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  1. Wow I didn't realize she was supposed to slap him in the Ep4 I am kinda glad they removed it, JH didn't deserve that slap! He just tried to help!
  2. It's the same for me!!Communism literally ended the same year i was born. And hey, just to keep it cloy-related, I think they did a pretty good job for a kdrama portraying this society. Some of the decore made me laugh because of how familiar it is - for example, a carpet on the wall was a huge thing back then...
  3. Yeah, I understood that part. Sorry, should've been more clear. But in what kind of society a house inspector is involved in the relationship of a wife and a husband? Even if he's cheating. That's the part that made me more uncomfortable than the cheating. Oh, and i think the same ajummah questioned them staying in the house together, but JH said she's tired and this is why she's staying in his house. It was brief though
  4. I know the kisses are kinda lame in CLOY, but let me try to justify them Overall, I'm curious to see what kiss awaits us in SK, we can see that JH's style changes. /even though I will miss his military uniform/ but maybe the style of kisses will change as well? And hey, maybe those fan pics we saw from the shooting of Ep11 means that the director actually saw our comments and decided to refilm the opening kissing scene?
  5. Overall a decent episode, moved the plot forward. For me the highlight of the ep 10 was the Rat and his story. I think he is one of the best supporting characters, I liked his scene with JH, very powerful. And kudos to the actor! SJ helping...At first I thought it was because JH found his connection to the evil dude - and i think if they'd leave it like that it would be more realistic, but oh well, we can't have a sleazy second male lead, even if he is a schemer hiding in NK from the officials... Kdrama is a kdrama. I could care less about Dan, I wanted to skip forward her scenes. A girl stuck in high school even though she is hitting her thirties - not my cup of tea. And I feel like the whole one-sided love plot could have been done better. They do have chemistry with SJ, but this plot seems to be dragging a bit, I just do not ship them because we have no character development for her, no redemption arc, and now her uncle is evil so I don't even want to pretend I care. Yesssss, our favourite soldiers are in SK!!! I look forward to seeing this adventure! I absolutely love the plot - JH escaping to SK (seemed much easier that getting Seri there, don't you think?) and the fact that we didn't have a single episode where they would be separated. Thanks to the writers for this! And Seri's entrance was perfect - attending her own funeral, our fierce girl is back! I hope JH will see this side of her. In her comfort zone. He needs to see how strong and witty she is in her comfort zone. I want more of the adventures in SK. This episode had a lot of establishing points, but seemed more like a prologue to a story. It would be a better Saturday episode than a Sunday one... But I guess they had no choice. Also, it's crazy to think that everything was filmed recently, we literally saw the pictures from shooting the final scene of this episode a week ago! I am not used to kdramas' filming pace, but it seems a bit brutal to the cast and crew - I hope everyone is healthy and not having a mental breakdown because of the harsh deadlines.
  6. I am absolutely impressed by this drama. It made me extremely emotionally invested in the characters and the story, and i can't thank enough everyone who worked on creating it! I can see why it takes them until 5 am to shoot this beautiful drama! I can see that everyone involved wanted to tell a beautiful story and honestly, with every episode it gets only stronger, the characters are fleshed out and every moment is important. I haven't been this inspired for a long time, and the fact that this story touched my heart means a lot to me. I absolutely loved the goodbye Seri and Jeong Hyeok had. The "don't date men" - "you can date men, just don't be lonely." moment made me feel.. He truly loves her, he is willing to let her go - fully- so she would have a happy life. I really appreciate the family moment with JH's parents. It was sweet and I could see him being his father's son - not really showing his emotions but being protective of his family, having a warm kind heart. And his mom, I like hiw she is the sensitive one. It's really beautiful how we get pushed into dramatic moments but the next thing you know - we're laughing again. I actually enjoyed Dan's moments here, we had an important flashback that made her character just likeable enough to forgive her. Yes, selfish and spoiled, but with the help of the second male lead, she can fix her moral radar. And oh i cried at the goodbye scene with the soldiers. It's her family. Her brothers. People who truly care about her. I will miss this North Korea. I will miss their little village. I grew up in a post-communist country and I have to say, even though it was extremely glamorized version of communism, the theme is familiar. I was a bit nostalgic when I watched some of the scenes. Even though I myself haven't experienced communism, I do recognize some of its aspects. Overall, this episode just might be my favourite one, after episode 2. Idk why i like episode 2 so much, but it's the one i rewatched the most.
  7. I think they will reunite briefly to have proper goodbyes. I think JH's dad will have mercy on him, and will be sending SR to South Korea. So JH will have the opportunity to confess his love, since he didn't have time in the past. I think their reunion will be rushed, but they will say important things to each other. I honestly just want him to find out that she's alive at this point. It breaks my heart to see him suffer like this.. I'm not too worried about SR as she tends to find a way out of any situation - she's more flexible, meanwhile JH is just digging his grave deeper with every move I think we need their separation to show them just how much they love each other and how much it means for them to be together. Also, of course, the whole watch situation will unveil the next episode. I hope JH's dad will take their side. Also i hope SR's dad will also take action. It's time to move the plot to South Korea.
  8. So many amazing theories and reviews on this forum! I read them all! I want to add - I think JH knew that SR was kidnapped - he asked her if she could describe what she saw, abd she didn't answer. That was already the trigger for him...
  9. Man, these shots look incredible and not only because of JH. CLOY is such a beautifully shot drama, I want more Switzerland flashbacks just to enjoy the scenery...
  10. I really hope it won't affect CLOY in any way, it's my favourite kdrama at the moment. And I am so excited about episode 7, I just want to stop guessing what's gonna happen at this point xD
  11. Hi @stroppyse thank you for a warm welcome! I'm excited being here! Man this waiting is killing me, I wish we could receive another teaser or something.. I guess they don't bother with the marketing this week since the ratings are pretty good. Which is good news. I'm really curious where the story will go the next episode. I feel like this will be the milestone episode that will shift the pace of the show (we already see it in the end of ep 6- the motorcycle chase definitely stands out!).
  12. Have been following this thread for a while, finally decided to join officially! You guys are incredibly funny, it's easier to wait for the weekend with you As for the plot discussion, do you think that JH will be unconscious at least half of the episode? I don't want that but have a feeling that's the best way for them to sort the plot lines out. Also I think that SR will find her picture in his wallet or something when he's still passed out.
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