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  1. Yes I'm pretty sure he did, I've checked so many times but I wasn't sure so it's nice to see someone else realise it aswell it's very faint so it's easy to miss.
  2. This is not much but it looks like they are standing next to each other in the opening. How does something so simple get me excited.
  3. She wrote " why do oppa's pictures all look like they are overseas"
  4. I agree 100%, I get that Bopil Pd is trying to give nostalgic vibes to the viewers by trying to recreate old episodes but it's really not doing it for me. I miss the natural interactions between the members, everything just seems so planned out, leaving no space for the members to even ad-lib or go back and forth with each other. The flow and editing of the recent episodes seems quite strange as well, the rules are complicated and compact. This episode was okay but I don't think I would rewatch something I usually always do, it lacked substance I was watching but I found myself getting distra
  5. oooooooh who's excited for this tomorrow, because I sure as hell am!!
  6. Next week, we really are being spoilt with interactions between them
  7. Saw this on Instagram, and it's actually so right.
  8. In the midst of all of this I really just hope that Somin is okay, I can't even begin to imagine how she must be feeling. Finally she has management that have her back, this is all we wished for in the last three years.
  9. This really could be me just looking into it but does anyone else find this just a little bit suspicious. I feel like at first Haha went to put his bag down till this point this is just a normal thing that anyone would do. The positioning of the bag on Somin's book however made me wonder just a little, the way it's placed perfectly on top as if he saw it and tried to hide it. There is nothing wrong with Somin's book being out there as Haha himself used it in his YouTube video twice, which was an innocent act and naturally Somin most likely gifted a copy to a
  10. Jongkook seems to be aware of Somin's efforts to dress up or when she makes changes, "Sominie is pretty today", "Somine dressed up today", complimenting her lakers sweater "it's pretty" and even in this episode where he says that her outfit was similar to Twice's. He mentioned it first when Somin had dyed her hair saying she looked like a Russian women. This to me is literally just the sweetest, I just find it so adorable the way he does this.
  11. We can see here that Han Sunhwa and Kim Yoojoung's teams haven't formed yet............interesting. So does this mean it could have been Jongkook's choice rather than them being put together by default. I wish that's the case, it would not be the first time where Jongkook chooses Somin first. In the episode Tears of Yondu, Jongkook had first choice out of everyone and chose Somin whilst saying "uri sominie who has a book coming out soon". I just want to fast forward to Sunday so we can see
  12. We have this to look forward to all week, can't wait!! Such little space between them here
  13. Somin is talking to Jongkook here
  14. https://youtu.be/00dMWEprZ1A I really just can't get over the way Jongkook looks at Somin, that is one of my favourite things about both of them is they way they look at each other, no words are even needed to explain anything further. The look at 1.28 really does something to me, too many feels That transition scene of them sitting next to each other in the bus aswell
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