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  1. I just recently noticed that the pictures wherein people were assuming the bump on YSR has some car and people on the background. If those photos were to be official shots, for sure they'd edit those out! Maybe the reason why the vibes were getting from those pics seems soooo real is because those were actually HB and SYJ themselves and not their characters anymore! That smile definitely isn't RJH's smile! They seem so carefree during Nego promo days. They can post and interact with each other without worrying about any rumors. But now that things are somehow getting out of hand... we don't even have any post CLOY interviews from our main leads despite their show breaking so many records. I wonder if they anticipated this much clamor on them being a couple?! But there were already dating rumors way before CLOY, and i'm sure that they are both aware that being together in a romantic comedy will only add fuel to the fire... Anyways... i'm still anticipating that great news within this year But definitely... not anytime soon. I guess a few more months after HB finishes his movie? I hope we get to see them together in awards show... both of them should definitely get nominated for best actress/actor and best couple... haha.
  2. Wow, i can't believe that this forum already has more than 200 pages! I started lurking in this forum last year with very few pages and now i can't almost keep up with how fast this thread is going I've been trying to ask myself what are my priorities in life because BinJin has been taking up so much of my time I probably won't be satisfied until i hear news of wedding bells HAHAHA! Also trying to lessen my time lurking but it's the first weekend without CLOY and it somehow felt weird. How are you guys coping up without a new episode of CLOY?!
  3. Being in this ship feels like i'm in a rollercoaster ride. Seems like not a day would pass by without any happenings When in doubt, let's always go back to our motto: #InGroceryWeTrust With this so much attention being given to our OTP, left and right articles and dating issues, i somehow feel worried about them. It must be exhausting to be a celebirty in SK. Everyone wants a piece of your life... it must feel like walking on thin ice everyday. All eyes on you, waiting for your every move... i just hope that both of them are taking their time to really rest and take good care of their physical, mental and emotional health. I don't think we'll hear any confirmation from them any time soon. It's going to be a few months of drought for us Of course the best news would the wedding news... but then again, getting married is not something you just decide overnight... It is a lifetime commitment! It will change your life forever... and rushing it might only backfire later on. I don't want them to get married out of pressure. I want them to get married because they truly want it... and when they are truly ready.
  4. I feel like i'm in a rollercoaster ride with this ship. Not a day would pass by without any happenings Fangirling/Shipping should be giving you happiness and fun so don't add unnecessary stress on your part. Just enjoy and let's wait for the right timing to unfold what's meant to happen for our OTP HH under the table vs Manner Hands?! I am one of those who believe that they did hold hands Because i also tried to capture a screenshot from the video and edited the lights. Whatever the case, i'll believe my own investigation HAHAHA That manner hand betrayed him in the end though... he couldn't keep it up that long! I'm off to work now.... so, happy good day shoppers! This forum is meant to be an outlet for us to enjoy ourselves fangirling/shipping. This is also my small escape after a long day at work. It makes me smile and giddy reading all your posts. I hope it does the same for each one of you too. So, let's not stress ourselves over unnecessary things okay?! Just focus on the good things we see on our OTP, and in due time, what's meant to be will surely happen... the WEDDING! HAHAHA #InGroceryWeTrust
  5. Good morning Shoppers! I just woke up to a lot of new posts, some positive some negative. While it's normal to feel disheartened due to the repeated denials, i guess i'm already immune by now and don't take it personally anymore I'm holding on to the many signs i saw and still feels that they will announce something within this year. That last paragliding BTS... notice how Yejin keeps on jumping unto him like it's nothing?! I noticed what people said on HB's manner hands... but i take it as more of HB just being cautious with so many people around. What i find funny is that YJ keeps on jumping and you know... she could have bumped unto something by repeatedly doing that... She seems to love the Koala Hug Thus HB's lost face or "what should i do" face. HAHAHA!!! And i don't think HB really stumbled on the end... he clearly had the balance when he tried to spin but ended up playfully lowkey trying to flirt in front of everyone
  6. @YANI-PIE ^^v That Christmas picture observation was awesome. I didn't really thought of that but more of like a present to CLOY fans. But now that you've brought it up, i know that Japan is also like that when it comes to Christmas, they spend it with their other half rather than family. We can take it as a sign that she's spending Christmas with someone important to her Regarding the book she posted, i also thought that it was implying something and was somehow referring to HB Especially the title... haha. These little things we observe from them sure makes me giddy and happy as a shipper.
  7. I'm currently rewatching their Swoon interviews I wonder what month they did those interviews because HB was already buff at that time. I noticed that they seem very fresh, playful and their auras are very light. Unlike at the start of presscon, they look very tired tbh. I notice that they can tend to be awkward when there are many media around, but they seem more at ease when they are in a smaller group such as the interviews. The BTS in Swiss was around Sept 2019. I remember them not even saying hi to each other on the airport (but Yejin's PA actually greeted HB outside) and then there was a pic of them inside together. My most favorite BTS would have to be the hospital bed scene! I mean, the level of playfulness and comfort of HB and SYJ, was telling something different. I was hoping for more pics from the wrap up party but couldnt really find a lot. Haha. There was this video i saw during the kissing scene wherein Yejin seemed shy due to her head movements in the video and it seemed as if she was leaning on HB who was beside her. I wonder if she still gets that shy with her kissing scenes when she had done so much more intimate in other shows than they did in CLOY. Hehe. Regarding that hug in the party, i didnt really thought of it much but more a good job kind of hug because they made it through the end and both of them worked so hard for 6 mos of filming. I was more into that comfort hug on their last shoot with the green background. Yejin seemed very emotional and HB was patting her... it seemed very sincere to me. I love that!
