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  1. @AquariusMYyes he shouldve of shown more emotions but to him he's probably thinking okay I was your first love cause I gave you free food? Then CY went on saying more then he realized she really did love him and the fact she longed for him for soo MANY years hit him. He was a little slow to connect the dots because through out his whole life he has been emotionally abused and fought for survival with no Love in his life. The kiss was strong and the hug holding onto her very tight like I will not let you go was very good though.
  2. That kiss WOW, he kissed her hard and held her on tight. I'm so happy for them they can finally move on from thier past and focus being together now.
  3. @blademan I want to see that scene too. I hope he goes up and kisses her .
  4. Hello Chocolate lovers, my first post. From watching everything that has been going on I think this is my prediction Chayoung goes to Greece because she doesn't know what to do with Lee Kang. While she's packing her things she forgets to pack the letter from MS and her brother or the hospice chef finds it and gives it to Lee kang. Thats where at the beginning he rushes to her in Greece after reading the letter. This is all my prediction I dont know whats going to be next but I hopeful they will end up together happily.
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