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  1. V was in Disneyland Shanghai on June 8 and he does not like Disneyland. He must have gone with a Girl! Think about it guys! The one who loves Disney is R. Same hotel for the event and photoshoot on top of the terrace, same museum photoshoot location and now…. We are waiting for R’s photo in Disney ha ha ha ha… https://share.api.weibo.cn/share/227439177.html?weibo_id=4645927216747699 https://share.api.weibo.cn/share/227439217.html?weibo_id=4646007243014989 https://twitter.com/grcpthbyngor/status/1402109637789241346?s=21 Apparently,
  2. https://share.api.weibo.cn/share/226768456.html?weibo_id=4644477682322715 Something to do with “living by the moment” comment that R mentioned in her b-day, same as V few years back interview. The rest of the video, I don’t know . My Chinese is really rusty. Somebody else can share?
  3. Just saw V on Movado Event, he is a good looking handsome man but cannot help he aged. I think he looked good overall but man... you cannot hide that he is older. I find R as well. She is beautiful but again you cannot hide that she looks older. Or maybe just the make up thing that make girl looks older than their age. Do you guys have any sugar lately to share?
  4. @Eery2 why embarrassing for Reba? I don’t understand. Isn’t that part of her job to promote her drama if it is not gaining expectation popularity? I agree “we are robbed from Elod” from our 2 main leads for promo, interaction and even happy camp show. I know I know..... can’t be helped cause of COVID. I am still pissed cause we need more than just short cute clips promo from elod cause I don’t see “any” interaction like Long Ballad for Elod at all. How was it compared with Elod debut the first 12 episode? How many million views?
  5. Saw rumour that Dilraba will be filming new drama “Love when the stars fall” with Xiao Zhan this year end of Aug. Will see if this is true or not. Dilraba is hot commodity, non stop working. Working hard prior turning 30 years old I guess. I am hoping she has time to date. V too, work hard! Does anyone knows what or when his next project for V? Any rumours? As per @Eery2, I heard about Zbb marrying his manager in YouTube Marcus Sim. It was a joke. V is not mentioned about marry with kids with Marcus Sim but I guess lots of rumours about him in Chinese circle.
  6. https://share.api.weibo.cn/share/208781061.html?weibo_id=4613992582481990 Did I hear this correctly !!! Ha ha ha.... Wo te wei guang wo te wei guang
  7. @Eery2 Do u thing JX company and the whole circle of celebrities knows that R&V together already? The same about what’s going on in the c-entertainment world has news and gossips that were distributed to the general public. These celebrities have within their own circle their own gossips and news that just didn’t get leaked out to the public news yet but they just knows about it.
  8. Do other actors or actresses saying the same thing they say for CNY idioms? https://www.instagram.com/p/CK87J8Tph4e/?igshid=flgobs1i2wc9
  9. Guys, so much sugar I may have to go to the dentist to check on my teeth and go see my doctor to check my blood sugar. https://www.instagram.com/p/CK71uSlpSll/?igshid=1mglaiupkwc0z
  10. This is cute http://weibointl.api.weibo.com/share/200433673.html?weibo_id=4599804481766389 This is another coincidence? https://www.instagram.com/p/CKv8-UDlRQJ/?igshid=nwyqxv2b0hjm
  11. @Eery2 @DijunXiaoBai me three guys! i always come and check this forum. Please continue share the sugars to us. I get confused with fb, Weibo, instagram using those eng translation. Those 2 has been so busy lately I wonder if they ever have good quality time together I heard R will start new series soon in Feb 13. After CNY, before Valentine’s Day.
  12. @Fong Gosh ... thank you for sharing and that was awesome for this Hyun Bun and Son Ye-Jin CP. I can wait for R&V one day. Ok Patient patient patient......
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