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  1. Is it customary for the mother of the heir to be buried? I've never seen it brought up in other dramas before. Concubines - yes but not "future empress dowagers".
  2. Aww...reading all this makes me so sad... I'm not sure if I can even watch the following episodes now...maybe then I can pretend he's still alive or at least died less tragically. I was thinking I might stop watching after he dies but...idk the lead up to it sounds too awful to even endure to that point Also, the fact that RW never loved him is like another stab in the heart
  3. Well Hu needs to get pregnant somehow - her son doesn't just magically appear. Also no matter his devotion to RW, as emperor he can't just neglect everyone else - especially the empress. That's expected in palace dramas - why I usually find the emperor unlikable but glad they scaled back the harem drama in this series. Ahhh the two uncles are still scheming...and I was feeling sorry for the 2nd uncle a little bit. He is quite pitiful sometimes (mostly a big A hole tho). Looking at the previews on yt...it seems ZJ will be gone soon. I'm not ready yet to say goodbye yet...
  4. I looked through some of the YT comments and I am surprised so many thinking ZJ was easily seduced by HSX. To me, it seemed more like duty -his expressions did not seem affectionate at all (agressive actually - kind of felt like an interrogation). This also was fairly recently after he told the uncle to investigate the Queen's case and the talk of disposing the Queen. It seems the characters are fairly consistent in the series, there were a couple instances where I was worried someone changed drastically but usually it's revealed later that they were just hiding their true intentions. Side note - that scene where he grabbed both women while he was exiled made me so uncomfortable tho @Takingthehighroad that is my fear as well - I just hope it happens near the end of the series rather than the middle
  5. Ok, I just finished ep 39 and I think ZJ is playing the long game. Remember when it seemed like the rebels outsmarted him but he always got the last laugh? Also, the way him and the 3rd uncle were discussing matters makes me think he is suspicious of the queen. Also, that love scene was after he suggested getting rid of the Queen and telling RW about XB. Ridding the Queen is a difficult task and things are unstable enough as is. I highly doubt he has any real affection for the Queen. Also, I get why RW probably doesn't love ZJ but the XB and RW relationship was so poorly developed that I would be so mad if that dream sequence was with those two. RW and XB have very little chemistry or cute moments together. I found the various pairings in other dramas like YanXi and MiYue MUCH more convincing. Them simply stating that they are in love and want to be together feels rather hallow to me in this context. It would be much better if she didn't have another love interest (even if that meant she loved noone romantically) than what is currently in the show.
  6. It's probably just he doesn't care that much about her. Just watched the latest episodes on yt, Crown Prince is da real MVP. Loved him from the start - since he was such a teddy bear but it's amazing how intelligent he is as well. I was kind of shocked at how "good" ZJ became but guess that's gonna be over soon.
  7. That preview screenshot made me scream! I saw it and went....wait...no...it can't be...omg...her?!...AHHH!!! Not watching it tho cause I don't want to spoil myself. I agree with y'all, I miss the RW ZJ interactions before they got married. It was more interesting and fun. I'm also really sad now that the emperor and crown prince are gone too. 2/3 of my fav characters...gone...now we wait for the last one...
  8. I do feel like in Ruyi the actress looked a bit old and awkward to play a teen in that drama - I blame it mostly on the makeup and costume. Tang Wei and Joe Chen both looked fine tho. I have only seen Tang Wei in one movie before (Finding Mr. Right) but she's the reason I started watching the series. However, the other cast are shining a lot more than her. Might just be the character herself is quite boring compared to the others at the moment.
  9. With Xubin only? Really? It's funny that all the eng descriptions I've seen states he has unrequited love for Rouwei
  10. What other forums are other people talking about this drama? I would love to discuss with others. I'm really liking many of the characters in this drama, strangely even some of the "villains"- especially Tai Sun and Emperor. The only one I don't like is the little sis - too ambitious and willing to disregard everything for a single goal I kind of feel Tang Wei doesn't suit this role as well as the others in this drama though (maybe it's the costume/hair/accessories)
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