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  1. Hope everyone's doing well 2 months post-CLOY! 4 more months to go until the end of the 6 months condolences period. I've been turning to k-movies which probably is OK for the condolences period which to me applies just to dramas :). Coming back here since I now have a surge in friends watching CLOY and it's so interesting to hear about their initial thoughts and how they view the characters, their favourite scenes, what scenes they cried (or didn't cry) watching, and so on... It's so hard to restrain commenting extensively with them (like doing the analysis we do here) without sounding a bit over the top! Anyway, for my purposes of being able to chat with my friends about why RJH acted so nicely to YSR from the get-go, can you guys remind me where we landed on the question "did he remember her from 7 years ago in Switzerland?" On the one hand, that smile from episode 1 suggests he did remember her (even if it was a faint memory). On the other hand, there's that scene after he played games where he gave the most surprised reaction hearing his own voice in her voice recorder, slowly the memory came back to him. This coupled with the equally subdued surprised and overwhelmed-with-joy look when he saw her photo (which he took) in his camera after SD gave it to him (last episode). I was never really convinced he remembered her (based alone on the look we saw in episode 1's epilogue- I always thought that was him finding this woman on the tree amusing) but were there other hints suggesting he did remember her??
  2. Yikes why I wonder? Maybe because the cast couldn't get together for a scene by scene panel commentary? I suspect they need that type of content for the 'director's cut'.
  3. How is this not a nod to CLOY and the tomato plant *happy cries*. Not to mention the scented candle! I'm reading Maison des Bougie but my eyes could be failing me. I think maybe the love story wasn't fully written yet when they filmed in Switzerland? Perhaps there was a general idea but the exact writing of their scenes were not fully scripted nor fleshed out. Maybe there was freedom to craft the OTP scenes once they were reunited in SK and this was one of them! Whatever it is, this will always be one of the cutest scenes ever.
  4. I really like how this thread is around for new viewers of the drama because some truly really thoughtful posts were written during the run of this drama by people on this forum... time permitting, I really think new viewers can enjoy CLOY on a deeper level by back reading! I wish I had done that for DOTS and Goblin which I thoroughly enjoyed. Many of you posted about HB's best performance - I agree with the scene after SR said "I love you" (he thinks she's dead) plus the hospital reunion scene. But I think I am most impressed by episode 16's separation scene, in particular if you watch the Swoon's clip of it at 1:41 right before he says "nothing will happen" - the pain in my heart was so real when I watched this because I felt his pain, holding in those tears must have been so hard but it was required for RJH's character (he can't break down in front of SR; he's supposed to be strong and reassuring) and I think HB did such a wonderful job controlling his emotions in that scene. If any of the OST singers, in particular IU and Sejeong, sing their song live, could people post them here? I'm waiting for televised live performances...
  5. Miss CLOY and this thread so much. Been doing well with the condolences period but honestly it feels empty without CLOY (RJH and SR). I feel like somehow they really became our close friends! Wishful like everyone else for a special episode, though given what's going on in SK I doubt that will be pulled together. It's unfortunate that the cast and crew aren't able to go on a reward vacation to celebrate this drama and its level of success, but it is amazing that the studio donated all the money. In normal circumstances, I imagine Switzerland would by now have a flock of visitors to all the film locations and a dedicated tour as well, but probably won't be the case for a while. Not sure how to post IG stuff but Swarovski's official IG posted 3 pictures of our lovely YSR... They chose her most melancholic looks I think lol. Definitely feeling the international success. Thanks to everyone for still posting content and sharing your thoughts upon re-watching! Might do that soon, ready and willing to go through it all over again. (quoting SR!)
  6. Is The Swoon some sort of division of Netflix? Why does it have access to our k-drama leads for the interviews and such? One can hope we can get just one more interview with HB and SYJ with Swoon... they were extra comfortable in those interviews.
  7. "...you came into my life like a gift"... This line comes to my mind instantly as soon as the IU ost plays. You know that feeling where your nose scrunches and your lids droop a little cause you're about to cry - yes it's still so sad Also I think the scented candle-RJH finds SR by holding up a candle scene still wins as the "moment they fell in love" scene for me because I actually FELT chills when I watched that, like I felt their mutual love through the screen! I think that's why I like CLOY so much - I often replay encounters of the main leads and try to convince myself that their experiences are realistically sufficient for them to be in love - but with CLOY I didn't have to, the emotions passed onto me as a viewer flawlessly. Lol send help! I can't believe it either. Like let us be. We can't even be spared the gift of imagination. I think someone said this already but we were just speculating about RJH and SR's story, why are they clarifying speculations about characters in a drama?! Also don't forget the train scene when she told him he will be a great husband and father one day! I like the idea of a season 2, too. But I'm not creative enough to even predict what amazing story it would tell. Also I like your idea that if they are going to do another drama soon anyway, why not this one. Not to compare with other entertainment cultures but I don't think it's a bad thing that some actors choose to reprise a role - I don't think it takes away from their craft/art/professional trajectory in any way. (But I guess I can see the other argument - I really do have a hard time seeing the Avengers in other standalone movies lol). I think she tried really hard to send him "a message" but we just weren't able to see whether he knew and how he reacted! I think the greatest thing that happened to SR after her separation with RJH is her new relationship with her mom, which definitely helped her mental health. She had someone close to her, another woman who understands, to confide in, and to trust! A connection of love and trust with her very own mom. This is huge!
