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  1. I have no answer for that.. Suddenly ur statement make me think "why" as well If like @thewallflower_whotalks said (korean internet netizen).. I guess that's the "power" of internet, it can turns something into good things or bad things.. Or maybe among them is specialized spy for K-entertainment
  2. Really @Phoenix88.. Yaa make sense coz they'r all waiting at the hosp..! Forgive for my wrong excitement I hope SR can meet JH before he and team going back to NK..
  3. @Elle R K netizen is Korea netizen.. K = short form for korea.. If not mistaken
  4. Dear comrades!! Am I seeing things?? Capt Ri is there, inside SR hosp room during NIS coming.. I think they all been arrested there in front of SR.. ** You need to watch in slow mo to capture this.. She must be feeling devastated
  5. Chill my dear comrades..! Here is my opinion based on live streaming today.. Will watch for 2nd time with subtitle later Oh ya btw.. I think JH body is just for SR.. And director-nim aware of that.. Don't ask me why Let's brainstorm ** CCG is the one being shot.. I guess he will not die ** Both of them being arrested.. CCG will be sent back to NK.. All of NK team being sent back ** Top secret operation (JH dad already in contact with SK team) and SR dad aware of it.. ** Epilogue/ flash back of JH & NIS meet up and planning to capture CCG ** JH call SR mom before go back to NK (based on bsness card given), inform his wish, e.g : ask her to take care of SR.. But she want to redeem herself, don't want SR sad, so she bring SR meet JH bfore he go back ** Last goodbye between RIRI ** In NK, SJ captured by JH dad.. Sent back to SK for investigation before SK released all NK soldier.. (Assume SJ b the important person to clear all misunderstanding/ incident happened between SK, NK, JH, SR, CCG, SR brother and sis in law) ** CCG died...!!!! ** SJ released, go overseas, meet SD and live happily ** After few years, JH met SR in Swiss (I'll let u all assume what happened in between d yrs ) Even tho we have only 2 ep left, I still want to put my trust in writer-nim.. Hoping she will not messing up with coming two episode.. Or else, I'm not going to watch any of her drama after this >> TVN...Pls make hyun bin sing ost for this drama as well.. At least I can hear his voice everyday after d drama end >> waiting for BTS
  6. Agreed with you @gladys57.. My instinct said that CCG still alive..Maybe until today episode I'll be happy and flying to the moon @Site Admin if there's an epilogue of compilation of RIRI kiss scene at the end of the drama Writer nim.. Director nim.. Please settle all those heartbreaking scene in today episode.. Let ep 15 & 16 focus on RIRI love development.. Try to make my tooth loose from the sweetness pleaseee
  7. You know what.. Frustrated that they didn't call for ambulance ASAP.. If can't bring SR to normal hospital, bring her to Doldam Hosp.. We have Kim Sabu to treat her there Hahaa...such a roller coster episode!!! Im lovin it
  8. I hope so @J13.. Dont want any of them getting hurt.. Unless CK & SR sster in law (4got her name) .. Lets pray that today episode will be as good as ep 12.. Hahaa I can imagine that every weekend u are turning into zombie until this drama end Thank god i need to wait only 1-2hrs until ep upload.. If not , might join u as well turning to zombiesss
  9. I'm curious to who is the person that JH point the gun.. Is it MB? From the picture we can see that both of them have snow in the background, but not CK.. https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/382/0000796707?cluid=enter_202002080920_00000002
  10. Ahhh didn't think about that until you say.. Lil bit dissapointed cause looking forward to Capt Ri in millitary uniform with S.Korea hair
  11. Othen than floral dress scene,. We haven't see the left scene in picture as well right? Im waiting for both scene in coming episode
  12. Shall we fly together @thanie Hahaaa..we need to stay for 2 weeks lols
  13. Chi Su need Seri's help too in shopping SR going to nags him if she sees him wearing cloth like that in SK
  14. Hrmm.. Can they postponed this scene tmorrow?? I mean... After 2 weeks.. I want to see *** - 1/2 hr of our RIRI lovey dovey scene in SR home - 1/2 hr of our RIRI shopping scene - Remaining hrs for our F5 exploring SK *** Other actors can take a rest for today episode Hahaaa.. Btw I can watch only both of them in the screen for 1 day straight..
  15. Proud CEO Seri walking with Capt Ri.. In real life or in drama.. Surely lots of article will be published https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/now/article/119/0002379617
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