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  1. This is honestly the saddest ever. Well I think the only way this drama can have an okay ending is probably either that Yuri still goes to heaven, and MJ and CGH live their lives, missing her and the impact she made. That's realistic and probably is suitable as an ending, tho not the ending I want. Honestly deep inside I want Yuri back for Ganghwa, but we all know that isn't realistic and right for Minjung, and I guess the fact that we see in the preview that Minjung is willing to let go, it means that it probably won't end up being this ending. Something bad is going to happen, another accident maybe? I'm thinking maybe Ganghwa ends up dying and Yuri and Minjung brings up Seowoo together. Again, I did much rather a 49 day (that 2011 drama) ending than a forced happy ending. If the writer didn't write Minjung to love Ganghwa so much, then maybe it would have been easier with a happy ending but rn I just don't see that.
  2. I think Ganghwa just doesn't show his love for seowoo because Yuri died for her. Again she said in last episode, she made a choice. The choice made Ganghwa suffer. Ganghwa would have much rather forgo the baby and let Yuri live 5 years ago, and so he sees seowoo as the reason why Yuri didn't live. Yes, it isn't seowoos fault, but from Ganghwas point of view, if Yuri didn't save the baby, she would have lived. That's why he also blamed himself. Because if he didn't lock the door in his operation that day, he would have been able to make the decision. But the decision was solely made by Yuri that day. I'm not sure if anyone here has watched Fated to love you, a Taiwanese drama from over 10 years ago. In that drama, the dad was there and told the doctor to leave the baby and save the wife. Wife was really upset and angry, but that was the decision the husband made to have his wife alive rather than the kid cause he had to choose one. I know Seowoo still doesn't deserve this from Ganghwa, but if you see it from the point of Ganghwa has been avoiding Seowoo because it really hurts him like an open wound when he looks at Seowoo, then you'll be able to understand Ganghwa a little more. As for why he suddenly became so protective of the grim reaper was obviously because 1. He still loves Seowoo deep inside, he just couldn't bring himself to look at her for the past 5 years - but he knows this child is a gift from his wife, and the only thing that he had from his wife left, which is why he stopped himself from dying when Yuri's parents didn't wanna look after Seowoo for that reason. He knew that would be Yuri's wish, for him to stay alive and give his child a family. 2. Yuri is back now, which makes it less painful for him. Tho he still wasn't successful in the hospital surgery room, in the past few EPs we saw him trying. Trying to get help from the doctor, with his psychological problem, and trying to just be happier cause Yuri is back.
  3. Wow thank you - was trying to find info on this, you definitely answered my question. Really appreciate it! Thanks all! Just wondering, where can i read the book? Both english and chinese will be great!
  4. Hi everyone! I have a quick question.. I remember the second prince of the western sea in eternal love was die feng, but it is su mo ye now. Am i missing something?
  5. Name: Lee Jae-Wook Hangul: 이재욱 Born: May 10, 1998 Birthplace: South Korea Height: 187 cm Blood Type: O Instagram: jxxvvxxk Twitter: @ljw_official Movies Battle of Jangsari | Jangsari: Yitheojin Youngwoongdeul (2019) - Lee Gae-Tae Drama Series If the Weather Is Good, I'll Find You | Nalssiga Joeumyeon Chajagagesseoyo (JTBC / 2020) - Lee Jang-Woo Extraordinary You | Eojjeoda Balgyeonhan Haroo (MBC / 2019) - Baek Kyung Search: WWW | Geomsaekeoreul Ibryeokhaseyo: WWW (tvN / 2019) - Seol Ji-Hwan Memories of the Alhambra | Alhambeuraui Gungjeonui Chooeok (tvN / 2018-2019) - Marco Han Awards Best New Actor ("Extraordinary You") - 2019 MBC Drama Awards - December 30, 2019 Fun Facts - Relates most to Seol Ji Hwan in WWW, says he is 50% similar to Seol Ji Hwan - Really looks up to Da Hee Noona - Night Owl -Thinks his nicest facial feature is his middle forehead - likes to drink Beer. -Can eat about 5-6 Cheeseburgers -Prefers himself without bangs -Current phone background is from the scene with Dahee where they watched the sunrise -Search terms he never wants deleted - Search WWW and Lee Da Hee - Saying she is the kind of "Can I go out with her" type of partner, and she is a really good senior. -Likes the nickname fans gave him - Puppy Seol -Fan of Lee Da hee, cause she taught him so much on WWW and says she is the sunbae he respects the most -Loves streetwear, hoodies - always thinks of a new apparel to buy whenever he gets his pay. -Favourite song at the moment - Post Malone - WOW Any fans of Lee Jae Wook, please come and post <3
  6. Is anyone here from Team Gyeong instead of Haru? I just watched it and fell hard for Gyeong. Went searching for his thread on soompi, and i couldn't find one. I need to make one for him <3
  7. YKS thread has been dead *crying* visited and I'm like wait noooo there's no one! https://m.imgur.com/a/rywGBjQ ^^ honestly quite sad why these were never in the drama and were only for the ost. This chemistry is too die for ❤️
  8. I think this is a GOD talk show. One of the members was talking about how the moment he heard the song, he knew that was Yoon Kye Sangs voice.
  9. Recording for ha Ji won!!! Why didn't they include YKS
  10. ^^ NG from the serious part, cause the wind came and blew the chocolate bag away ... And troll YKS was like "OMMAAA" pretending like his mum came with the wind and her presence is with the bag. I love how Ji won and Kye Sang keeps calling each other "Kangii shiii and Chayoungsshi" so cute!
  11. Hahahah lowkey feels, but we shall just ship them onscreen for now since Jiwon seems like shes attached as well! That doesnt stop me from hoping that theyll reunite in another drama. Like with Jisung and Hwang Jungeum, both married, but their chemistry on screen is through the roof! I've seen it! It has similar vibes but with ALOT more makjang. YKS feels very similar there tho. If you guys loved chocolate, i would recommend Can You Hear My Heart by Kim Jae Won and Hwang Jung Eum. A very heartwarming drama about handicapped people around HJE. Really warm and touching human drama. Chocolate is the first since then that touched me like that.
  12. @ben1090 @strwbrry I know!!! Having watched so many interviews of hers in the past and never hearing a single word of relos other than the few times she mentioned past relos... this makes me think that she might be ready to go public.... and drop the bomb of marriage!? This won't stop me from shipping her and YKS on screen and hoping they'll work together again someday Gah, Jiwon's chemistry with any actor always works
  13. I just watched that interview above though, and she didn't even say, in the past, about her bf... But it sounded like shes talking about her current boyfriend......! You guys might be onto something!!! She could have said ex boyfriend... but she said... boyfriend! I've literally never heard her talking much about a significant other in interviews, but this is two in a row now, one with the guy in the past where she did make a chocolate cake on valentine's day, and now this..... #menbooong!
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