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  1. Basically was an excuse for Kwon to replace him by making an issue out of ex-CEO not doing a proper job of getting sales revenue by inviting celebrities to attract fans to watch and instead was exchanging those first pitches for money.
  2. Uh... well. I expected Kang DuGi to be traded... but NOT like this! And not to there! This show throws some real good curveballs. Ah, my DuGi-DongGyu heartbreak.
  3. well... Im DongGyu and Kang DuGi are nowhere near retirement age, so... there are always chances in the future that they might play together under Dreams again. That's if Dreams hasn't disbanded. I disagree. Im DongGyu is a fantastic player even if he can't play half the season and is worth the Kang DuGi trade for Dreams at the moment. In fact, he might be able to coach the other batters while on the bench, if his new attitude permits. The gambling scandal doesn't even factor into the game, just like Robert's "army evasion" scandal does not matter. Dreams has settled their pitchers (very well), their catcher is an ace, and their defence is now solid. It time for them to focus on building up the offence - batting. I say Kang DuGi might be traded back only because I don't see anyone else from Dreams that Vikings might be interested in at all.
  4. Huh, I think they might trade Kang DuGi for Im DongGyu. Dreams already has great pitchers in Robert Gil ChangJu and Jang JinWoo, though of course Kang DuGi is currently unrivalled, but they don't have any noteworthy heavy hitters like Im DongGyu. Meanwhile, Vikings has NO pitcher now. Their top 2 got banned for doping. I gotta say, Vikings is like Dreams' training centre, LOL. Both Kang DuGi and Im DongGyu grew so much over there, haha. But it's no wonder Im DongGyu is Dreams' best batter - he trained against Kang DuGi, the best pitcher. If only there were a day they reconcile and get back together again.
  5. Stove League, I have missed youuuuu!!!! I tend to watch Kdramas without subtitles, just cos I can, but I never can with Stove League. I try, but the terminologies just fly over my head and I'm like... nope! Gotta give this drama the respect it deserves and watch with subs!
  6. Daechi High is gonna go to f**k. They now have a terribly incompetent Principal. A horrible self serving Head of Administration. No more Teacher Yoon to smooth the way. An Icarus club that is way too big and has way too much power. Obviously the other students are gonna revolt. Their loafing Chief of Administration is still around. SungSoon is pretty much burnt out. How is the politics at this school so bad that she has to pick her colleagues and friends over her own son just to protect them? Ji HaeWon did well leaving this clusterf**k of a high school. I kinda wonder what will happen when the Icarus kids find out that SungSoon refuses to teach their after school classes and wants to teach the other kids instead. She is one of their top picks after all.
  7. Teacher Moon is his former teacher. Er, I think HaeWon should have checked it out properly even if Teacher Moon were not his former teacher. It's a grave accusation and he did wrong this time, which he already apologized and made amendments for. But it's not like he had no basis in making that claim - he just suspected the wrong people.
  8. Actually, actually, I had so many things to say about this drama earlier but I didn't cos I lost my previous Soompi account by forgetting the password. And the resulting mess I had to wade through to get it back was just too complicated. Why does Soompi need a password that's more complicated than my bank pin and office account?! What's so valuable here to warrant such stringent security... And then I created a new one when I couldn't hold back from the school's F U to both teachers; ah hahahahah. I previously thought that Teacher Moon wasnt fit to be vice principal because... he has no spine. When SungSoon said he lacked loyalty, I actually blurted out "No spine" at the same time. SungSoon is better than me, ha. Like... if you think a teacher leaked information about you that could harm the school and your prospects, shouldn't the right thing be to address them with the teacher face to face instead of mousing all over the place and deciding on your own that he's the culprit without even getting an admission or even solid proof? We only know for certain that it was HaeWon because of Teacher Yoon. The fact the HaeWon was his beloved ex-student just makes it worse - if you can't confront someone who was so close, how are you going to handle personnel management and the many obstacles and that will come your way as a vice principal? Not that the current vice principal is any good himself. Teacher Han just makes my blood boil with her treatment of the students. I mean, how can you say that students hate you cos you're old when Teacher Yoon is the literal dinosaur in school and the students all adore her?! Also, what does "if the students can do it, we can too" mean when you're the adult and they're just kids. You're the one they're supposed to be learning from! @Neunji I agree with you that the school hasn't given HaeWon the opportunities he deserves to show what he's got, despite him having been there for so long. Even worse, he's stuck in that sh*thole department full of terrible people. That said, HaNeul is just killing all the opportunities thrown her way which is a feat in itself.
  9. Hmm... I wouldn't say that they couldn't be objective though... I mean, Teacher Moon had a point in that Ji HaeWon was just so experienced in the ways of their school that he doesn't even need to be further trained and as a school that's always fighting battles everyday (come on now, there's always a new problem at this fledging, rising school every few days) thats golden. You have someone who gets the vibe at school and is able to work towards resolving things in the way the school needs specifically immediately without much instruction. But SungSoon actually did HaeWon dirty with her words by equalling picking HaeWon as consideration for his 6 years and nothing else. It just waters down all his efforts and the other great reasons for picking him. On the other hand, I also disagree that the written exam should dictate who becomes the permanent teacher as Teacher Do says. Even if HaeWon came out as 5th in the exam, it doesn't mean that he did the worst on the exam - he still beat 10 other people and earned his spot in the second round and a chance at a comeback in the objective assessement and I think they're forgetting that in the quest to avoid an audit which... just what deadly secret are they hiding that they so scared of it? Isn't an audit just to make sure that there're no fishy things going on in schools? If they show that their choice is based on legitimate reasons, which they can, then it's fine, isn't it? Because otherwise, what is the point of the second round if no one can take its results as legitimate without questioning its validity? Why put the scores of the two rounds together when you can just have the teachers take the first round exam and be done with it? My point is, people excel in different ways and some are just more talented in written forms of assessment and others, practical and both should be accepted in their own right when both are offered as assessment methods. If like in this case, society only takes the written exam as golden and the only objective assessment... then my baby Jin YooRa is never going to Hankuk Medical School just because she didn't get a level 2 in advanced science. The fact that she drew her results while working part time the whole time unlike her peers isn't reflected in the written exam after all.
  10. So... the school literally did a "No you" on the Korean teacher pick and picked... NOBODY?!?! OMG, this school... HOW DO YOU HAVE A SHORT TERM TEACHER FOR SIX, FRIGGING SIX, YEARS AND NOT HAVE SPACE FOR MORE PERMANENT TEACHERS?! Like, if you needed to hire short terms year after year isn't that a sign that you need more permanent teachers?!?!?! I feel so bad for Ji HaeWon and Kang HaNeul. This school did them so dirty. What is this dog and pony show? I mean, I actually get the reasons for hiring and not hiring either of them. HaNeul is extremely talented and passionate as a teacher, albeit inexperienced and HaeWon teaches really well and pays a lot of attention to detail thanks to his 6 years of experience, even if he tends to give in to stress. The choice is always gonna be a hard one to make but this school just went "ok, not making a choice!" *Throws table*
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