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  1. In history, Yin Zheng is right... Fu Su grew up to be too soft to assume the role... and the poisoning was a trick he learned from that old strategist who offered him his book.... he used the same trick with the Zhao general.... of he had not used that trick, it is like suicide... everybodh knows nobody can match JK sword technique..... not unless sacrifixing hundreds of soldiers.... JK stupid enough to get into thebpalace tp assasinate the king, as a king, would you jusy sit there and wait?
  2. No amount of crappy ending can take away the amount of zhang bin bin visuals I got from this drama.
  3. Bin bin is OK? Lol... I am actually upset he has been delegated again to these kinds of role where he only seems to be an accessory to the female lead. I guess I have to read the novel to understand. Is it available i english online?
  4. Is he present at the Weibo Award's Night? He seems too low key and shy to me
  5. He has a new costume drama with Dilriaba.... Princess Haiyou remake .... guess whi is the 2nd lead again? Is this a running joke now?
  6. We are opposite... I dont like him with Arial Lin... find her too mature for her .. I know she looks young but my nind screams of teh 11 year difference I know... with yang mi, I really just do not like her looks...
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