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  1. We might already have our royal twins coming on their way if our King&Queen are so efficient lol. I keep thinking what if LMH and KGE stalk our forum, they must have die of laughing reading all of your wild and deep analysis of their night lol. You guys, I love ❤️.
  2. I am so excited for Ep.12, but you know what, I’m extremely excited and keep laughing out loud reading all of our awesome monarchs’ analysis of the royal “making love night” lol. Omg u guys are daebak!!!!! Lol Long live the King & Queen! And thanks writer-nim, we have JY & ES back!!!! My love!!!!!
  3. omggggggg her “jealous concern” has come true lol, our King looks damn good in his military uniform preparing food for his lover!!! New stills make my day!!!!!!
  4. I have never seen such a kiss!!! I am crying a river with our OTP :(((, their acting skill daebak!!! omo omo epilogue JTE hands r covered with blood :((((
  5. That day she wore the coat he bought for her when she was in Corea (she brought back to Korea) and you can see her looking at it in her wardrobe while missing LG.
  6. @SweetButters sorry only now I saw ur question. Hide contents @mychoiyoung and @Hachiko Ooo I had posted a similar filming clip of that exact scene...do you think its ES or JY in that scene? And do you think they die? — Now we know that ES may get the shot and I give all my prayers for him to be ok from the shot!!! Please wear bulletproof jacket our dear ES!!! I will protest if writer nim let my ES die :(((.
  7. Omg I am sorryyyy but I am so in love with ES in Corea and LG totally rocks today!!!!! What an episode!!!! Daebak!!!
  8. At the moment, I think they swap for the timebeing only so that JY can stay in Korea to look for LR, ES goes to Corea to help the King cover the absence of JY to not create rumor and alert to LR. But if ES develops his feeling for the Media girl and JY develops his love for Nari then the writer nim really has so much thing to settle for all characters to have a decent happy ending lol. Wow, I really can’t take my eyes off this drama to see how the writer solves and wrap up everything!!!
  9. 5 people JTE add number to LG phone, she told him that these 5 numbers will help him. I cant really recall all 5 but include SJ number.
  10. Omg yes!!!!! That means the swap of JY and JES. JY stays and corporates with JTE and SJ (?maybe), ES leaves with LG and takes the role of Unbreakable Sword for real . I must say it takes me so much bravery and brain to keep watching this drama as I go against many of my K-drama friends (they gave up) and I have to rewatch again and again to think about the plot. That’s how I love this drama - making me curious and can never give up till I understand . To be honest, I like how natural JTE is, I like her natural look (so authentic), I like LG (although I am not a fan of LMH), this role is really for LMH acting, being slow, calm, elegant, not expressive, all those should be how a King looks like and act upon. I like all characters and stories involving them, each one plays important key to the whole story. And my fav of course are JY and JES, always. I feel like I have signed up for a module that is so tough and interesting at the same time. Many students may drop but many stay too. I must go to class every Fri, Sat, do so much homework (rewatch and analyze) and have group assignment, group discussion (@soompi) in order to pass the module with flying colors. Let’s wish that our module will have all student score A+ with happy ending. That’s more meaningful than the rating to me.
  11. Totally agree. I am not a fan of the lead couple and have never watched any of their dramas. I started The King quite reluctantly due to CB but suprisingly, I have to rewatch all the episodes to pay attention to every single detail to think and connect all of them together. The scriptwriter is awesome. She makes us always think and analyze. I also like the cinematography, the autumn is so beautiful, Busan is so charming in Corea color. And my fav are Yeong and Maximus. Can’t wait to Friday!
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