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  1. Why would he be lol? Kwangsoo is still dating Lee Sun Bin too.
  2. I'm not too sure about Somin's fan base, but the Jong Kook fan base has a main rule that no shipping is allowed. Due to the fact that Jong Kook has had quite a lot of love lines, they just want to avoid any kind of shipping wars I'm sure they have their own favourite ships though. But yes, @kookminclan RunningMan is right, the Jong Kook fan base have definitely started to notice their interactions more.
  3. He's always been this way lol. Back then, the members would get so horrified at all his random cute acts.
  4. I believe, his hashtag is alluding to that he's at MC Mong's house.
  5. Yea, long time fan here too. And the only person he ever showed affection and skin ship on this level would be with Yoon Eun Hye. Any other female celeb who appeared on X-Man with him, have said that he wouldn't really talk to them. The only female celebs he talked to were Park Kyung Lim, who he has been close to since his Turbo days, and Yoon Eun Hye.
  6. Probably a little off-topic? But during Family Outing period, Jong Kook "accidentally" blurted out that he had been in a relationship for 6 years, and then tried to deny it. And even then, the show still went on with a loveline between Park Yejin and Lee Hyori. And then to make things even worse, Park Yejin had just went public with her relationship. The person who got the blame? Jong Kook. He was badly bashed for being in 2 love lines for a long time. The Hong Jin Young - Jong Kook loveline was just to raise ratings and get her into their program. SBS is just weird this way. They can't help but force everyone into a loveline. I think it's very hard differentiate what happens on Running Man as real or fake. In my opinion, I think both Jong Kook and Somin have become friends for life, since they have so much in common. Whether or not, they choose to become a couple later on, it's up to them.
  7. Jong Kook tends to do this too. He goes "I think my last relationship was at least 2 years ago." Everytime lol. I think right now, the Jong Kook fans are more relieved that he has indeed been dating
  8. I've noticed that his Kfans who usually share his parts on the shows he's been on, have totally skipped the parts where they talk about the fan who spotted him in LA with a Korean-American girl. They probably know more than we realise. The show should really be more careful about revealing parts of their personal lives. My only fear is that the single members will now not have much privacy and their dating life, especially Jong Kook's is about to get magnified even more. I hope tabloids like Dispatch won't chase after him, just to get their scoop.
  9. The relationship between her and whoever was in that fan sighting could have been a brief one that didn't last past Christmas or New Year's. She might have been on a rebound when she asked Kwang Soo to introduce her to someone. We honestly don't what really happened, except that she clearly didn't really want to talk too much about that guy.
  10. Oh~ This particular story, according to the Korean fans might have been from 2017 or earlier. Most fans on Weibo, do believe that it was his gf, and that he was just trying to protect his privacy. Whether or not, they're still dating, only he knows.
  11. It's a nonsense theory that he used to try and prove that Monday Couple was real. Nunchi is mostly wits and Kibun is kinda like being harmonious together.
  12. Honestly, many of these 7012 fans don't care about the show anymore. They wanna see Somin's career end and now, they have also said that they want to see Jong Kook get karma for being nice to Somin.
  13. Like @AB_fan said, the Jong Kook - Jeon Somin ship is very much on the rise in Chinese communities and also in the intl fandom. Often, you can see comments from either shippers or neutral fans who have noticed Jong Kook's bright smile whenever Somin does anything. To those shippers, they regard any breathing female that he's somewhat close to, as a threat. They cannot deny anymore that Somin and Jong Kook are super close, so what do they do insfead? They resort to childish means and nitpick what she says and does. It's such a shame that there are still people out there that use 'sexual harassment' as a joke or to destroy someone's life, just because they didn't like them. And also yes, that instagram account is just super toxic.
  14. Honestly, these are the same people who used to send hate comments to Jong Kook for "bullying" Kwang Soo. The second-hand embarrassment I've gotten when 'fans' go to a press con and ask him to stop bullying Kwang Soo. He's had to explain multiple times that he and Kwang Soo are close. And then, the whole "Jong Kook is stealing Jihyo away from Gary" during the Monday Couple days, cause he and Jihyo were pretty close. And then, now they are hating on him cause he's close to Somin. They just found a new target.
  15. Based on his reactions when she asked if he wanted him to introduce anyone to him. Especially, since she knows many actresses, he kinda panicked and kept saying "no need, no need."
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