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  1. Ahh thanks! I think I was greedily thinking about the actual scene which I believe was cut! (I think it was the Aranya as an adult scene in rags). Wow, thanks so much for explaining this. TBH, I already feel so sad because she left (in the drama) due to a misunderstanding re Ji Heng. To add on this layer of 'hurt' through feelings of betrayal (as @MayanEcho said, a gross abuse of trust) - that would have been too much (for me lol). [Strangely, this altering memory decision of DH is giving me the same vibes of Ye Hua who decided it was best to take mortal Bai Qian's ey
  2. Thank you for your answers! I bolded a few above. Aranya's story was definitely very sad - though I think it would have made a greater impact on me if her cut scenes were included. For example, the back story of how she was rescued by her master (and how this put a twist to her fate with Shen Ye) and her conversation in prison with her mom. (I believe Dilireba made a comment about how this was one of the more impactful scenes for her filming ELOD so sucks that this was cut!!). DH visited Miao Luo so many times briefly in many scenes so I totally missed this foreshadowing. Tha
  3. @Megan @MayanEcho Thank you for taking the time to share your answers to my post! I need to read carefully to thoughtfully reply. Can't wait! I didn't go on soompi for TMOPB, wish I did. Certainly made the CLOY experience significantly better.
  4. Just finished this drama! Forgive my super long post as I'm going through the phase immediately after finishing an incredible drama and feel the need to express my thoughts over soompi. I remember being really excited about this Pillow Book drama after finishing TMOPB but skeptical of the fact that it required viewers to "erase" the storyline of FJ and DH in TMOPB... they really made an impact! In a way, super glad that this came a few years after so its impression was a clean slate. Thanks to all the posters on this forum... I went back to read about 100 pages aro
  5. Really enjoyed reading all your posts, especially key takeaways like how the issue with timing is probably the driving force behind what will happen in this story. Particularly enjoyed reading the juxtaposition of HJP and NDS characters and I think it's quite spot on. HJP appears more mature but is emotionally unavailable and inexperienced much like NDS. Never mind the fact that I do root for HJP over NDS at this point, I think it must be remembered that NDS did get pretty lucky - without HJP he would not (a) meet Dal-mi (and impress her) and (b) be mentored career-wise. Samson Tech was go
  6. I can’t be the only one rooting for Han Ji Pyeong in the romantic triangle love story? This drama interestingly set it up so that you buy into Ji Pyeong’s story right from episode 1. It was a strong back story and beautifully told! I find myself thinking he’s the lead, and not Do San, and I don’t mind his screen time at all. Suzy is doing so well, I haven’t watched any of her works since Uncontrollably Fond but I’m happy to see her again. Eps 3 Spoiler ahead The car pick up scene as she leaves the networking party was so nicely directed with th
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