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  1. Exclusive news gathered by agent @Felizak@t and her companion Bruno the cat is being reported: BinJin as Dutch = ICBM BinJin as North Korean = ICBM BinJin as South Korean = ICBM She can try more if you shippers want but we all know ICBM and that's a fact.
  2. BinJin shippers are the wittiest people on this planet, PERIOD.
  3. She said: "I'll send when you'll be in Korea" So we should expect a coffee truck to be sent by her before he goes to Jordan...
  4. Speaking of kiss scenes, luck wasn't on our side for sure, here even IV stand is blocking our view somehow A baby with Ye-jin's eye smile and Hyun Bin's dimples would be the prettiest. It's like serving the nation if they ever have a baby together LOL
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