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  1. Really enjoyed reading all your posts, especially key takeaways like how the issue with timing is probably the driving force behind what will happen in this story. Particularly enjoyed reading the juxtaposition of HJP and NDS characters and I think it's quite spot on. HJP appears more mature but is emotionally unavailable and inexperienced much like NDS. Never mind the fact that I do root for HJP over NDS at this point, I think it must be remembered that NDS did get pretty lucky - without HJP he would not (a) meet Dal-mi (and impress her) and (b) be mentored career-wise. Samson Tech was go
  2. I can’t be the only one rooting for Han Ji Pyeong in the romantic triangle love story? This drama interestingly set it up so that you buy into Ji Pyeong’s story right from episode 1. It was a strong back story and beautifully told! I find myself thinking he’s the lead, and not Do San, and I don’t mind his screen time at all. Suzy is doing so well, I haven’t watched any of her works since Uncontrollably Fond but I’m happy to see her again. Eps 3 Spoiler ahead The car pick up scene as she leaves the networking party was so nicely directed with th
  3. In a recent interview of SYJ headlined SYJ overwhelmed by Japan success of CLOY (something like that!) I am so happy to read some of her thoughts on specific CLOY scenes! That's what I really hoped for when the drama ended a while ago. I don't know how to carry over the quote from the SYJ thread but you can find it over there. I'm paraphrasing from memory - but SYJ saying the final good-bye scene in episode 16 was an unforgettable one means so much - because indeed that scene made such an emotional impact on viewers - we all cried so, so much. I can't get over that scene. She
  4. Yes! That's the actress I came across. Thanks for the clarification!! Somewhat related but also not really: was SYJ ever a surprise choice in terms of partnering with KSH? I have never watched either of them in a drama, but of course I knew about KSH's massive popularity and accolades. In a way, I am so glad. This drama gave SYJ deserving recognition and showcased phenomenal acting and proved you don't always need 2 established powerhouses to make a drama successful! I remember reading this and thinking wow, it all makes sense now, with this context. D
  5. I totally agree with you - thanks for posting because I found that last scene so hard to describe with words even though it really made me emotional, too. KSH was remarkable in how he executed that scene. It captured all the emotions and shocked us one more time and made us feel what Gang Tae was feeling. Honestly thinking back, GT probably doesn’t live day to day thinking about whether his brother can manage without him, and especially since they have been camping happily for a while I doubt he has been thinking about such heavy thoughts. In a way, similar to how viewers were surprised, G
  6. Does anyone know if young Gang Tae knew KMY’s name when they were young? Since he knew his brother loved the children’s book author KMY was he aware it could have been the girl from childhood hometown/school? Also any idea about the (1) ring on ring finger or (2) refilmed final confession burberry scene with braided hair?! I can’t help but think there were alternate versions of scenes and I’m curious if we’d ever find out. So hard to let go.. Not Okay!!
  7. Joining ya’ll with the major withdrawals. Will they be watching the dvd with live commentary? I don’t know why I always thought this was a thing until recent popular k-drama didn’t have it... in what other way can we see KSH and SYJ together? Is it over ? Already? their love story and chemistry - I can’t get it out of my head. On the lack of pics of these two together at the wrap up party... so sad! I wonder why. Surely all shy butterflies from filming that beautiful table kiss scene are gone by now...
  8. The most satisfying ending in any k-drama I've watched - I think purely because I can envision the future of the leads and feel their happiness as they live this future. It's almost like you're seeing off a close friend for a long time, but if you know how they are feeling and what the road ahead has in store for them, you feel happy to let them go... good bye to MY/GT/ST and best wishes to them! Out of all the lessons and human struggles we could relate to in this drama, the biggest punch for me was shown in the scene in episode 10 when Gang Tae apologized to his brother and they
  9. Loved what everyone had to say about eps 15! Can’t wait for our happy ending! Thanks to the posters that provided helpful context (MY’s formal speech to mom tree; Hospital Director’s finger/character metaphor). The last 2 mins of the episode - oh dear. Maaaaajor props to KMY.... moving and leaning backwards like that while keeping your face upright, slightly slanted, sorta leaning forward... there’s no way to do that without forming a double chin. Seo Ye Ji you go girl. Just so amazed by the director of this drama! And camera crew, writer, etc. Soo well done.
  10. I don’t see the ring in the pics but I think KT’s proposal to MY would be fitting for this drama’s ending Also, if that’s a picture from the last episode, is this MY’s first time in jeans? Yay to her finally wearing casual clothes; no longer need to defend herself through extravagant clothes.
  11. Reading all your posts it got me thinking how I wish MY’s mother was indeed alive so that MY could have the opportunity to confront her deepest fears. I’m sure as a child MY lacked the strength and courage to stand up for herself against her controlling mother - and frankly she probably lacked the words and know-hows in this regard. Also to be referred to by her father as someone who will ‘grow up to be like her mother’, I can only imagine the exhilaration and liberty she would feel if she was able to speak to her mom and letting her mom know everything she couldn’t say before - like someone
  12. Agreed - can you imagine if it was plastic surgery? MY already said even if her mom underwent numerous plastic surgeries she would still recognize her. Would be an eyebrow raising moment if it turned out to be, you’re wrong MY! It was actually highly complex plastic surgery. I just can’t see this being it.
  13. Thanks!! This makes sense. Also I believe GT’s first knowledge of MY’s mom was not knowing whether she was alive or dead, so it makes sense that the circumstances lead him to believe she’s alive and is Nurse Park. You wrote so many good points! I agree the “support network” is a really beautiful thing about this drama. To some extent I think GT/ST and MY led adult lives without a strong sense of community. Studies have shown those who have a community experience a sense of belonging which leads to greater happiness. This is the environment GT/ST/MY live in now and i
  14. How was Gang Tae able to conclusively tell MY that Nurse Park is her mom? He saw the surveillance footage with the Director and that was it, I thought. Did he actually see the footage of what we (the audience) saw (the scene Nurse Park revealed to MY’s dad)? Agreeing with a few thoughts here that we should trace back to the initial scene where GT/ST’s mother was killed - was that actually MY’s mother and not Nurse Park, as the aunt or crazy fan, acting as MY’s mother? I can’t recall if we got to see her face during that scene. Or maybe Nurse Park knowing that MY’s mom had an il
  15. Assuming the head nurse is MY’s mom’s sister and her big reveal is timed nicely because the dad died and she’s satisfied, I agree the mystery questions are why she is so adamant about going after the brothers and what does the mom mean by the housekeeper crossed the line? I think it’ll all make sense soon... I like how there’s a strong plausibility of having the problems resolved in ep 14 leaving the last TWO eps to be filled with happy moments and I don’t even mind a time jump to show us their future happy lives! Quick question but no time to rewatch... can anyone te
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