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  1. Aigoo for a few who always wanted to bring BinJin or us down : “ Jealously and Negativity will kill you faster. Dont waste your health lah as we definitely laugh it off and IGNORE. Your effort wont affect us or BinJin. We are still happily enjoying every single moment of them” Happy shipping, shipper ! We are getting there VERY SOON!!
  2. As @cloyfan mentioned “ HB is a smart man, he would know the woman is always right” lol And who teased whom? It is as clear as day haha
  3. Just rewatch CLOY. I found some thing so precious :):) Remember after their photo got snapped by the paparazzi and V**t employee tried to explain to the whole world. This is V**t behind the scene
  4. Supper worried for BinJin and all their friends and colleagues in Korea now. The alert in SK went to the highest one. I am sure that BinJin is worrying as well and trying now to protect all their beloved ones. So spread positive energy to support them!!
  5. I have been listening to CLOY's soundtracks in the past few days. Love the tune and tried to look for the lyrics. Guess what I found. They all reflects BINJIN in certain ways. Everything is just glued together. It's Destiny, as clear as day :) Sorry for the long post but the lyrics are so beautiful. You can get English translation lyrics here http://lyricskpop.net " All of My Days" Hey, I have something to tell you right now If it’s not now, I don’t think I’ll get another chance Though it’s nothing special Though it’s nothing grand It’s something that only I can say The day we first met, it was awkward so we were laughing Now I’m barely holding back tears from missing you I think this is love , It’s like a dream I’m not just saying this All of my moments Have been colored with you Since the day you came into my heart My world is all you Even the word love isn’t enough But I’ll tell you how I feel All of my moments All of my reasons Is you On that sunny day, I was so happy Just by the fact it was just you and me together I think this is love It’s like a dream Having met you, who is like a gift ... When you act like nothing’s wrong And try not to be obvious Only I know that smile It fills me up After I met you All of my actions have changed I can feel that this is love All of my days All of my moments that are filled with you Maybe our encounter Was already a miracle Some day, under the same sky When we’re together I’ll hold you tight Because all of my moments Is you ... "Sunset" ...Even without saying a word I can tell from your eyes From your cold heart From your deep voice And that light smile You’ve been through a long day You don’t want to show me your tired look But I can tell from your forced smile I will always be here I will always come for you like the purple sunset Even if my arms are small I will hold you... Hi, let me hug you Just rest comfortably... "Let us go" ...I keep seeing you deep in my heart Even a little gesture of yours makes me smile Like I’ve become someone other than myself Hope I can go to that world that is only for us And say the words I didn’t say before ... "But it's destiny" ...Some day, like that moment that felt like eternity Come to me like it’s a coincidence Stay with me for always, just like this Come to me like destiny and stay with me ... "Flower" ...I’m not used to with these pretty words I’ve never done anything for you But my heart was always yours My only concern is always you always your way I’ll be towards you...
  6. Woww able to squeeze in a little bit time to read through my most favorite forum during lunch. It is part of my routine now to read what we discusses , giggle and smile. It is like Happy Vitamin on top of the vitamin C during Corona virus era!! I am immune now to all the denial or negative posts and you know with little time span, I will choose to read what is relevant to this BINJIN Shipper paradise. So for some, let’s spend our valuable time in the happy thing yah. I even spent my time to talk to my husband how much I dearly love and support this couple. And he who has no clue about Kdrama , ultimately said “ wow its logic!! Now i understand” ( haha but I am sure he is still clueless haha) What I can say after observing all these events “ HB is a wonderful man, he is protecting his woman all the time. He stands strong as a shoulder for emotional SYJ to lean on.” I have the feeling like” Bin shi, this is my life. I give it all to you” and “ Ye Jin ah, just relax have fun, I take care of all the burdens” - All the tough questions in the interview ( regarding rumor), he took it - The rectification of famous undertable thing, his agency was the first one to do it, not hers - The comforting / encouraging hug when she was emotional - The mic, the water bottle , the skirt many of us already points out - i am sure he is head over heel in love with her but hold himself back to protect her and their relationship for the longer term. Like the airport scene , they dont need to be that cold. Anyway so many repeating notes which other already mentioned. Just want to shout out I am with you my brave and cool shippers.
  7. @YANI-PIE ^^v It IS JUST PERFECT!!! p.s. sorry for the long quote but its awesome :):)
  8. The rings reflect so much about BinJin. No so loud, simple but yet complicated. I even asked my husband should we have something like this for our proper wedding rings? Haha
  9. I am watching the drama again now. You know I feel so blessed to have chance to go along this journey and witness many happy moments of BinJin. I feel blessed and grateful when BinJin is so generous to share all their sweet moment to us knowing that they may receive a war of rumor, invasion of their privacy or even negative attack. The couple make us so happy, the drama make us so touched. They add more flavor to our life. What else that we can ask right? i remember someone told me just seeing them sitting next to each other already made the world so bright :):). Thats so true!!
  10. To all my dear comrades, we have to have faith in both of them. They are at the age nearly 40, they went through so much to be at their position right now with their capability and very good attitude. They are talented, tough and smart. I am sure they know how to handle all these situations and I am sure they will do it very well. Regarding the relationships, they are mature enough to understand what and who is important to them. I am sure they wont easily loose the person or the love that they have built with lots of hard work ; because at their age, they know it is precious, it is treasure for them. So they will do all essential actions to protect it. I have faith in them and I believe they will find their happiness in whatever situation because they worked hard for it and they are deserved it. We as their beloved shippers should give them positive energy and boost them up so that they are confident to sail through it. So my dear comrades, hold your paddle tighter and lets ship positively and smartly. p.s cant hold myself giggle with all their hints to us. #binjinyourocks!
  11. You dont need to ask this question. They are dating! Reason: Because it is said so in Episode 15 by the NIS :):). No need for analysis. Thats it!!
  12. May I check our ship has First Aid CPR kit??? If they continue teasing us like this, how our little hearts can bear. Love is on the air. So sweet with all these photos of “ just closed friend” couple. Look at how they gazed at each other and hugged each other. So natural. If this is called acting in front of the camera, i have to say They are Master of Master of Chemistry !!!
  13. I would suggest they dont say anything until the wedding. I dont want the public pressure killing their romance
  14. Oh yah they intentionally acted cold , similar to the airport encounter, but silently sitting next to each other implied lots of things ( in the airport they did sit next to each other at waiting area I believe) . I am sure that there were many eye contact action especially when it is dark during the finale show :):)
  15. Such a beautiful ending , everything is so perfect. A sense of fulfillment and happiness is all over my heart. This is the best drama ever everrr.
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