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  1. @ooxxoo I never said SYJ is less than HB, I believe she is one of the top Korean actresses for many decades. And if you read my post clearly, I stressed that SYJ doesn't need anyone to introduce her to a production because every production would die to have her. After we clear that out, I also highlighted that it is said both leads got the offer of CLOY at the same time. But in my opinion, the character of RJH is written based on HB's depiction of NK elite soldier and because they are close enough he might have engage her in the drama. I stressed it over and over again that it is my speculation, I didn't claim it is the truth. I acknowledged it might have been completely untrue. If we cannot speculate what do we do here? Just talk about their schedule dates?? 

    I always like to keep having different opinions in this forum because this is what its for.. I never replied back for anything other than the discussion regarding the thread before, and I don't like that I am doing so now. I try to understand you but I think you are being oversensitive and harsh. 

    One final note, if my post displeased majority, I will delete it. I never have any intention to create unpleasant atmosphere here since it happens very frequently. 

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  2. @eLizza I couldn't put it as nicely as you did! I COMPLETELY agree with you. I watched those dramas that you mentioned and I enjoyed them but they never compare to CLOY slightest bit when it comes to being worthy of daesang (my thoughts, people may disagree ofc). I also watched tons of healing dramas and I totally understand why Koreans like them so much because Korean audience have stressful daily lives and these dramas could make them both connect and disconnect with reality. However there are many out there, only difference might be the performance of the actors which was awarded today as we see. I genuinely congratulate the winner. However CLOY is unique.. Despite the stellar performances from the actors and actresses, the drama does neither depend on it nor distinguishes amongst others because of it. The story is unique with no plotholes, no dragging or exagrating, plus it cannot be classified simply as a rom-com because it turns melo as well. It brings all the real emotions like longing, loving, caring, as well as happiness and sadness in the most honest way ever. Thats why the effort of CLOY team should have been acknowledged by giving them at least the best screenplay 


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  3. Let me say this first, I didn't see any awkwardness at all. I only saw great professionalism with the hint of familiarity and coziness...@Cloy_eva this forum thread has a cycle that repeats a down feeling over the smallest thing or there lack of, and then the uplifting mood by the mention of the grocery photo...the cycle repeats itself as I experienced it here over and over again. I think some people read into every little detail and expects everything to happen as in their world/expectation. It kinda gets tiring to justify our ship every time, so i appreciate fellow shippers effort. I did it back then too but I don't think I will. Grocery photo is the biggest proof any shipper could get and we have it. We don't need to read into so much detail i believe.. Maybe we should add InGroceryWeTrust in to the title of this forum so that people could revert back whenever they feel disheartened about anything 

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  4. 9 minutes ago, eLizza said:

    It is so ironic that the story which was all about korea and its koreanness didn't get recognised in its home turf but became a frenzy internationally.

    Exactly! In my opinion it displayed the true essence of being Korean no matter which circumstances drew them apart or any other factors affected them. It should invoke proud feelings like DOTS for example because not every patriotic feelings are associated with military. It could be captured with shared culture/history and pain. And I believe CLOY depicted that feeling in the most honest form you can get from a K-drama given all the pressures from political sides. That's why it is not a simple K-drama for me who has been watching K-dramas for more than 10 years. As you said, it captured millions of hearts:heart: I am grateful to all the people who worked on and behind of this amazing project! 

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  5. 3 hours ago, ncly said:

    Update 1: I'm a little heartbroken that our Screenwriter didn't get the Best Screenplay award :'( I'm getting more and more anxious as the award goes by because I sincerely just want all of our CLOY nominees to win :'( 


    Update 2: Aww, uri Pyo Chi Soo didn't win Best Supporting Actor as well. But that's ok! I'm just really happy to see him again with the CLOY crew team!

    I haven't been here for a long time, was busy with life but silently lurked around. I had to comment today though. I was very expectant over the best screenplay, best actor and maybe best supporting actor (I was 50/50).. I thought they were already given but now the results are over I feel like CLOY was robbed. I understand Koreans love healing dramas but there are plenty of them out there. Although I disliked the earlier projects of Park Jieun writer-nim, CLOY was the best of her..I can even dare to say it was the best writing of last couple of years (in this romantic genre)..CLOY team as a whole worked so hard for this amazing drama under very harsh conditions and political pressures, I think the judge commitee should have at least awarded them with the best screenplay even if they didn't give the best drama award. 


