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  1. I am surprised this thread is not archived yet looking at the last date of posting. I started to ship the on screen couple in OO although it seems that they were not together in the end? I only watched until eps 28. Then I found they were together again in LCDF which is very cute and sweet. Now they seem to actually date in real life. I am not used to ship the real life couple, but since I heard this rumor I ship them more than I want to admit lol because I just don't want to get disappointed. Actors are really good on acting so on screen and off screen have to be sepa
  2. I finally decided to read the translated novel. So far (ch. 18) everything looks ok. Zhangsun Qianxue was portrayed as a rare beauty so many times already. I guess Li Yitong could be considered fitting this one. Not many actresses are more beautiful than her nowadays according to my limited eyes.
  3. @pad-hari thanks for your info. Well...since LGX topic was archived, I will just say it here. I read somewhere (you will see me use this term quite often) that Tsui Hark found that he has a lot of hidden personalities, even the ones he denied. That makes him like a batman with a lot of tools kind of actor because he could naturally immerse into some personalities demanded by the script/director. If Tsui Hark said so, then it could be true. LGX is always in his movies except the latest one. So he has a lot conflicting personalities, and I bet we might see more out of him so
  4. It's actually quite surprising that at some point this drama reached the top spot. I guess I read somewhere that LGX got irritated by a very bad rating initially and retorted in an awful way online, then a couple of hours later apologized by saying he was previously drunk. He later blamed again the alcohol for the kissing scandal. This dude really has a problem with drink or is it just an excuse. Both do not sound good to me but hopefully I was wrong. I still want to see him in great projects. Btw, any idea how to wake up a closed topic?
  5. Everything was great except so many unnecessary deaths and the last episode. Too bad. Without counting the ending, this is the best wuxia drama I watched in years. It seems that the drama adapted from a happy ending novel tends to reverse the ending. I just need to accept this as a common fact to set my expectation. But still, that's too bad. I also think so. She's sad for the whole series because of the burden from the past. But her scenes with LMJ look just as a normal relationship between master and dear disciple. At least, I did not see any hint of clear romantic f
  6. I only watched the MV so far that focused on the romantic side. I keep looking for LGX red ears lol. At least from the MV it's not there. So he is better/more prepared now for the romantic scenes. Good for him! Although I wish to see him in a more serious suspense or wuxia drama again. His next project is still comrom modern day.
  7. I just posted in a similar thread so I guess there are double topic on this drama. I like suspense but still could not move on from PA. Maybe I have to order my unconsciousness to think that YWY reincarnated to the modern world too to enjoy his dramas again. It is good to hear that LGX and ZLY maintain a good relationship, in case PA2 is on the way *sigh Maybe to him indeed ZLY is forever the star bling bling
  8. Fu Heng team is here. I just finished watching episode 60 and decided to see what happened next in the real historical story to adjust expectation. Initially I thought WYL was a fictional character like Xiao Yanzi in My Fair Princess. Since the real FH married only one woman he truly loved, while the real Wei lady became Consort Ling for good, there never existed a love relationship between them. So I know they won't ended up together even in the historical drama with many fictionalization. Even so, there was a time when I thought that she came back to the Forbidden City because sh
  9. As well as the brother of LFY will be there too. Yes they are simple yet stunning. Maybe because of the production cost too this style is chosen.
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