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  1. You don't get married just because your imaginary timeframe says so. If she doesn't meet the right person till 30 then what? Besides she won't be happy if she doesn't allow herself to be in her head. I doubt it that fans will approve of some arranged marriage either. Besides it's ridiculous. Anyone with common sense will choose happiness over some religious fanatic upbringing or whatever. I think she needs to come to terms with herself. Right now she is allowing fans to dictate her life, pretending she is keeping her private life in deep secret. But nothing that much to hide, she doesn't really have a personal life.
  2. I only watch their together dramas. If I ever watch separately, however, it's Vengo's projects. With Raba... well, it's usually one and the same, not so much difference.
  3. I know the real story but nuclear physics has never been my strongest subject. In ep. 5 all is explained very well, however, so it filled the gaps. And also very good acting.
  4. Honestly, I don't get it. Nobody wants hate comments, that's understandable. But I don't think Hollywood cares that much about fan moods, so why does Reba? After all, she still gets paid millions to shoot these dramas and if it has to be only fan-approved stuff, it will become extremely boring at one point. She cannot live as a saint, neither can she always play one in her movies
  5. I need closure with V+R kissing style, in order to be able to go through the last twelve episodes of ELOD. Estimation is my anger will be suppressed somewhere around July or so
  6. @Wuzetian, cause I like Jeremy. But him talking in Dijun's voice - it's too much, I'm getting split personality
  7. @Wuzetian, @janine Ang - I'll take him, no problem p.s. It's confirmed, it's Dijun's voice.
  8. I'll be watching Season 2. Jeremy Jones Xu reminds me of Vengo and the trailer reminds me of ELOD. At the end he says: "You are not allowed to forget me". DH modified version, ahahaha. And same voice once again, if I'm not mistaken
  9. You know, practice makes perfect(-ly careful) so they are so busted. Sorry V+R, all the secrets are out
  10. I hired a friend who's not into ELOD to watch with me. She says that you can see Reba's teeth and tongue when they deepen the kiss but it stays in her own mouth
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