    CLOY also sparked so much interest to K-dramas like it was in early 2000s. Maybe Koreans don't really care about it, they maybe like realistic stories that portray daily lives....I can't help wonder why they gave daesang to My love from the stars few years back..I don't know I might be just ranting.. I just feel like they are robbed :( 

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  6. 3 minutes ago, aunoh said:

    Actually, I'm not that sad at all.. because out of all celebreties that attended they were the only ones who called together on stage without the social distancing interview. they did it together. it's more than enough to my BinJin heart..

    Although I agree with you and I know I shouldn't be sad as well (I am happy for the interaction we got from our couple), I feel like the CLOY team's efforts were not acknowledged by the Korean netizens. This drama was so unique in many aspects despite it has commonly used theme of love. The story telling, the old-school feeling that we don't see in recent dramas, strong supporting acting, actual relevance to real world problems... I can give more examples... It wasn't just a simple love story of the golden spoon elites from either side of Korea as some people claim. It had great depth and not only main leads but the whole team showed a great team work which is very unique among Korean dramas (they usually focus on main leads, other stories usually pushed side)..

    Anyways, it happened..we can't changed the past.. But atleast with the help of great binjin nation, they got the popularity award and showed that they are aware of the love they get from us as a couple. So should I be hopeful for a new project for them together soon?? 

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  7. To be honest I was expecting at least 2 awards for CLOY: best male actor and best screenplay. Although I hoped SYJ to win the best actress, I knew Koreans love Kim Hee Ae and the drama was hot issue recently so I wasn't so expectant. 

    However I still feel CLOY was robbed, especially the writer Park Jieun:bawling: This drama is a masterpiece in writing... 

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  8. 2 minutes ago, Ri Se Ri said:

    Hayst! I knew it. Political issues.

    I agree!! Recently the tension between North and South have been increasing, just this week Kim Jong Un's sister threathened South Korea regarding the balloons that are sent from Southern activists over the border. Moreover CLOY made it news in North Korea and that voiced their displeasure of Southern propaganda (?). So I think that's highly likely the reason that CLOY didn't get the awards as it deserved. In my opinion this move could mean to stop ongoing attention on the North-South issue for a while and maybe to discourage other producers following the CLOYs path to tackle this problem. At least for awhile to not create more tension..


    Nevertheless CLOY deserved best drama, best screen play and best actor/actress in my opinion.. I don't get S.Koreans love for healing dramas. I am sure many people like such dramas (you know which one I am talking about) but with all due respect, for me CLOY had better message and standing overall. Its my opinion though, I don't have any ill intend towards other dramas and the lover of that dramas.  

    I am happy that we get to see our couple on the stage today, I hope we can see them together in another movie/drama soon. Their explosive and unique chemistry shouldn't go to waste

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  9. 6 hours ago, campanulah said:


    The Korea Herald article posted above is actually less menacing, but the articles I saw published in Korean contained words like (roughly translated) "SK authorities and the producers who create and disseminate movies and dramas that are a complete distortion and fabrication from the truth, shall pay the price for their vicious behavior."

    Instead North Korea should give great prize or an honorary citizenship to Hyun Bin for singlehandedly doing the best PR they could ever ask for, both in CLOY and Confidential Assignment.

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  10. I needed to back read everything, so many things happened again while working. You guys don't want me finish my papers i guess:lol:

    6 hours ago, eLizza said:

    It feels so nice to witness the love and support that CLOY is getting worldwide.Few weeks back when the drama was still airing ,I started searching news related to it .I would read many articles and comments according to the timeline starting from the confirmation news.Although I have read before that HB and SYJ were going to star in a drama together , didn't pay much attention as the synopsis didn't attract me.Plus I was not much familiar with the actors having watched only one of their previous works each.Then happened to stumble across CLOY in mid December as I had nothing to watch .I started with zero expectation thinking it to be some cheesy rom-com and now do I need to say ..THIS IS THE BEST DRAMA OF MY LIFE.So as to atone for my earlier ignorance i started reading articles during the hiatus and weekdays.And what I found shocked me:scream:..There were so many negative comments even before the teasers were released.And this amount doubled after Netflix released the trailers.People were asking to boycott this show and were guaranteeing that it would be a flop.One comment really made my eyes roll back with anger.It said that both the actors got the script way back and pretended that they wished to work together in future during Nego promos so that it could look like a coincidence and fate.Plus the rumours and all dating pics  were just a media play to garner audience by arising curiosity.It went on saying that as the script is absurd with no substance  they were banking on their leads' rumours to make it a success:triumph: ..They were backing it to fail just like some other big budget dramas which fell short of expectations in terms of ratings.When the first episode came out still people were badmouthing SYJ that she has done overacting and should have sticked to melo genre as comedy is not her cup of tea.And" JJH would have been a better choice".I accept that JJH is a good actress and can do comedy really well but it is my opinion that SYJ is much versatile.She perfectly managed to do both the comedic part and the emotional part in CLOY.Whereas I wouldn't have been able to connect to JJH as Yoon Seri in the emotional scenes.


