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  1. @Eery2 Do u thing JX company and the whole circle of celebrities knows that R&V together already? The same about what’s going on in the c-entertainment world has news and gossips that were distributed to the general public. These celebrities have within their own circle their own gossips and news that just didn’t get leaked out to the public news yet but they just knows about it.
  2. Do other actors or actresses saying the same thing they say for CNY idioms? https://www.instagram.com/p/CK87J8Tph4e/?igshid=flgobs1i2wc9
  3. Guys, so much sugar I may have to go to the dentist to check on my teeth and go see my doctor to check my blood sugar. https://www.instagram.com/p/CK71uSlpSll/?igshid=1mglaiupkwc0z
  4. This is cute http://weibointl.api.weibo.com/share/200433673.html?weibo_id=4599804481766389 This is another coincidence? https://www.instagram.com/p/CKv8-UDlRQJ/?igshid=nwyqxv2b0hjm
  5. @Eery2 @DijunXiaoBai me three guys! i always come and check this forum. Please continue share the sugars to us. I get confused with fb, Weibo, instagram using those eng translation. Those 2 has been so busy lately I wonder if they ever have good quality time together I heard R will start new series soon in Feb 13. After CNY, before Valentine’s Day.
  6. @Fong Gosh ... thank you for sharing and that was awesome for this Hyun Bun and Son Ye-Jin CP. I can wait for R&V one day. Ok Patient patient patient......
  7. @mishaal Thank you for the video. She is very pretty like an Arabian princess Wishing R and V are singing together. Oh well... I do hope they can celebrate together after R finished her performance. Do you know where she is when she perform this?
  8. @Eery2 Don’t know if you know but your photos didn’t show up recently when you post photos. I refreshed many time’s but still missing.
  9. Hello Guys! I would like to wish you Happy New Year. Something is bothering me about R’s interview in this link about traveling alone and she mentions being alone as well. Let me what you think? Link for intl. Weibo -http://weibointl.api.weibo.com/share/193187643.html?weibo_id=4588273006290137 Is this a trick in C-Entertainment industry for artist or actor to pretend that they are single when actually they are not? I do notice she mentioned that she is single (recent magazine “single & fabulous” title in the magazine- I believe Bazaar Magazine)
  10. @Eery2 is this mean alice agree with V for R now? R fans are very possessive. I remember they hammered V to no end. I agree with alice too about whale/rotten fish guy. Oh my goodness, I hope R will not have anything to do with that guy anymore.
  11. I thought V&R collaborated together in series and movie 7 times. How about V-Love drama in 2014? That’s when they are having hot kiss together. I believe it was a first screen kiss together for both of them. My Chinese is rusty, I remember V mentioned he collaborated with R including ELOD 7 times in one of his interview.
  12. @Eery2 so R was not supposed to date anyone or a have a life or family in her life? Seriously!? What’s wrong with this Alice. Why V? How about that whale guy, yang2? Did they get hated too?
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