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  1. I felt like this episode was necessary because the stakes were going to be high. It wouldn’t have been realistic if there was no involvement with the NIS. They surprisingly did add refreshingly comedic elements in a serious situation such as through the NIS agents, the CCTV cams and the F4 interrogations. Yay my prediction that CCG would die was correct! I guess now it’s to defeat the bigger enemy - the 2nd brother and the wife, and...the couple’s emotional border between each other, and that physical border between SK and NK too. What impressed me was how they fast tracked SJ and Dan’s relationship and also I love Dan’s mother and uncle supporting the relationship too. It may have been rushed but to me it was a good amount of screen time that was necessary to catch up with the OTP. Their acting and dialogue also sold me as well. They shined in this episode. I loved how SJ made the choice to stay and ripped off the plane ticket with his mouth haha! If SJ and Dan wasn’t on as much this episode, then they would have been dragged into ep 16 which means a truly rushed and a meaningless storyline for them. I also like how they give out a different flavour of love as well. I felt like the lies JH told in the interrogation scene was frustrating though. It’s not like he could get away with lies by a government agency. I kind of knew it was coming because how this is paralleling what Seri did to him back in NK. It was predictable. But I’m glad there is still the glimpse of hope where Seri made the choice to still fall in love even if she knew their fate. And the epilogue! I loved what they wore, how they looked at each other in love, the slow mo and the colours of the scene. The last scene was important because throughout this drama, they made their decisions to love based on not really making the decision. “having no choice but to love”. Here, the writer finally shares their thoughts of their choices they want to make, to love. Sure, they are choosing opposite things (i.e. JH wishes to have not have met her, Seri wishes to go through it all again) but I’m glad they are now making the decision for themselves that’s not based on the circumstance.
  2. They surely can’t make a sad ending when it was just Valentine’s Day yesterday... right??
  3. dramabeans episode 13 recap is out! http://www.dramabeans.com/2020/02/crash-landing-on-you-episode-13/
  4. My take: Hints for a bittersweet ending: - the Romeo and Juliet / cowherd and maiden stories that Seri used to describe their relationship to the NK ahjummas. - this can mean that they successfully/unsuccessfully eloped or can only reunite temporarily (in Switzerland, when snow falls? - just like how in cowherd and maiden reunites once a year under the full moon.) Hints for a happy ending: Hints for a sad ending: If this happened in real life they would’ve been dead by now. So I don’t believe it will have a sad ending!
  5. "Same energy " Found this on Facebook LOL CR: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheAnnyeongOppa/permalink/2761069050635290/
  6. Amen! I was thinking he should have not paused right after he handed the recorder back to her but gone for a hug as he affirmed that “she was his type.” He put his hand back in his pocket as he said that AND THEN reached out for her hand. Just slight little adjustments could’ve made the scene even more warm. i just hope this would be the last of the stare offs lol... will still look forward to the next episode
  7. Let’s hope we see some more physical affection on the last few eps and they better please us!
  8. @INeedAFan omgosh! The 3rd picture is so precious. So heartbreaking but full of love. The placement of their hands as they embrace. *sigh* I also love all the stills. They’re all very frameable. Would be keen to frame some in my own home
  9. Same here... so agonising to wait each day... Are productions typically more secretive in the last week of filming?
  10. I think from episode 1’s epilogue he already found her amusing hence the slight smile on his face. This was confirmed in episode 9 when he explained to his dad that he didn’t want to send Seri to the authorities in case she might get hurt or disappear. He knew she was innocent and he wanted to protect her since then. Though I think drama duckling helped incept the idea in his mind even further that they would fall in love after he lied about her being his fiancée. Episode 4’s clam soju scene confirmed that he liked her as he sneaked a few glances at Seri + the bike ride back home. He really enjoyed the idea of being engaged to each other. Keen to hear what other more perceptive drama experts say about this.
  11. I’m hoping the full song will be in the OST. Atm it’s not out yet!
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