  8. I think so too, they might not do another project anytime soon... or never again. They could have had lots of interviews for CLOY but we actually get nothing. Despite the popularity, no specials will be done. The leads are being too quiet about the success of CLOY. Seems as if they just want everything to die down soon. i don't think we can also expect any post from Yejin in her ig as well. It's probably going to be months of drought before we get any news again. Unless Dispatch has something up their sleeves But i'd like it better if they will be the ones to announce any good news when the time is right.
  9. I think this ship has so much evidence pointing out that they are more than friends compared to any other ship. But due to the constant denials, it's normal for some shippers to doubt what they believe in. When things are hard, let's go back to that grocery photo HB pushing the cart, we see YJ's bag in the cart... the contents of the cart doesn't seem to be for a group of friends... in short.. it's just the two of them doing grocery shopping! HAHAHA.
  10. Episode 16 was beautifully done despite being almost 2 hour long! They said their goodbye so many times, but that last goodbye was perfectly heartbreaking. Yejin's so sooo good in emotional scenes! And the goodbye from the ducklings made me tear up as well. It felt bittersweet seeing them live their lives separately in NK and SK. It's the reality they have to face because of the border between these two countries. But i love what RJH said, that he hopes she doesn't miss out on the little beautiful things life has to offer. It would have been amazing to see them get married with the twin girls... but the ending was beautiful nonetheless. Swiss is just so beautiful! How can you get stressed when you have that kind of view everyday?! Thank you CLOY... the only problem now is how do i slowly detach myself from this wonderful show. Rewatch everything or start a new drama with a totally different genre?!
  11. I have so much love for these two. I'm so emotionally invested it's crazy. Haha. This is the first time I've joined a shipper's forum just so i can also share my own thoughts.. and it was fun reading all the theories you guys have with backups and long explanations. Haha. CLOY and Binjin has taken so much of my time ever since it started. But i have to somehow slow down for now and get back to my daily and real life routine. I lurk here like a looooot these past two months! Haha. I still believe that everything started during their Nego days promo period. The sparks are there, people kept saying they look so good together, them being very open about wanting to work in a romantic drama. Are they the first pair that was caught up in a dating scandal but still worked together right after? It didn't fully affect them for sure but i can see some awkwardness with not wanting to feed more the media (they didnt even say hi to each other on the airport... but i saw a video wherein YJ's assistant said hi to HB outside the airport, then a photo of them together inside surfaced). It's kind of funny that they keep looking and acting awkward when the press are around but we can also see those little slip ups every now and then. They seem more relaxed and at ease when it's just them with a small number of people... I want them to get married! But it also scares me that constant pressure from fans and media can break them. Every little thing can be turned into a news article for everyone to scrutinize and dissect. Of course i want to hear more news about them, but i also want to value their privacy and just be thankful for whatever they want to share to the public. (But those Swiss shots scream prenup pictures!!! HAHAHA) With how the dating scandal has been getting out of hand lately and the firm denial, i guess we won't be seeing any post on Yejin's ig anytime soon She's been pretty quiet and i hope she can fully rest because she really looked exhausted and more skinny. I still want to see them in awards show... but HB will be filming overseas right?! So it's 50-50 for now.. #InGroceryWeTrust Have a good day everyone!
  12. @bpwinces! that's lovely. @Ambivert you are right, shipping is not for the weak. I've had my fair share of ups and down with BinJin, but as i've said... i'm staying throughout this year and until then, if i still see no news... i'm good So, im keeping a positive stance no matter what because i decided to stay. To everyone who feels that this ship has sinked... you can just simply leave quietly.
  13. I think HB was stunned by how good the netizens are in trying to look for evidences despite their firm denial I'm still with this ship no matter what. As i've said, i'll stay with this ship throughout this year and if nothing really happens, i'll truly accept it by then that they are indeed just close friends P.S. Can that close friend release a picture of the whole group that went grocery shopping with them? I'm sure they've taken some, if not in the grocery, during the dinner maybe. I'll truly believe it by then
  14. Hahaha. It's so funny how everyone's suggesting Yejin to be paired up with equally amazing actors so we can see just how HB would react It's payback time for our CEO HAHAHA. But at the same time, i guess it could also be he's trying to protect Yejin that's why his side is always the first to react and confirm for any news that could potentially harm her. Maybe YJ doesnt really want to go public unless marriage is set. Yejin said that we'll see her soon in a new drama... so she'll be back very soon on the small screen?! But i wonder how about the movie Boston 1947, it was set to release this year too. I hope that she'll get some rest first. She looks too tired and more skinny.
  15. Haha. IKR?! I noticed that too when i used to visit their pages. Out of all the pictures that they can use... they used those 2014 pics. I don't know... everything about these two just screams fate/destiny. I do hope that they will really try and work things out no matter how busy they get...