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  1. Ok, seems like it's paranoia Actually, I'm shocked of how scary Second Prince is from the beginning. Never considered him as somehow serious character, he was just like some schoolboy trying to be cool.
  2. It's me again, slowly rewatching the whole thing...actually, I was a bit confused by the Chengze's reaction to Fan Xian's poem on the first poerty gathering. Seems like it felt like somehow personal to him. @MaySenpai33, could you please tell if the second prince
  3. So his appearance in Who is the Murderer wasn't just for one episode! Happy to know
  4. @MaySenpai33, you are really my saviour, thank you! For now I'm enough with this knowledge. But if any more questions would arise, could I please write to you directly? Or it is better to use this thread?
  5. Looks like the next episode of Who's the Murderer feature Zhang Ruoyun and Xiao Zhan The cutest Joy of Life reference Rewatching the drama... Does anyone know whether Lord Shadow/影子 is a name (therefore he should be Yingzi), or it's a nickname?
  6. I was avoiding novel spoilers from here, but then saw the annotation for the 2nd season... [SPOILERY SPOILERS OMG] well, ok, I can't but read the first of the @MaySenpai33 comments... seems like the drama scenario will be slightly more pleasant to percieve
  7. Thank you so much! Of course it's for playing up tragedy, but they've chosen one particular way for doing it, so I'm curious. The idiom makes sense...I also read sth about snow meaning innocence. Not sure about winter,but this would also make sense... I don't know how this season works in Qi
  8. Finished the drama on Monday, still thinking it over. Guys, what do you think, why it was snowing on the Shen Zhong vs Shan Shanghu scene? I am really bad at Chinese symbolics, but I remember the snowflakes mentioned in the opening song...
  9. Yeah, I remember this. I just wonder how much could Fei Jie know about the emperor's gender : D Heard about his concubine, but thought it was another person. You mean that Si Lili doesn't exist in the novel? Duoduo and Fan Xian are so much better as bff or frenemies than as a couple! So the team are gathered : D thats cute. I see Wang Ou in the cast! Love to watch her on screen. What a pity that the drama isn't subbed yet. My level of Chinese isn't that high : D
  10. Will it be revealed in the last 2 episodes? I also remember that Fei Jie wanted to poison the emperor through Si Lili... the title doesn't sound reassuring : D I am always afraid to watch sth with the same cast just right after the drama. But thank you for the recommendation, maybe i'll try to check it later on.
  11. 对You're welcome. I knew that there is a lot of language play in this drama, but only rewatching it thoroughly helped me to notice the actual quality of the scenario. There are lots of tiny things, like Fan Xian who unconsciously changes the register of speech arguing with Fan Jian about marriage (您to你, and then 您again, when calmed his mind down)... I find them beautiful. And the songs! My poor heart : D Thank you very much for the detailed answers! You are the best Now I'm trying to save the last two episodes till Monday... Just watched an ep44, and was surprised how cosy it is. The empress playing dominoes with her subordinates, friendly drinking of Haitan Duoduo and Fan Xian. Is it just me, or there is really a room for femCP of saintess and the Northern Qi emperor? : D Feel more and more sorry for Shen Zhong. Were it some other "historical" TV series, he could easily be shown as one of the protagonists.
  12. Actually you did below Thank you for the list of Ministries and the answer about FJ, it is incredibly helpful. And the Overwatch council (检察院) possess more power then they do, does it? Underwear is an omophone to it, there is a slight difference in the second character. Actually you've just blown my mind with this info I thought that the Royal Treasury is a real governmental storage, and lot of things confused me, like why FJ said that the Emperor named it this way, and why there were books... Now it all makes sense, thank you! Oh, it just came to me that I confused 圣 with 神 character... So she is an ordinary human with zhenqi? And Saintess is like a metaphorical nickname?
  13. Hello everyone! Recently I fell in love with this incredible drama, but some issues are still unclear to me. Could anyone be so kind to explain the following things? Especially those who have read the novel, as it must possess more details... 1. What is the overall picture of Southern Qing administration? Departments, ministres, their leaders, etc. If it is possible, the picture of Northern Qi would also be a help. 2. I was confused trying to understand the agenda of 户部, Ministry of Revenue, and 内库, Royal Treasury. Could anyone please clarify for me, what are they responsible for? Because Treasury also has it's books and so on... 3. Am I right percieving that Fan Jian is the second person in his Ministry? (I really wonder how mighty should be the first then ) 4. Why is Haitan Duoduo called saintess? How is she different from the other masters? Thank you!
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