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  1. Korea is a strange country in that regard I'm glad KSY managed to maintain her long career.
  2. While CSJ isn't exactly the best character for our KSY, I'm glad the drama exposes her to media attention, and hopefully she gets to starr in better projects and her stardom growsm
  3. What a way to sustain the ratings!!! Penthouse is a cashcow for SBS. Like the trashy characters in the story, the producers are also trashy for milking the ratings at whatever possible cost. But I'm gullible enough to keep watching. Oh yes, remember when Logan Lee talked to SSR about her rumors that she herself hadn't got a clue? A doppelganger is on the way. Brace yourselves.
  4. The viewers in my country are FUMING. Happens after every episode. Penthouse is a winner
  5. I don't know how to make of this drama. Well, I know in fact, that this is your non-sensical over the top drama, but funny how the last few minutes of episode 20 seemed like a detective story (I mean the witness scenes from the housekeeper, and JDH. It's all so detective thriller elements.
  6. I thought KSY character was pointless (for her), but then Eugene's OYH happened. Oh boy!
  7. KSY should win an array of awards for her acting. It's only fair this way.
  8. Yes, people in my country (Myanmar) are praising her acting prowess. She's been praised from first episode, but last night's episode takes it to a new level.
  9. She was soooo good in the last episode. If only the script do her justice. Oh well.
  10. Ugh, I feel like Kim So Yeon's acting in the last episode is top-notch to say the least. She never misses a beat. That's why I feel sorry for her, for being given such an inconsistent character/plots. She deserves much better.
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