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  1. I am also curious where MY went? I was really invested in her character and hoped for a happy ending with YT. It is obvious that she loved him. But to see her pack up and never come back, that was sad for me. There is no one that could have pulled off playing the ES character but SKJ. His eyes spoke so much and love how the director would show those eyes in a special lighting to enhance with every chance he gets. Glad everyone got their HE, the one who deserved it most was ES mom. She didn't want to show favoritism so showed him she loved him most but ended up really loving him the most. She waited all those years to hear him call her “omma”. It was perfect. In my next life, I want to be Hwi
  2. When ES said that he knows she will leave this place someday, I thought she was reading one of his earlier blog entries. The BTS videos are precious; is there any English subs anywhere? SKJ is so playful. i think you dont have to have a lot of money to live in a small town. His rent is already paid for . Or maybe his mom or her dad left behind some inheritance money.
  3. @chickfactor that was the best love letter ever. It makes me really want to read this novel, wished they had it in English. Girls like BY really drive me mad. And it makes me really think she let out HWs secret out of spite. There was no misunderstanding. She is jealous that it’s always about HW. The wood chopping scene is too cute. I like ES is being comfortable around HW. This drama is just precious.
  4. @chickfactor thanks for that clarification of Eun Seob’s name. It fits into the story about the wolf with the silver lash. Or was it boy? I forgot. Too busy looking at SKJs eyes lol. The “it” scene was so cute with ES being so nervous and asking if “he was doing it correctly”. How pure is he? I really like how for him that it has been her all along. And I loved how it was him who called aunt to save her life. I guess that is the story of why he calls her aunt noonim. Just love how all the pieces of their stories are being unraveled. I apologize, I think HWs dad got what he deserved. Imo should not even feel bad about it. It was going to be her sister or him. I wonder if HW was unaware of allthe abuse her mom was receiving? Hopefully they wrap up the Bo Yeong arc without too much drama or noble idiocy.
  5. My experiences with Kdrama is when they blur out, that means they did it. I think they’re both in their 30s in the novel so they are old enough. Just happy for ES that his dreams came true. But now comes Bo Young. It’s obvious she knew ES had a crush on HW since their high school days, do you think she let HWs secret out more out of spite now? oooh and does it seem like Hwi will also get her man? I hope so. She is such a pleasure to watch.
  6. @Kabler you are very right. Actually my fiance falls into this category and while it does annoy me to no end, he is the most loyal person ever. It does take alot of prying and prodding to get information from him. Eun Seob is exactly like that. I like the private blog postings because that’s when we get to really know what ES is thinking. I wish that he would say to HW what he puts into words on his blog. Someone like ES needs someone exactly like HW to make the first moves and take initiative. I just hope that HW keeps at it and doesn’t give up on him.
  7. I am really glad that PMY took on this heart warming drama. I have watched it from beginning to now and it’s probably one of the best this year. Especially being locked down makes the escape from the real world into this warm-like-chocolate-cookies drama. A lot of viewers on Viki have commented how slow it is , but life isn’t always fast paced and I like the pace and poetic- ness of their town. So is Bo young going to play that come save me cause I am going to jump off the mountain game? We were fine without her the past few ep. She should have used that break to understand why HW does not want to forgive her. Once again she is playing the victim card. 4 episodes left! I cannot wait for imo story to be fleshed out and hope that her and eun taek have their happy ending. She, too, has been living in the dark for too long. And can someone please knock some sense into Eun Seobs pretty head and tell him to ask HW to stay? She has been making all the moves up until now!
  8. For the life of me, maybe I am a real bad detective or not cut out to notice details, but no matter how I lighten or zoom in..I still cannot see anything in that picture. So, let’s be responsible and move on and away from it. We don’t want to create more drama off details that have no actual merit. SYJ has posted HB in her IG many times, and let’s be grateful for that
  9. I have been away for a couple weeks but still diligently following everyone’s post daily. I really like that BinJin is back on the scene around the same time (Jin with her IG posts and Bin with his CF). It’s almost like they’re telling us that they are fine separately and for shippers, that together they’re also both fine . It isn’t coincidence we hear from them on same day after no news for the past month?
  10. Thanks! Even if it’s from Jan 9-21, that’s still good 2 weeks of quality time together! They almost slipped by unnoticed if it wasn’t for that grocery adventure. Bad for them but good for us because that’s what we are all hanging on to.
  11. Can someone clarify something for me? So if MOTA wrap up party was Dec 30, 2018 ( I had to google this) and HB left the party early to catch a flight to LA , as we speculate. And the grocery picture was taken Jan 20 and posted Jan 21, does this mean they spent nearly a month in LA? Sorry if this has been talked about before. Old age is catching up to me.
  12. This is what VAST is doing when they issue their denials. When reel is real.
  13. @AnnieCheesecake maybe they’re taking notes from the SongSong couple book? I recall a time when SJK arrived at airport (also on his phone) and the media followed him. nobody even noticed SHK slipping by and making it to the departure gate. I know we don’t like comparisons here but it could be plausible .
  14. Seo Dan also filmed together with them in Switzerland but it didnt appear that she traveled with them. She isn’t a bestie .