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  1. I have a slightly different take on those scenes than you, guys. As I have recently binge watched Chinese, Japanese and Thai versions of this, I am convinved that these scenes are great because, first, the writers gave depth to LG character. In none of the versions is ML ill - and this illness gave him the necessary and not too shallow motivation to behave sometimes like a jerk. Without this illness in mind, the ML is a standard rich entitled jerk at the beginning of all the versions. So it was a great plot device to prevent the ML from being basically a cartoon. Also - in all the other versions the ML is young. Or very young. Therefore, the MLs in all the other versions are hard for me to take seriously - I basically want to pinch their cheeks and tell them to behave and mind their toys. Secondly, the magic is JH. As with LYO character in BM, his acting is such that it is difficult to dislike the character (as I did with the other versions - especially Chinese). Yes, I hated LG at the beginning but it was because of his goofy manners and his laugh (or rather, not hated but found him annoying - but who didin't?) , but then, when you begin to undestand the character better, all this disappears. Frankly speaking, I did not quite like him in the second part of the drama, when MY is back and IMO he is acting selfishily and confusing MY - but we had that discussion before and I believe we agreed to disagree here.
  2. I think JH is '76 while KNG is '81 - so five years difference. Not that much. And I tried to watch Queen Seondeok for him - I gave up at 16th episode when there was still no KNG -nor Yoo Seung Ho. Yes, that drama was good, but not for my short attention span, lol! @budgerie - Did you like the Marriage Contract? OMG, I soooo hated almost all the characters at the beginning so it was fun to watch how the writer is going to make us like them. Also - I think I will have a go at a C-Drama called In a class of her own. It is Chinese remake of Sunkkyunkwan scandal, would be interesting to watch too! And yes, formus are still unstable, I was not able to answer for some time.
  3. @triplem, I sort of get it that GM is in denial...however I am quite curious why exactly he laughed? This is a rather unacharacteristic reaction to a girl offering relationship. In that view, his offering his services as his secretary seemed to me like a desparate way to prevent his father influencing Se Ra, rather than his wishing to be with her.... we will see of course. Side note - I tried to switch to dark mode and I could not post my reply... so changed back to light. And I have already found your twitter account! I searched the web when the forums were down and the one article had your tweets quoted. Actually one of your twets was quite cryptic, I wonder what it meant... But it is of no consequence, of course, I am glad the forums are back!
  4. I join the chorus --- noooooot the Voice! I hope this was loud enough, lol. And he looks tired and thin IMO. I've binge watched several dramas when the forums were down. Well, I myself was also down a little and binge watching K-Dramas is the only thing that helps me these days. I discovered two dramas with mature actors - one is Marriage Contract with Lee Seo JIn - he is even one year older than JH . The other was Live up to your name - it seems that I discovered KIm Nam Gil, ha ha. He is slightly younger than JH, but looking rather mature. So no, nobody is going to convince me that there are no rom-coms and melos for older mature actors... And fanl level was there before the forms went down. No idea what it is, though.. OMG, he looks totally dofferent that this car window picture, cute, healthy, relaxed. I absolutely adore his clean shaven look. I am glad forum and you guys are back @The Reel Life - I certainly do! SInce I try to react to all the posts, then I can easily see which was the post I read last!
  5. @triplem, ha, this is my first post since the forums are up again after being down... So I do not know if this will be posted at all. Anyway, saw the two episodes on weekends and I am slightly disappointed - we are halfway through the drama and what we are getting is more politics... Se Ra asked GM to be by her side... and he... rejected her. If anyone watched the eps 7 and 8, please be so kind and explain to me why he laughed so nastily when she was asking him. If it had been me, I would have been very hard for me to forgive this guy. And now he sort of ... wants to be with her? Or not? Or is it only political? I am confused. If anyone gets a clear picture what is going on here, please explain to the poor confused me.
  6. It just shows again what a wonderful person he is...Truly a quirky unicorn... one of his kind... And you are right.... I had not thought about it - if he had shown up for the show with longer heair, the pudding basin guys would have teased him to death...Ok, that is the only thing that can reconcile me to his cutting his hair...
