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  1. Hi everyone! My name is Joanna. I'm currently 17, and I've had uneven eyelids my whole life; it was one of my biggest insecurities. My eyelids always looked super wonky, uneven, and unattractive in photos. It kind of led me to stop taking so many photos, and I really wanted to even out my eyelids. I was just wayyyy too scared of surgery!! So instead, around two years ago, I tried to even my eyelids using commercial type double eyelid tape. It looked kind of like this: Unfortunately, I didn't really know how to use this tape or where to place my crease.This was totally my fault, but I ended up continuously tearing the tape off, which really wore down my eyelid and made it sore and saggy for a few days . After this incident, my eyelid got even saggier than before, and thus my insecurities! This is what my eyelids ended up looking like: As you can see, they were incredibly uneven and the left eyelid was sagging like crazy. After a desperate attempt of searching solutions on the internet, I suddenly ran into another girl's review of an eyelid tape called Optifold. You can see the review here: https://forums.soompi.com/topic/384964-creating-double-eyelids-video-journal/. The girl in the review mentioned the product Optifold, which is basically eyelid tapes. (If you look through the review, you can see her progress with them) Her eyelids ended up becoming permanent, and I thought that was amazing! So I tried contacting the creator, Ray Tang, myself. (Around Feb. 4, 2019). To be completely honest, at the time I was contacting Ray, he was an incredibly small and 'local' business. As someone who has been scammed a lot (lololol), I was super suspicious of Optifold. The results seemed too good to be true... not only that, as a poor highschool student his products took my mom some convincing to get. However, I was proven wrong because his eyelid tapes were WAYY more effective than commercial type ones. Also, Ray was one of the nicest people I've met, and he kept in contact with me constantly to check up on my eyelid progress. If I count the total, I think we shared about 40 emails together, which goes to show how hardworking and responsive Ray is. Here are my eyelids today: Getting these results took me about 6 months of wearing the eyelid tapes every night. and I thank God everyday that I found Optifold because it resurrected my sagging eyelids But overall, I really recommend that you go look at his eyelid tapes if you have uneven eyes/want double eyelids. And check out his website because his products absolutely SAVED my life. I'm able to do makeup evenly (doing eyeliner was a massive pain in the butt omg), I have so much more confidence, and pictures turn out very symmetrical haha. I hope this helped anyone with an eyelid insecurity, because it's been ruining my life for a long time. Now I've finally taken control!! Feel free to ask me any questions~~ P.S. I live in Shanghai so I thought ordering the tapes would be hard. Turns out it's not hard at all, his products pretty much ship anywhere; I just bought the $12 shipping on his website.
  2. I save money by only buying things that I need and are worth the price. I see a lot of overpriced things where I can get something similar for much cheaper elsewhere.
  3. Any perfume by daisy is amazing
  4. shopping for clothes online
  5. My mother rescued a little kitten found on the road a while ago. The kitten is now much larger and has heterochromia
  6. Not overeat... food is too good sometimes
  7. People don't pay that much attention to you as you think they do, so keep doing what you've always loved to do and ignore the judgement from others!
  8. This is a really old topic, but long distance can definitely work with the right person, trust, and commitment. Also, if the LDR isn't permanent and the couple can eventually meet up, then I think it's fine. Skyping/calling everyday is really helpful for maintaining contact!
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    I recently played Detroit Become Human. I didn't buy it before because it was exclusively for the PS4, but now it's for PC on Epic Games store!! The game was amazing and had so many different routes to choose. My fave android was definitely Connor, altho I really enjoyed Kara's story.
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