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  1. Just finished episode 4. Whoa, what a beautiful ending! I see people comparing it with When the Weather is Fine, but I tried getting into it and it didn't give me these cozy vibes that When my love blooms gives me. Honestly, I feel like the chemistry between both younger and older couples is amazing. It's so tender, so sweet, it's the little moments that make this kdrama special. And oh, the parallels are just beautiful. This kdrama has amazing power to set up romantic scenes - they really feel special, as if you're looking at some photo album of people who truly exist... Also, I have to take back my impatience with Ji Soo. I feel that she is a nicely developed character now. And extremely depressed. Therefore, she makes a lot of mistakes (which, frankly, are allowed) - not paying attention to her kid, actually engaging with the police during the protest (when she has a kid!), and overall, making one messy step after another But in the episode 4 I didn't feel frustrated at Ji Soo like in the previous episodes. And the final move, kissing a married man, it felt so fitting that she initiated the kiss and not Jae Hyun. It feels like she tries to grasp any event that is happening in her life and turn it into something that's worth it, trying to find hope in completely desperate situations - such as the protest, or her relationship with Jae Hyun. And it finally felt genuine. The protagonist doesn't need to be perfect to feel real and relatable. Jae Hyun on the other hand is a bit one-sided still, but seeing how we got such development from Ji Soo, I expect more from him in the future episodes. I understand his affection for Ji Soo. I understand that he is also looking back at those times and thinking he was the happiest back then. Regarding the plot, maybe it's just me, but I think that the slaps look...dated? like it's something from 2010s kdramas, and looks a bit out of place here. It's as if Ji Soo's ex-mother in law traveled in time And tbh, the ex-husband still sound reasonable - being suspicious of Jae Huyn and questioning Ji Soo's parenting abilities (given she is deeply depressed). I feel that the kids subplot is very interesting but I would like to see more interactions between all the parents and their children. The dialog between Ji Soo and her son about her being a superhero was touching, can I have more of that? I would also like to see more of Jae Huyn's son interactions with others. For now he is completely one-dimensional. I liked the theme of nihilism in the past - yes, it gave me a flashback of myself being in uni, and first love, and beliefs that were so strong. Indeed, good times. This kdrama recreates them perfectly! But I find it kind of strange that everyone (especially Ji Soo) is against Jae Hyun for becoming a different man. I think it's only natural that we grow out of some of our ideas. So I don't see him becoming a capitalist as an act of betrayal. Overall, I like this drama. It makes me feel cozy and warm and nostalgic. And it's so beautiful. Can't wait for more episodes!
  2. Ok so i just finished the second episode and I really like the retro setting, it's very sweet and romantic and the characters are very nice and likeable. Which I cannot say about the present Ji Soo. All these episodes she's pitying herself, and it's kind of exhausting. Also I get that she wants to protect her kid but he hit his classmate with a chair. Frankly, it's not only in this kdrama when they try to justify the actions of the protagonist by villainizing the secondary characters but I just don't like it. I don't care if your wife is the devil herself - being together with her while stalking another woman is cheating. Also ji soo is bottling herself in this situation without thinking what's better for the kid. Of course, the father of the boy will turn out to be evil in the next episodes but for now I'm thinking that maybe he should be living with his dad. How did Ji Soo get custody with the criminal record? Was it mentioned? But yeah, I'm just annoyed by this "he is such a sweet boy, he'd never hit someone with a chair". Well, he did. If it happened in my country this kid would be kicked out of school, they would not even consult with the parents. But overall: the actors are very good, and the characters are easy to follow. I also like this slow pace and lots of metaphors and poetry. I couldn't help but notice that this kdrama is kind of political and I wonder if it's sponsored by a political party? I'm pretty sure the elections are happening soon in Korea.
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