  7. Not being a native English speaker I was wondering about that many times myself. Judging from the captions on photographs I saw, "bobbed" is anything between the ear-length and shoulder length. And according to the dictionary bob means hair the same length around your head. But I see that this term is actually used more loosely than that. I have a theory about that. This style is actually the easiest to maintain for straight, thick and "stiff" hair - when individual hairs are not flexible, but quite rigid. If you cut such hair with a fringe and shorter sides, this hairstyle is what you get after just washing and towel-drying. Anything else requires a lot of product and hair gel. Not many people would want to bother with that every day. That is why I still think JH maintained his long hair for so long after TMWYS and only cut it for the Hometown Flex - strainght hair is actually easier to maintain if it is longer (may be a different story with a frizzy or curly hair). But for a straight hair - you just wash it, comb it, dry it and put in a pony tail. Does not get into your eyes while exercising or working and still looks presentable. But it was not a good idea for a show where you visit your hometown, because for men it has this slightly bohemian, hippy image. OMG, I am missing this look sooooo much Edit: @Biology Lesson, let's hope that after the positive reaction of HT he will get a good offer soon... Much as I am bafled by the popularity of this show, I am happy JH gets positive review and steals the show even when not saying much.
  8. Yes, so far he has not done much - but you know, I find his story to be quite realistic - a talented individual, who has the intelligence and courage to go against the main flow and correctly predict the future and tell the truth to his superiors - such a person is usually sidelined and relegated to do menial tasks, because it is usually those who suck up to superiors who get promoted - it is not convenient for those on top to hear the truth... Of course, in reality he would stay in his manial job, but since it is a drama, I expect great things from SGM. But was it just me who thought that GSR did go over the top with her golf club ? What she did in the end was spectacular, yes, but quite dangerous, too... In real life there would have been consequences... I wonder how the writer deals with it... Two more eps and we are halfway throught the drama.... I am getting impatient for this romance, you know....Also, IRL, there is no way the ML would like all that pinching and pushing... But ok, as I said, it is a drama... I take it with a pinch of salt.
  9. ROTFL! Indeed the shopkeeper did recognize JH , how on earth! JH was the one who spoke the least, wore his mask properly, i.e. covering both nose and mouth and still was recognized! And judging from his reaction, yes, JHwas not too pleased to hear that...He turned around... But why they were looking for different bags, when the ones at the end of the clip were exactly the same as the ones at the beginning??? Anyway, I am truly and utterly amazed that S Korean audience finds this kind of show entertaining....Poor JH, I can only imagine how bored he is...
  10. BTW- is this a real puppy or a cuddly toy?? @Biology Lesson - I love his shirt in the first picture. Ii looks like it is fitted at the waist - always a good idea and the v-shaped neck too! Colours are very tasty too - cream and latte, and the fabric has an interesting texture. I suppose he added the hat so as not to look too boring. Looks totally cool to me !
  11. Totally love it! with the exception of that horrible vomit-green tee. I am sure, however, it bet will be popular, too I agree with you that he looks rested and relaxed and it does make a difference Well, it confirms what @Biology Lesson said, namely: If this is a fashion amounst the celebrities, it must be going on for quite while. I am totally at a loss sometimes when watching dramas - 99.9 % girls starring in the dramas are slim, long legged creatures that would look good almost in anything - and I have a feeling that the stylist deliberately chooses ugly and ill-fitting clothes for them, or else has no taste or sense of style whatsoever and picks random items off the rack in a cheap department store. Because if a girl is nicely dressed for a change, it must be by chance. I can name countless examples. IDK what JH's real taste in clothes is - but I suppose it does not matter, because what we usually see is JH dressed for a drama or a show or photoshoot - and here the clothes are chosen by stylists, which can be good or bad - remember that horrible "lewk" for the Japan photoshoot? Oversized denim jacket and grey trousers? JH is also slim and in perfect shape and looks good in almost anything (in some things better than in others - black silk shirt , army fatigues with rolled up sleeves, anti-terrorist black gear), so the stylist for the Hometown FLex must have a real talent for choosing uglyfing clothes.
  12. ROTFL rich ahjumma . Anyway, I wanted to assess the said pants myself and I watched the clip that you posted (the view from this rooftom is breathtaking!). And here I am again amazed how clothes can change one's figure. JH looks almost fat in that shirt. Horizontal stripes in general make you wider, and that one is oversized and partially tucked in his trousers - totally ruins his figure. I checked my profile and it says it is "fan level". I wonder how they come up with that figure
  13. @triplem, yes, the last minutes of ep 6 reconciled me a bit to these two eps, because other than that it was all politics, politics, politics! Not sure I liked this. ALso - I think Na Na is overdoing the childish beating of GW. Looks like more of her ad-libbing, but at places it look really cruel and must have hur!. I do not feel any romantic vibes from her! It is a bit too violent for my taste. We've been told she likes him, but the actions are spoiling this for me!
  14. @azureblue7, I always appreciate you showing us lovely JH's face. Have you edited these two most recent photos? Because JH's face is just glowing on that second picture. . However, I just hate this striped tee. Anyway, anyone knows what are these scrollbars with numbers below the soompi points?? I've been away binge-watching another romcom drama I discovered by mistake, so I must have missed an announcement for these....
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