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  1. My understanding of korean is limited so from what i heard kjk said ‘kinchanasso’ not ‘kinchana’? which I understood as ‘it was okay’ (the translation said ‘it’s nice’) referring to jsm’s wink as acceptable/qualifying for what ysc demanded (which ysc seconded immediately after). Kjk didn’t say/mean ‘it’s okay’ as pertaining to jsm being picked and not being able to handle the situation as it was unexpected. This is my understanding correct me if I’m wrong?
  2. I also felt at times she doesn’t enjoy it as much. Not just love-lines but sometimes when the members prompt her to do/say things to lift the mood cause they know she’s fun and easygoing by nature. Don’t get me wrong. It sure helps her get more screen time and attention and more importantly let her show more of her quirky fun side, but i feel like sometimes it can stretch to hide her other beautiful, admirable facets. It’s in her personality to bring positive energy to people around her but she’s human too so being the one that constantly pumps energy to the show must tire her at times. But then again rm is a variety show and each member has sort of a ‘character’ they are supposed to stick to.
  3. And to saying out loud that he’s hurt because she moved away from him to sit with ysc
  4. Hi again I was a silent lurker for sometime but finally decided to join this forum to share my opinion on kookmin. I’m mainly focusing my post on kkj’s reaction to the finger tapping incident. I tried to come up with different theories to make sense of it because to me thus far that has been the most telling of all reactions from kjk that he has a ‘thing’ (already aware? or subconscious) for jsm. <spoiler> - My initial suspicion was kookmin were directors that jsm deliberately didn’t answer to sabotage the mission. That aroused suspicion among members and she had to come up with a lie that the members would buy. Hence she framed innocent ysc. But it turned out kookmin were just actors. If they were the directors then we can think of the whole kjk-jsm interaction as them both panicking and working to make jsm’s cover up story believable. From what I understood, jsm didn’t understand her role as an actor playing director instead thought she was one of the directors until after the trial which got her eliminated. So if we are to think she purposely failed the mission and lied because she thought she was a director, logical, innocent actor kjk would have accused jsm of lying immediately. I mean how is it possible that he believed she was saying the truth even for the sake of variety? He knows the kind of guy ysc is and he could have kept his reaction minimal if he wanted to appear to have believed it. But no, he is the only one showing utter disbelief and condemnation throughout the entire incident. Even if it was an accidental touch jsm blew up for whatever reason his reaction is not normal. So the question is why did he react in such an extra manner? In addition to him possibly developing feelings for jsm, I thought of another reason (maybe too far-fetched for some of you). Kjk doesn’t like to get romantically involved with people who have history with people whom he is close to (said in one of MUD episodes). So MAYBE even at the slightest indication that things might be progressing to something that could lead to a real life love relationship or to something not so necessary for an on-screen loveline at this point in time, he may have wanted to prevent it from happening in the future? - Moving on to the next important point I wanted to share, I personally don’t think kookmin is in a romantic relationship (yet). They both or one of them more than the other (kjk?) may have feelings/ interest in the other but it’s subconscious (But why i do i ship them is because i see so much potential in them becoming each other’s romantic interest/ partner). I believe most of their reactions towards each other (more for kjk since he’s the one prominently dropping hints with his reactions) are triggered at a subconscious level hence those are easily slipped without them knowing (For instance interesting responses from kjk such as ‘somehow i left an impression on jsm mom’, ‘it’s a relief that jsm’s mom considers me a potential son-in-law’, ‘jsm’s brother would be pressured to have me around’). I think if they are aware of their interest in each other and have let it develop into something beyond just feeling they would be very protective of it and consciously would try to act indifferent/ platonic. - Regarding what’s said about members knowing the nature of their relationship/ feelings. I highly doubt it. If we were assume they are romantically involved I would assume they would keep it private. Remember Haha only introduced Byul to his close friends including kjk n yjs only after deciding to marry Byul. Until he himself introduced her as his fiancée at his dad’s b’day party? no body not even kjk had a clue. He simply thought she was also close colleague of his who was invited to celebrate the occasion. In one of the MUD episodes Haha guested they bring up that story and kjk said he was shocked and kinda felt betrayed. Reason being sometime before that introduction Haha was saying things like it would be nice to have a gf to get married because they are of age and quite established. Kjk had agreed but thinking of it as only a possibility, just enjoying the thought of it. But to Haha at that point it was a reality that would come true very soon. Then when Haha finally broke the news of dating and marriage Kjk felt a bit betrayed/ upset. So even though Haha is one of the closest longest standing friends kjk has he kept his relationship that he was serious about from kjk. RM members sure are a family. But even within a family individual privacy is an entitlement which is respected. It is very possible the members entertained the thought privately that they could get together someday based on their on/ off screen interactions but I don’t think they would try to push it subtly but openly on the show to make kookmin realize their feelings or make progress with their relationship. That marriage statement (and other seemingly bold statements from yjs) to me is just a joke. Why not say dating instead marriage, well marriage is the final step in a love affair so a marriage news would be the most shocking, would have the biggest impact as a joke. Additions like ‘sometime’ after he asked kjk if he likes jsm and ‘your actions are funny’ after questioning about leaving comments on jsm ig posts, which piqued my interest and curiosity more, were said in the spur of the moment, without him really processing it in his head. Not saying those don’t insinuate that kookmin have something going on, but similar to kookmin subconscious reactions, yjs is also letting things slip subconsciously. I would think if yjs really sensed a possible serious thing between kookmin he would let that grow naturally. He wouldn’t try to bring attention to it on a variety show. (Also, I don’t think in last week’s episode ysc specifically gave explanation to kjk because he knows kjk is/ could be interested in jsm. To me it was more like kjk’s over the top reaction called for an explanation because none of the other members were as serious or persistent as kjk with their responses.)
  5. Hello fellow shippers, SBS Enterplay has uploaded a ‘Chanmin’ compilation video on their channel. But what’s funny and caught my attention is KJK’s presence throughout the video. Maybe it’s not entirely ‘Chanmin’? I can’t read Korean so I may be wrong. Can somebody who can read Korean clarify the content and general opinion in the comments?
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