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  1. Have the filming already begun? I think I need to finally see the first part, and then the second is coming soon ...Moreover, there is so much interesting talk about this drama! Add it to my list of future views!
  2. Oh, it’s immediately clear that this will be a serious historical drama. Of course, it is clear that there will be a lot of fiction, but still it will be interesting to look at the Chinese story about this emperor. Moreover, such amazing actors play here !!! So I will wait.
  3. I want to see the drama, if only to compare it with Descendants of the Sun. Especially since I love disaster dramas! But for now, the Korean version wins in terms of actors ... but this is only in the photo. We are waiting for the trailer to make a more accurate conclusion.
  4. I understand correctly, because of a guy, a girl will suffer a car accident and become disabled? And then the guy will become a doctor and take care of her? Oh ... a sad drama will be ...
  5. Very beautiful new poster of this drama! Rose petals and snow ... We will wait for the release to begin!
  6. The new trailer is very romantic! A couple is lovely ... But, as always, waiting for the release of the drama is very long ...
  7. All right. Now it’s better to stop working so that you can take off a real masterpiece later! This is better than getting sick while filming ...
  8. Beautiful and cruel fantasy ... Dragon conquered me! And the shooting is carried out according to the book? Or the original script?
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