  8. Oh you're right, where did the phone go and who kept it alive?! The flower delivery is explainable, he probably pre-ordered and set a specific date for delivery. But the phone... who knows eh. And yes good point, forgot the phone was given by GSJ which makes it an SK phone anyway. Of course I'm glad the NIS agent did what he did to help our otp Yes very true and someone here mentioned they wished we got to see RJH's search attempts for Seri in Swiss too, from the stills of him playing the piano in the park I thought that might have been a scene but perhaps they cut it? In the photo he appeared looking around as though he thought he saw someone he knew pass by. That would have been nice for us to see.
  9. I thought I reached the "acceptance" stage of grieving too but every time I think about how RJH couldn't talk to or hear about SR at ALL for 3 whole years I get all again - I guess I am hovering around "denial" stage haha The Swiss meeting scene was great still - I couldn't tell it was edited with CGI scenes. I'm glad they added the "you descended" line. The whole thing was showcasing how RJH always listened to everything SR had to say... taking the wrong train to the right station, not falling but descending, and so forth.
  10. Braved it and watched episode 16 again, since it's the only way to pick up on details missed the first time. A few final comments I didn't focus on before When RJH rode the bike in the village, it still had SR's cushioned "seat" <3 They must have filmed the ultimate separation scene completely separate from the car rides there since it was obviously raining and then became the sunniest day I've ever seen. The part where RJH sees the photo he took of SR on the bridge for the first time... another tug at the heart; their love story goes back to when they were young adults, so beautiful. The NIS head agent teaching him how to send pre-timed messages is probably the most questionable thing written lol given their emphasis on no communications across border The part where RJH leaves his military house for the last time and looks back... did anyone have a rapid sequence of all his memories with SR in that house flash before their eyes? Sigh sigh. On the malbok chicken lunch with her coworkers, SR wears her ring. Ahh. Finally, it sucks, but yep indeed it was 3 years separation upon review. Her birthday on Feb 2, 2021 is one year. Assuming immediately after her birthday text, she initiated the music program, the "one year later" caption where she appears in Switzerland in jeans for the first time after separation is two years. Then, she returns to talk to her mom and they discuss the performance is once a year in Switzerland, and so the next time she's there is year 3, when she meets him. And I think their ending is: once a year they get to spend 2 weeks together only. But she goes to Switzerland more times during the year (probably just to feel close to him and maintain the vacation house etc) which explains her assistant's comments about her going there all the time. And for some odd reason, I feel like now that episode 16 has been watched again, I can properly bid farewell to our OTP! Not to say I'm not looking forward to special director's cut or unreleased alternate endings, if they exist, of course. Phew.
  11. Oh right it was mainly the train ride/fire on the field scenes in Mongolia. Thanks for the reminder!
  12. Oh I see! This is in Mongolia, right? That's so sad. Would have been a popular tourist spot I imagine, unless it was really remote. I thought I saw a fan photo recently. ** The new swoon video of the ultimate separation scene- man, why did they have to cut it off so early! The hands separating is totally a part of the scene's intensity
  13. What set is this? RJH's house and the village? Btw does anyone know how or if IU promoted her ost? It's so good and is so popular, I wonder if she has made any comments about it? Also I always wonder what the cast's favourite OST is. I would guess SYJ is All of my Days and HB is Someday, since those are basically "their" songs...
  14. Thanks to HB's agency we got to see a bit of HB in RJH zone on the last day of filming... I wish SYJ's agency did the same, I would love to see her in YSR mode on set as well! This is the kind of stuff I was looking forward to for this woeful weekend... like a scene by scene commentary by the cast or something. Thanks to all of you tech savvy and committed fans for still posting content here and sharing with everyone else! I can't participate in the scheduled re-watch with you all here because I still can't re-watch the drama - ha! It's too emotionally draining and this week has been a long one slowly reintegrating back to civilization. I increased the condolences period to 1 year and a half, I think that'll be how long it takes, if we're continually given new content. Given the Western interest and surge in news stories about CLOY (I'm sure being on Netflix helps a lot), I can only predict CLOY will gain even more popularity worldwide. Just a note on filming... looking at the amount of people on set I am appreciating much more now how difficult it must be to get into character. I can see why Kim Jung Hyun said in his interview that HB and SYJ were super quiet before cameras started to roll but as soon as it did, they switched modes right away. It makes me wonder if the actors know when they are being filmed for the BTS clips, or if it's a free game they could be filmed any time and certain clips will be chosen. I noticed this too! I actually thought they got him to film that good-bye speech while in Swiss but that makes no sense at all. But why would he be wearing that same trench coat. Makes sense now that they re-filmed with a green screen. I wonder why. Maybe HB not happy with his execution of the line? Maybe they changed the script a bit?
  15. Had an emotional tug thinking about SR's monologue while she was in a coma, when she recalled her memories with RJH and said that if she had to choose, she would choose once again to meet him all over again.... and then realizing the name of her coveted brand is... Seri's Choice. We were given a clue all along where this was going @phoenixfire25 great selections and thanks for including the gifs! I like the idea of choosing the comedic scenes too, it is a rom-com after all! I didn't give enough thought to this scene where he stood outside as she listened to the clip - thanks for pointing it out! RJH indeed did get a glimpse of the reason and very likely filled in the blanks himself... her mom had abandoned her and she has had to live with that growing up and had no support from her siblings. Come to think of it, I don't think SR ever knew about RJH's brother until, honestly, the interrogation scene when he told her that was his purpose of going after CG ... Even when she discovered the watch (that it made its way back to him), they didn't talk about its significance. I think this is clever and well thought out by the writer. They are in their 30s when they meet. Their story doesn't dwell on past adversities, but instead focuses on self-recovery, healing, personal development, and new discoveries. It's very present and forward looking. In a way, not knowing is good, so each person doesn't have to think the other is trying to "fix" them or make them "better" again, the love is there regardless.
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