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  1. Obviously the Twitter user didn't credit Soompi. Ok, "my friend". Suit fit.
  2. Thank you so much for the recommendations, ladies. I've heard great things about Legend of Nakrang so will have to add this to my list. @wap I've discussed Sanctuary at three different points this week in passing so many people have enjoyed reading your story. There were many times I thought, yep, yep, RiRi would definitely say this lol. Major kudos. Hopefully you'll continue feeding our addiction for RiRi / BinJin! I have been reading Death Angel and pretty much died in that one chapter. You know the one lmao. It both shocked and cracked me up. What? Did that really happen? It sur
  3. Random question: I just finished reading Sanctuary ... are there any other well written fanfiction stories out there? In general, I don't like reading stories that try to play with their timeline. Suggestions are appreciated! I remember there were suggestions a few months back and one of the writers even checked in but the paging back is a head scratcher. Thanks in advance!! To add: Daniel Henney and HB together - visually stunning combo. I'd totally ship lol.
  4. I'm going to skip being hypothetical. Because if you ask 50 fans this question, responses will prob be split. As someone who looked at the hotel in question a few months ago, one that she has been to prior to 2019 ... I would say I feel horrible for sharing this information knowing that there is even a slim chance she may now see it on IG. I don't post as much as I used to, but it def made me question myself when I saw the info all over social media yesterday. (I know there's that ... eventually someone else will discover it but that doesn't mean much.) There's differen
  5. I am confused by this ongoing 10-hr plus conversation, but since I am finally off work ... Facts: 1. @TotoroSY post seemed humorous regarding the IG / Twitter users confirming a previous crumb here. I didn't see any finger pointing. Any calling out as you noted. Just an acknowledgement of previous discoveries. (I'm sorry, I laughed at the overdramatics of the IG post when I read it, but this is just me. I know others loved it. I didn't watch the video, but kudos to the individual who went on her excursion. I'm sure it was exciting.) 2. Some people on this board and on soc
  6. It's definitely not a squirrel. I think the only thing we can say is that they've used the same agency. Otherwise, assuming anything more is like comparing trees located in different countries. Also, it's nice to always see their names side by side.
  7. Look at Ye-jinsshi having chemistry with herself lol. Wishfully anticipating the joint CF in a few months. PS Not deleting the original video because I'd just repost it anyway.
  8. Scroll to her IG account dated Feb 4. 2018. EDT: I was unsatisfied with the pics, so found this too lmao. Lamps and cushion matched.
  9. Amy, if we ever do our LA meetup, I challenge us to separate and visit all 20 Pavilions in CA to confirm lmao. But I am still in agreement it is the one in Newport Beach - and yes, too much of a coincidence that Yejin visited Pelican the year before. Anyway, I noticed the Pavilions in the LA area are actually old and not updated. When you move south, the stores are newer - so things like the mintier green wall in the alcohol section, and the writing above the yogurt section are not present at the stores closer to LA. (Of course my anal self will prob review the photos again since it has been a
  10. I believe at one point the wedding planner had a connection to SYJ. I feel like she was part of her team (could be wrong)? One of her first photos is a group photo with SYJ if I remember correctly. Maybe they lost contact or communicate enough through text!
  11. To be perfectly honest, his casting worries me so I don't mind there are no casting confirmations lmao. Apologies to anyone who is a fan of his. He definitely is a good looking man though.
  12. I think this would have to do with the scenario / script, esp as it relates to her character ... maybe even the collaborative nature of the director to take feedback and make changes. If she accepts the role it is based on what has already been presented to her. I am assuming her character is of the strong, independent type - which falls in line with her previous works. If this changes or her role decreases, I don't see her having issue with dropping out as she has done previously. jmo. @QueenieBee I also noticed the movie has been in the works for the past 10 years and even the ma
  13. The notion Yejin didn't like the kiss is laughable ... HB must have grabbed those arms that were yanking on his coat and hooked it over his neck himself, eh? It definitely was not a short kiss. Then she was being so serious and worried reviewing the clip? Err ... 99.6% of the time she reviews her playbacks with a focused look. That's who she is - making sure what she's done is quality. Can we say HB wasn't ready for her attack on the lips during the boat kiss? .... Because HB turned beet red.
  14. This seems like a wonderful start to a fanfiction - which apparently also includes the assumption they are already married. I can almost buy into the rejected dates since it's a cute thought, but 16 additional years of connecting the dots is a bit of a headache for me. If this is how destiny works in people's minds, keep theorizing away. I'll hold onto 2017 onward.
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