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  1. On 4/15/2021 at 11:07 AM, AuroraSky said:

    Can you clarify what you mean?

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     if you mean whether or not it's a happy ending for them, I heard that Zhao Lusi gave a spoiler that there would be an ending with "H" for "HE" during last week's live zoom call with Liu Yuning.



    But if you are asking about previews for the more advanced episodes, there are many previews on Youtube you can watch.


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    Aaaaaagh, but I need English subs pleeeeeaaaaaseeeee!

    Not actually about the review but i've read somewhere their story was leaked and some fans know what will happen next. So am asking if someone got the leak

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  2. 4 minutes ago, jeenee said:


    That's why the caption was "I shipped the unshippable"


    I am shocked at myself too. lol I have read the novel and never in my wildest imagination it occurred, while reading the book, that ZheYan and FengJui can be seen Romantically lol. 


    its just Baron and Rebba's scene in ep 7 was sooo shippable if I had known better.


    Its a good thing that we know what happened to the novel bcos if not my poor heart might ship ZY and FJ all the way through the drama.


    I LOVE DONGHUA and FENGJUI together, please dont get me wrong. I loved them since TMOPB, i am emotionally invested in the since the drama and in the novels. I have waited for 2 years to see their romance on TV. I cannot have it any other way...


    but please my imagination to wander. my ship has already sunk since the beginning. lol

    :joy: don't worry i'm here guilty as well . I really ship feng jiu with siming because he is always helping her and protecting her he is even nice to her and he do everything she wants. How could i not ship her with him :D

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  3. 7 minutes ago, Dao Tran said:

    I also gave it a 10 and it show 10 for me. Check again to see any change on it later.  What I’m going to do now while waiting for next Thursday? :dissapointed_relieved: Guess going to rewatch the show again.  

    Same here 12 ep isn't enough for me :joy: . I will be rewatching the ep while waiting for the review of ep 19 and 20 hopping we can see the wedding 


  4. 1 hour ago, Sisca_TVXQ said:

    Yes, I dont like Jiheng addition to the mortal arc. Based on the preview I think they will drag this arc until eps 20ish?

    Also did you guys notice Donghua's wig ? Sometimes it look like the top is white and the lower is yellowish? Maybe because of the lighting or something :sweatingbullets:

    Am I the only one who miss Xiao yan ?




    I feel the drama becomes angel liu (jihen) drama and i believe she will be involved more and we will see her more through the drama that real madness like :blink: she becomes a main lead in this drama that so missed up

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  5. 52 minutes ago, Bai Gun Gun said:

    What episode do you guys think the mortal realm will wrap and finish on? We still have to make time for aranyas dream, fengjiu and donghua officially meeting,etc.

    Am hoping it will be 16 or at least 17 where the mortal realm end (i don't see donghua sleeping with feng jiu if u seen the last trailer feng jiu was rescued and deng hua was left behind . All i can say is maybe they will be entrupted by an attack)  . 

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  6. 13 minutes ago, elsanna said:

    Don't no why wetv is not accepting my card:( 

    Guys about the card information do we in address column do we need to fill the address which we filled while making the card or it can be any place where we are living?

    Though i never used my card on wetv but what iknow all the information of the card should be filled in the column which i think the adress that you filled while making the card

    Hope someone with experience answer you

  7. 6 minutes ago, Shane Tricia Facultad said:

    Hey again everyone! Loving that we reached page 121 before the drama even airs. :w00t: we're all so crazy for dongfeng! 


    Quick query: have recently bought vip on wetv app just so I can watch this, anyone know what time it premieres tomorrow? Like 8pm china time or something? And if they say they're gonna air 6 episodes in one day, like one after the other or at different times? 

    Hope someone can clarify this for me.... 

    Here is the schedule



  8. 38 minutes ago, SC2019 said:

    I get what you mean. I recall somewhere a comment that the storyline meandered somewhat. But after reading 4 times, I felt like there was a flow after all. Now, with the changes...hhmmm.. let's see how it turns out. That much emphasis again as Consort Chen seems more for the benefit of TMOPB fans, I guess. Well, since you are only going to watch in March, it will save you the agony of the wait. :sweatingbullets:

    One thing i've noticed feng jiu doesn't have nine tails only one is it the same from the book ( i know she is the only one with 9tail) hope there won't be alot of changes 

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