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  1. This article triggered me big time! How how how! did they write it like they were sure about the ending? But when you actually read the whole thing they just based it from the teaser. Grrr... the title is misleading. https://meaww.com/crash-landing-on-you-episode-15-episode-16-preview-promo-jeong-hyeok-captured-seri-falls-sick-again Maybe my denial self is too sensitive right now..
  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RI JEONG HYEOK-ssi!!!!!!!!!!! I wish you never-ending happiness with our Queen Se Ri! Please be strong and never give up!
  3. My gosh this drama is killing us! I was actually expecting ep15 would be lighter like a preparation for the happy ending but oh boy am I wrong!!!!! As if like we have more episodes to come but we only have 2 left!!! Arrrghhhhh..... >,< Writer-nim, if you want to extend the episodes we're not complaining just give them happy ending!
  4. Hello Comrades! Just dropping by to appreciate Crush's OST. The melody and his voice is so heartwarming! ~~~ Okay, Bye~ LOL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXJfWc4JciQ
  5. Omo is it true that Jun Ji Hyun and Lee Seung Gi will have a cameo as well?? ? I saw it on twitter. I don't know how true. Can someone confirm it?
  6. Ohhh so Captain Ri's birthday is on Valentine's day! Please please writer-nim give uri Jeong Hyeok a very happy birthday and a very happy ending as well!!!!!! 재발요!!!!
  7. I was actually okay when YSR took the bullet for RJH. I repeat I WAS okay because there's no way the writer will kill YSR otherwise the writer can kiss my as*!!!! I was okay yeah that was expected UNTIL I saw Pyo Chi Su broke down. I lost it. He's literally shattered when he saw YSR got shot. That broke me to pieces.
  8. Okay so I was re-watching ep 10 and I noticed 2 things. 1. Even though YSR succesfully went back to SK there are still scenes from the ahjummas going forward. I think (but hopefuly I'm wrong) that our queen will go back to NK otherwise why would they still show us the life of our ahjummas there? If there's no significant reasons behind this then there's no need to update us about the ahjummas. 2. Kim Soo Hyun's cameo. I think his appearance was too short. His appearance doesn't give much impact to the storyline UNLESS, he is RJH's informant. The one RJH was calling ever since he arrived in SK. Maybe RJH's father contacted him and ask for his assistance. If that's the case then we shall see more of him on the coming episodes. Part of me wishes I'm right but not the part where YSR going back to NK. I hope I'm wrong.
  9. So RJH, how many signs do you need to know? LOL C'mon!!! YOU GUYS ARE DESTINED!!! HOW MANY PROOFS, REALIZATION AND MEMORIES DO YOU NEED!? LOL
  10. Didn't RJH and YSR already established the fact that they already met in Switzerland? Remember the episode when YSR was in RJH's parent's house while they were playing piano? YSR found out that the song that was bugging her for so long was RJH's composition for his brother. YSR realized that RJH did saved her life by that time because of his piano piece. On that scene they both knew that they have indeed met in Switzerland years prior. But in EP12, it took RJH just a recorder to realize that they are ACTUALLY destined rather than all the ups and downs they've been through together when in fact YSR herself already told him about the piano piece when they were in NK. Did RJH forgot about it? LOLs
  11. Looks like we now have our main antagonist. I have a feeling it's not gonna be CCG at all but that Hyena Sister-in-Law!!!!!!! Grrrrr.... We might have to keep an eye on her from now on. Women indeed are scarier than men.
  12. I can not get over by this scene. >,< RJH thought he lost YSR. He thought he lost another love of his life hence the sigh of relief. TT_TT TISSUES PLEASE!!!!
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