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  1. The above voting campaign is to adjust for any additional needs prior to the June 2nd deadline. Spread the word to all other groups you are a part of.
  2. If you can participate, please do so. The Twitter user added: @Wasuzi47 We would like to check how much the number of increasing votes we can get if we all vote in the same time.This will be useful for our analysis to plan our further campaign before the deadline on 2 June at 12 am Korean time! Also, Hyun Bin is looking so great right now. Hope to see both him and Son Ye Jin more on the international stage.
  3. Something worth asking is putting a request to all your teen and young adult members in your family and request them to vote. Most in that age group already have TikTok ... they don't need to know about your obsession lmao.
  4. This cracked me up ... the scissors pruning the tree . Just me? The unedited version ... still cute. Close friends HB-SYJ edition.
  5. The first glimpse of RJH / HB walking up the mountain side ... soooo hot! Whenever I watch that scene now it reminds me of his co-stars saying (or joking) he naturally glows lol. Of course SYJ is so gorgeous too - love the capture within the window. Her sweet smile and lean into the kiss, along with the beat to the music is perfect. I am rooting for Director-nim at Baeksang too ... our silent but always smiling binjin shipper lmao. The shots in Mongolia and Switzerland are incredibly beautiful - and with all of the shows moving pieces, he pretty much created mini movies each week.
  6. I'd gladly join you on that mission - whether it be at the director's home or the secret vaults of CJ E&M / tvN / StudioDragon. I'd bet my life there are even more clips that would broaden our cheesey grins. You mean there are uncut versions of the kisses? I'd never guess! But I'd really love to see BTS clips of the more emotionally charged scenes too: post-Seri shooting / reunion and final goodbye scenes for example.
  7. Personally, this is pointless ... it will be a never ending bash and defend session. It is not just SHK fans as I saw earlier people were shading her too. They'll prob tell you to stop being delusional. Koala's Playground is toxic. They always have the nastiest comments, about almost every topic. I recall they bashed CLOY, HB and particularly SYJ when the show was announced and even after it aired. jmo Btw, I don't know how many times we need to be reminded of the rules. Do not let your bias (HB / SYJ) lead you to openly bash or criticize those we don't know, esp in this thread. @yejinatic1981 please kindly edit your post. @RiRiGaGa Their hands are like the third actor. I think HB's is a bit more scripted (except for maybe underarm rub) but in their kisses his grip on her is always moving / drawing closer and then she has that smooth hand slide. And even without tech savvy fans, they execute it slowly which creates that sensual feeling lmao. Now I have to find the slo-mo of the reunion kiss because I remember thinking - gah - when I watched it. Feel like it was the BTS version though lmao.
  8. But they sure had some good eye sex and hand-in-hand battles . There hand movements during their hugs and kisses are so sensual to me.
  9. When they laugh there bodies tend to move and angle towards each other, throw in the eye contact and ...
  10. I'm not sure where in the bolded statement of mine you conclude I am undermining her importance in the industry. My statement indicates she is particular about the project she chooses not that the industry isn't calling. She herself has said SK is inundated by action flicks and male dominated movies - she was applauded for being the only female lead in a handful of movies that came out during The Negotiation era / 2018 Chuseok holiday. So yes, I do think the type of movie she is drawn to is hard to find.
  11. I agree and really do think SYJ is just enjoying her time off. With CLOY being such a huge hit, she is not only taking a much needed break but probably also carefully considering her next project. She usually chooses material where she is the main character (and not a support to the male) ... I don't think the type of work she is attracted to is always readily available in a male dominated/action oriented industry. I also read an article about Gong Yoo recently. He needed a break after the success of Goblin. He took almost three years off from film and television (per his filmography). I don't think SYJ will hold out that long, but we all know she can do very little and still bring in a good chunk of change even after one CF. In terms of the gossip: I don't usually speak in metaphors, but if you need to get into a happy place, pull out those receipts. I know I personally keep a stash of fangirling favorites saved. For me, I am just waiting for that .0001 confirmation because I've connected most of the dots. If I've been delusional and wrong this entire time, I still ship. Does anyone else laugh when SYJ says ".0001 high class"? ... and I only laugh because usually HB or SYJ does.
  12. Can we get confirmation the agency reported it, as opposed to non-shippers and antis? For some reason I thought you needed multiple reports from users to get the material reviewed. Plus, there have been so many more inappropriate material from others in the past. It may be an awkward request, but thought V was usually good at asking fans to take things down before taking other actions. Just compared to my time, it is almost 2 AM in SK - they must gave been working past 8PM to make the report. Just playing devil's advocate lol.
  13. Once upon a time, in the year 2019, an unconfirmed report by a fan stated a man and woman were spotted in LA eating with her parents. The news hit like a wild fire. Not weeks a part. Within hours. Fast forward to 2020. I'm pretty sure I heard the pin drop in K-Ent. For what it is worth: @yara530 That BTS was released by a staff when CLOY ended. Do you see the hearted cloud above our lovely duo? Yep, the heavens love these two. Yep, still a favorite:
  14. Here's my short spiel for the day ... (and don't read this if you want to wipe your mind of negativity). I'm not afraid to pull up my granny panties if need be.
  15. The fact that I had to google "LMJ actor Korea" to understand who you were talking about speaks volume to how these two crazy dorks (HB and SYJ, duh) have affected me. K-Ent, whaaa? Shipping, hey? You're welcome.
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