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  1. I think the last classical music theme drama I really enjoyed was Nodame Cantabile (jdrama). I don’t mind some romance but I hope the portrayal of instrument-playing scenes will be accurate and not too over-the-top or unrealistic. It was nice finding out that Kim Min Jae can play the piano to some degree. I’m also hoping the drama will introduce me to some good classical pieces that I haven’t heard of before.
  2. Keeping an eye on this one! I've missed watching dramas mixed with classical music. The teasers seem to show romance between the two leads, but the relationship chart doesn't show a loveline between the two of them so I'm confused. (blue line - friendship / red - loveline / green - family)
  3. Yes I’ve watched it! But didn’t see the teaser though haha. I’m actually excited for Rain’s solo song it is very catchy just like Jaesuk’s one! -2
  4. @partyon So you are subtracting here but adding on discord? Haha Btw I experienced another bug just now. The soompi hangout threads disappeared and the latest posts were from July 20. Refreshed page and didn’t work. Glad the threads are back now. -2
  5. I need to recover my discord account... forgot my password already. I’ll see if I can join tomorrow! 334
  6. @partyon Yep those are pretty much the same issues I’ve been encountering... no. 3 just happened to me again. Had to refresh the page 3 times before the reply box showed itself. 364
  7. I’m still treating the forums in a very fragile manner (trying not to use the gif reactions lol) because I keep getting ‘the forum is not available’ message randomly when I click on links here and I get mini heart attacks Sometimes the reaction buttons don’t work for me too, not sure if we’re all experiencing the same problems? @alleram95 Have you seen the SSAK3 MV?? I love this song Tempted to buy the album that comes with a cassette tape (!!!) but it’s expensive... 374
  8. Popping by to say ‘Hi’ to everyone in case the forums go into maintenance. I missed being on here! See many features still missing. Hopefully everything can be recovered! *crossing my fingers
  9. im0202

    variety show quiz!

    Ok with @Lawyerh new hints, this is my updated guess:
  10. im0202

    variety show quiz!

    Hahahah yes I also answered ‘no idea’ to a few of the questions... (I think mostly was the couple ones which I think maybe from WGM, which I stopped watching long before it ended so I’m so out of the loop lol) Didn’t want to google anything so I can get an accurate result of my Variety show knowledge once @Lawyerh reveals the answers
  11. im0202

    variety show quiz!

    Hahha Family Outing is where the main cast (the ‘family’) goes to different parts of S.Korea (usually villages) and help to take care of the house of an elderly family who go on vacation. The cast then has to complete a set of tasks left behind by the homeowners. So most of the time they will be doing these jobs, preparing meals (a bit like 3 Meals A Day), and playing games (which are the best parts lol). Also a lot of nicknames, duos and lovelines that were created in the show that I remember till now. Was so sad when they ended the show. Some names off the top of my head: Nation’s siblings Dumb & Dumber bros The pathetic elder Chunderella and his Stepmother (etc etc there are so many) A small taste of what it’s like:
  12. im0202

    variety show quiz!

    @snowlou I just realised you’re Event Organiser now I’m so slow And yes yes thanks for quiz!! I had to dig deep in my memories lol some of the shows I only watched a couple of eps but had a lasting impression.
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