    Sorry I had to cut your post, I am a causal fan of SYJ and HB. I watched their dramas and movies in the past. I normally don't follow any celebrity (including my own country) outside of their movie/drama. I never search for personal/private life information. I had some time before my PhD viva, so i decided to watch HB movies:) When I watched Negotiation, I was mesmerised by the leads chemistry despite the movie being crime/thriller. I thought if they acted in melodrama or romantic comedy, that would be festival for my eyes. Then CLOY came to my like a present from above:heart: When i read those negative comments, especially nasty comments regarding SYJ, I never once bothered by it. Because she is the queen of box office, there is only 2 persons who guarantee smashing box office (i.e. Lee Byung Hun and Son Yejin). She hard carries every role regardless of who her partner is. Comparing her to JJH was unfair but I guess people were used to seeing her in Park Jieun's dramas (and she really hard carried those two characters). People were not used to seeing SYJ being quirky but being a versatile actress as she is, I can't imagine someone else playing Yoon Seri. I was all for this drama, despite not liking the previous drama from this writer. I didn't like her writing style and thought only big names save the previous dramas. Regardless of my previous thoughts about the writer, I was looking forward to CLOY because my prayers were heard and we would see SYJ and HB acting together in a rom-com. After watching 1st episode, I was struck by how amazing the story is. Even with few episodes along, I retrieved my thoughts back regarding the writer's ability. I was like "this is very well thought and written drama". I became addicted to it and find myself in CLOY thread:lol: As you said, I am delightful to see how quickly the opinions of netizens changed:heart:

    Kind of unrelated but did you see Kim Tae Hee and Rain's CF:wub: It's so cute!! I wish we can see our couple in a CF like that :wub:



    I think this is not the first ad for them. Didn't they meet in Lotte CF and start dating :unsure:


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  11. Even if to debunk the theory, i think we shouldn't post anything related to other parties. We should have learnt from the alleged holding hands under table thing. Although I don't want to make people feel restricted to voice their opinions, as @wolfie26 said we should be careful especially after the mess that alleged photo created.  So could you please kindly delete or edit your posts? 

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  12. 5 minutes ago, flailingfangirl said:

    Everyone (ok, a lot of people) are looking for any news, articles, stories, photos, old movies and interviews of CLOY’s cast especially HB and YJ. Their respective management should capitalize on this - oh well. At least there may be more endorsements deals for them soon, I hope.

    I think they'll unlikely do that. If it was somewhere outside Korea, what you said would be done 100%. But in Korea especially for A-listers with a scandal would be called riding on the coat-tail of their scandal. I finding it absurd tbh but its how it is in Korea unfortunately. 

    I would have loved them in a phootshoot and/or a CF (they are endorsed by the same cosmetic company, if they had a CF together it would have been awesome)

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  13. 7 minutes ago, ajmamor1976 said:

    SBS is like that, when the actor and actresses who previously acted with them have a new drama, they always repost their BTS maybe to gain more viewers . I know bcoz I am shipper, when my fave actress has a new project, SBS keep in reposting her previous drama with them, same with my fave actor. 


    But thinking of it, Ye Jin made a cameo role in Secret Garden and they sit beside each other in an awards night. It is really fate, glad they get close in the right age and they already done a lot in their career. I believe they can consider marriage if they are really dating. 

    You are right, i also knew it was a clickbait to increase their views but everyone is so desperate to get a piece of our couple:lol: It's so crazy:lol:

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  14. 23 minutes ago, Ambivert said:

    I know I'm posting a lot but I feel HB has been indirectly accused many time here.

    Hyun Bin is so handsome so no wonder woman love him but that doesn't mean he is someone who dates around. All the relationships he have had in the past lasted for 2 or 3 years. He doesn't just date for the sake of it. 

    Hyun Bin is a busy man. He is the CEO but statements and all I don't think he writes them. Denying or accepting is maybe his call but wording the statement is not his job.


    Dating is healthy. Especially the way HB does because it means he is responsible and cares about his partner emotions. Who believes their oppas are all celibate, everybody dates! And given all the news about entertainment darkside, the most clean and untouchable actors that no one expects are the ones date around the most. So I urge fans to not take everything at the face value. He is a quite respectable man who puts his career as his priority and as a normal human being he dates responsibly.  

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