick question, who will Seo Da Mi actually end up with? Nam Do San or Han Ji-Pyeong?
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